► World of Tanks: The King Of Low Rolls! – Wut?

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of Tanks T34 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Tiger II / King Tiger Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 50 100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today I am going to play with heavy tanks. A lot of you wanted to see something else other than tier 9 and tier 10, so there we go… And I am actually going to be pretty damn unlucky with my games and rolls, nothing really works out my way, constantly being top in my team… 😀



  1. Dawid Stankiewicz

    how many dmg i need to do a 3rd mark on t34? i have 87% now..

  2. Mike Serret (MrClark)

    T34 is the king of low rolls not you DezGamez…

  3. social3ngin33rin

    If you want high rolls, you have to play russian

  4. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    Dez i licked your video it taste real funny ^_^keep it up man

  5. 110 vs is-3

  6. Eduard Marcinek

    I hope they will one day lower the +/- 25% rng on pen and dmg to something
    like +/- 15% or 10%.

  7. Once, i playes wirh e5 and i got 500dmg on a songle shot. That was the
    highest shot i got

  8. Surprisingly there arent any russian tanks in this episode 🙂
    Because they almost never do low damage rolls.

  9. WOLFKILL55 kilinc

    do a KV-85 replay with 122mm gun if you can handle it xD

  10. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Lowrolls ? u havent played e75 with 128 i see…

  11. funny guy….tops man


  13. Michael McGinley

    your voice is probably 60% the reason why i watch your videos

  14. Yeah, the low rolls have been consistent lately. Even on the xbox1.

  15. Awesomeness Guy

    I got Crossout today DG

  16. Omg that voice, its so…weird xD

  17. you are disturbed, but in a very likeable way :)

  18. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    Is only game. Why you heff to be med? Is only game.

  19. Dude..you are just the funniest WoT commentator ever. Sorry Jingles (still
    love you too).

  20. Milos Todorovic

    are you playing on eu or na

  21. I enjoyed that one a lot. Keep them coming.

  22. 25% rng because *FUCK YOUUUU!*

  23. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    DEZ just to let ya know….you disappointed me. you see TIGER II is my fav
    tier8 tank in the game and one of my favs in WOT, im very very good at
    driving it, slaughtering is-3s from there and there, so when ever i see a
    tiger2 being played i literally have HIGH standards when it comes to the
    tiger2, but you sir watching you play the KING, like a scrub cheap -is3
    upset me alot, and that cliff dive sealed the deal my old friend….YOU are
    officialy banned from driving the KING TIGER, you are bard im sorry,
    iexpected better from you, i thought that j-j-just one video, JUST one, il
    see a tiger2 being driven by dez and see him put this legendary tank in
    action but to only see it being disrespected was too far. now im gunah
    start crying because of this 🙁

  24. I have licked this video,great commentary-keep it up dez.

  25. I love the voices…. “I show him my backside…..” Line of the day…

  26. In the Tiger 2 you were the master-baiter

  27. Yay T34! Thank you Dez! Maybe the T30 next time? Also. Why you no play the
    ST-1? 🙁 Been hoping you would show it.

  28. nuclearsharkattack

    Ship — you should have used that first T34 game for your stereotype
    series. Epic HT gameplay of the killer tomato. Don’t care about base being
    capped, don’t care about winning the game, don’t care about being focused
    down by arty and campers, then die in big explosion. gg.

  29. I guess you can say you want to be the master baiter in WoT…


  30. “This is my strategy that gets me killed everytime.” I use the same
    strategy, except I seem to die a lot faster than you do. ;)

  31. Dude play some tier 5/6/7 tanks

  32. I refuse to lick this video

  33. yes, you defenetely are a team player! love u for that :*

  34. Vernon Harrison

    King of low rolls? Dez, I hold that title my friend. Makes me want to throw
    my mouse through my screen!! Great video as always. oldman out.

    Take care, flea

  35. you are the best. like a bouss.

  36. 12:03 I am PMSL and slightly creeped out, so funny.!!

  37. the funniest RNG damage roll I’ve ever seen : me, AMX M4 45 (average roll
    =240, max roll =296) and my friend, IS (average roll =390, min roll = 293)
    in a platoon with me :

    ennemy surrounded, 589 hps left
    My friend : “ok, I do the damage, you take the kill”
    me : “ok”

    IS roll for 293… 296 hps left on the ennemy
    Me : “wow, min roll… So unlucky ! I won’t be able to finish him =/”

    AMX M4 45 roll for 296 hps, kill secured

    both : “Err… Did the M4 45 roll higher than the IS ??”

