► World of Tanks: The DREAM – AMX 50 Foch 155 and 113 – Patch 9.17 Update

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World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay, . World of Tanks 113 Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.17 Update Preview, 9.17 Test Server.

I am back on test server to dream about tanks that I do not have on my main account… Such tanks as AMX 50 Foch 155 and 113, in today’s episode at least… More tank maybe in the next time?

List of new things and changes in the update 9.17:



  1. Lots of new stuff here ! Go to test server play arty …

  2. ahh nice.. but next time u can say.. MUY BIEN .. no muchos buenos :)

  3. GUYS HELP ME i have 800k free xp and i dont know if i should go for foch
    155 or strv :(

  4. cranevan strikes again!….

  5. the best kill is a an arty kill lol

  6. 4466.. damn that was close :/ :(

  7. keep on dreaming :)

  8. Nicolas Terny (Enover5)

    Same for me Dez, they are both my dream tanks :-D

  9. the new autoloader “loading cycle complete” sound sounds like a cat getting
    crushed by a garage door

  10. Love your videos. I look forward to them every time. Your commentary can be
    absolutely hilarious at times and very informative. Thank you for what you

  11. Im sorry to tell you that on test server exist a lot of noobs… I dont
    have tiet 10 yet and i am playing on test server with does… And im like a
    unicorn… Battle after battle (almost) with +4.5k dmg

  12. all arty players on the test server are Russians…**sigh**

  13. If the commander is the radio operator you shouldn’t choose Recon.
    Situational awareness gives more of a bonus.

  14. U said 114? u meant 113 right?

  15. The “muchos buenos” phrase is the best I heard since the “muchos buenos
    clipos” xDD

  16. as usual, witty and fun ;)

  17. Federico Di Liberto

    I stop my grind at Mle.48 for the 268 and 263 line

  18. I love your reaction on the ammo rack on arty so funny Dezgamez !!!!

  19. Why is you garage set up different then mine

  20. Hey Dez. you gonna show the new buffs to premium tanks as well? 😀 Maybe
    some gameplay of the Ravioli? Pls? :D

  21. Keep em coming from the test server I enjoy all your world of tanks videos

  22. Why do people think Foch is any good? it doesn’t have any roles, It can’t
    be close range because it has poor gun arc, giant weakspots, and people
    just count shells and then go kill you in your reload. It can’t be a sniper
    because it has horrible accuracy, poor gun arc and bad dispersion
    values…, it’s mobility isn’t even great anymore.. it also has 5 seconds
    delay between shots which is laughable, some tier 10 meds have that as
    standard reload.

    By comparison, the Grille is much faster, much better hp/t, MUCH better gun
    arc, more camo, most accurate gun in the game and nearly shoots 2 shells
    for every 3 the Foch does (except grille doesn’t need to take a 45 second
    break afterwards)

  23. Can someone help me? Ive just unlocked the IS-4 but am really frustrated as
    I’ve lost 20 of the 25 battles I’ve played. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great
    tank but I can’t seem to win a game on it like my E-100 that I win all
    games. It makes me unmotivated to play it or any other tanks. I even get an
    average of 3k damage and 2 kills but. Anyone else have this problem???!!!

  24. This is how Foch behaves in 9 of 10 battles 🙂 just so many missed shots,
    tracks only, etc.

  25. Dez is “MUY BUENO” not “MUCHOS BUENOS” 🙂 you are the beast!

  26. SHIP, Great segment on two of the lessor played machines, 113 & Foch-155.
    I knew you would fall in love with the 113…get to your grind baby! Don’t
    let me be the only one with it (joking).
    –Im telling you, its pretty balanced; its a Ghost!

    FOCH-155, you can’t deny the power and the speed is pretty reasonable, when
    you compare it to other TD’s like T28, Tortoise, AT15’s, T95 (naturally
    slow…like molasses).
    it takes time to figure it out, the reload sequence and staying safe during
    long moments.

    Stop clubbing seals on the test server..Its not natural!! :)

  27. Bonus map with 9.19 Prokoravka on ice and the battle version Snowy Salient.

  28. 13:26 hahaahaahhaahaahah

  29. what video setting you using I run 2x 1080 gtx on a 144hz monitor I average
    130 fps fully maxed out yet the graphics don’t look as deep in colour as
    yours dez.
    what are your in game settings or are you running this at 5k res ?

  30. that kill steal on the soviet TD when playing Foch 155 :’) made my day of

  31. Dez. You are the reason im still play this game.
    And, to aim with Foch is not that simple as some think. The gun allways
    move more degrees then you target.

  32. AMX 50 FOCH 155 alias… the focher…

  33. guys, is the 121 chinese tank is good? … i got it.. and played only one (
    “good”) battle..

  34. Dez Which tank u are grinding at foch line ? 😀 im on tier 8, had it in
    garage for 1 year now and havent even unlocked top gun yet, only 3 more
    years and im on tier 9 :D..
    I have a dream, i have a dream that one day i have foch 155 in my garage!

  35. Not to shit on your parade or anything but the 155 is actually really not
    worth it. There is a reason SirFoch hates the damn thing. 90% of the time
    you will land one shell, MAYBE two if you are lucky, and then you either
    save the third or go for a reload. The dpm is atrocious because of that.
    Stick to your FV 183. It does practically the same damage with HESH anyways
    and reloads faster.

  36. Foch 155 was my first tier X TD (still only one I believe because JP E100
    not special enough to buy tough it was my first unlocked… almost at E4
    though) and 113 was one of the first tier X heavies, after IS-7. Was trying
    to get WZ-111 1-5 but it got deleted.

  37. play arty on test server!!

  38. Please Subscribe to the best channel!!! Wow, great game play my friend. I
    love that 113!! About 80K more credits!! I hate looking down the barrel of
    a Foch Dez but you make it look easy!!

    Take care, flea

  39. So you can do missions for regular game in test server? if you change your
    crew skills do they stay permanent in regular game? they give you free gold
    right? how do i get the test server software? I am stuck on td 15 and arty
    15 t55a. sold my fv215b183 cause they nerfed it so bad. you never see 1
    anymore. couldnt hit and with a 30 sec reload u were dead so fast. grille
    is great but i cant get over 5k because of teammates.

  40. i like to watch good players play wot, always something new to learn, and
    as always i save the best for last. i also “wash” out my ears with your
    beautiful voice. (no homo) :P

  41. i’ve heard u say “MUCHO BUENO” some times… and since i speak spanish i
    can tell u, it is actually “MUY BUENO” (mu -i in spanish or moo -e in
    english)…. you’re welcome :P

  42. Type 5 Heavy VS Maus :v

  43. What is T92 HMC?

  44. Entertaining as always!

  45. Foch155 nice tank ajaja jajajaaaa what a joke

  46. In the last game they were testing the new cap meter Dez and in the future
    you will get more XP for caping….kappa

  47. good job ;)

  48. Showing a 113 and a 103B and calling the 113 a beast?

  49. I find it quite funny that France have Strong Coffee as their food… Their
    Strong Coffee is like weak Swedish Coffee!

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