    RNG, you so silly xD

  38. After 300 games in my T34 I swear the average damage in that gun is 360 and
    only Russian guns high roll :)

  39. Last time I shooted with my IS-3 at an FCM 50t with 300 Hit Points, and I
    did only 299 Damage… World of Tanks, man…

  40. Speed and power!

    hahahhaa………awesome commentary, i licked it! sometimes i like to
    randomly speak in a russian accent also! keep it up dezgamez!

  41. What strain you smoking tonight Dez AK-47 or Chaffee?

  42. You are talking as much as me, when I play. Secret technic -> talk them to
    death… It works I tried it. But ONLY if you want to kill the brain of
    your mates on Teamspeak. Say it out of Experience. :)

  43. T34: Average 400 damage – not a single shot over 400 damage. :/

  44. is this the 9.15 version?

  45. The sarcasm was real xD

  46. You will reach 100000 subs in a year or less. Good luck, your videos are

  47. I will lick all of your vids Dez, and not only that *wink wink*

  48. Idea of face of battle: 28 tiers I tank VS 2 CDC tanks.

  49. lick… lick… lick

  50. Im licking the video (pc screen) but nothing is happening

  51. Anyone else suffer the Sturer Emil curse?.. 490 average damage… You’ll be
    lucky to roll for 400.

  52. 9:33 maybe he wasn’t gay, maybe it was a women and wanted you to take her.
    can’t blame her, your voice is sexy. haha

  53. Low rolls? you epic Lucker… I get critical hits… jt 2 on a light?
    critical hit… 0 damage…

  54. I feel your pain bro…all da timez dis happenz to meeee.

  55. Dez, you are great! Please keep making vids!

  56. Philip Hartmann

    I was waiting for you to completely rage at the end :S But nice video :D

  57. Dez…nice game !!
    BUT you weren’t concentrated @ 3:15
    You should have seen that something on your left was appearing, i do think
    that you didn’t see it because its too dangerous to show the side to an

  58. and about the low rolls ask yourself when was the last time youve spent
    money on the game

  59. Your a Master of BAITING a masturbater lets say

  60. master bater

  61. So who thinks the “R” in WG’s RNG is truly “R”…..?

  62. Djole Milanovic

    my king of loe rolls is IS,and of high rolls sp i c and jadgpanther

  63. DezGames ? I’d rather say DezNutz this video was awesome

  64. Mohammad Joniedi

    welcome to my world… will I play with 250+ ping but the low roll throne
    if mine :)

  65. Ian Kyle Maturan

    Hey Dez. can you make a guide about the IS. I really dont understand that

  66. Ante Wernersson

    I liked the video. Then I started watching it.
    Stay awesome, Dez.

  67. Yeah something about the T34 (and anything with a 120mm) makes me roll so
    low, I roll higher in my t54e1

  68. my worst low roll was in my Patton, 390 av. damage, rolled for 276, or
    whatever the minimum roll for it is.

  69. The king of low rolls is the US 105mm.

  70. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Dez is getting crazier with every episode xD

  71. Dick butt Nick butt

    I am the king of low rolls in my t34 I always get lowest rolls possible

  72. The gun low rolling, then leaving enemies on 1-5 HP and my gun missing all
    the one shots, seems like an average day in WOT for me :P

  73. The best feeling is when you fire Prem. AP in a KV-2 and it pens… Ohh
    it’s so satisfying

  74. Want a challenge? Play at tier 2-3 and see if you have the patience to last
    in one battle…

  75. I have 1.2k battles with this tank and 8 shots from 10 are very low, this
    is so bad…. I am super happy when I make a 450 dmg + shot, but it is so
    damn rare…
    Anyways, perhaps it will by buff soon, as all the other premium since 9.7

  76. Such a sensual ending to that video…
    If only there had been high rolls. I would have gotten an erection

  77. TheMightyJingIes

    Master of Baiting


  78. I love you

  79. Kristoffer Johansson

    I believe!

  80. CaptainSpetsnaz

    one of my favorite episodes ever xD

  81. [LV.20] Setsuna Kiyoura

    Low rolls? Ohh they are kinda average I get the same low damage rolls in my
    M103 and it has the same damage range as T34…:)

  82. that sarcasm is epic 😀 love it!

  83. Your vids are great :)

  84. Dez saved my day I had nothing to watch until now

  85. Wooo

  86. Damian Yearnshire

    Never caught a video this early.

  87. That ending tho… Geez… 😀 #nohomo

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