► World of Tanks: The RNG God… – A Day in WoT – Day 1 [NEW SERIES!]

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Source: DezGamez

A Day In Series. Gameplay Review. AMX 30 First Prototype Gameplay Review. Bat-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. Panzer 5 Mutz Gameplay Review.

Let’s rock and roll with yet another new series – “A Day In World of Tanks”. This the series where you are going to see my day in WoT… Sometimes we have epic moments, sometimes fail moments, sometimes super funny moments, we are going to have everything over here! 🙂

Feedback please!



  1. Start the video… hear the word coffee … leave PC for coffee. You should
    advertise more often :D

  2. sick gameplay awesome shitbro

  3. what the hell was that fully aimed shot blazing its own trail… all this
    time i thought the round always went somewhere inside the aiming circle.
    wtf. that says a lot about wg and what it tells the public and what is
    actually happening. like all those “rigged battles, MM” conspiracy
    theorists will have a field day with that shot.

  4. awesome DezGamez :D

  5. Great vid, very enjoyable.

  6. out of the aim circle wow

  7. It’s awesome

  8. Alexander Stoyanov

    The video clearly shows that 25% RNG is absolutely insane it shouldnt be
    more than 15% or even 10% in my opinion


  10. xxxXRHYSXxxx xxxXDOBLEXxxx

    I like the series. comical. good job

  11. idk considering the obj missed pointblank on a french tank, makes me guess
    he would miss most of his shots regardless lol

  12. it’s funny cause in the first replay I real life his gunner would be
    driving loading the gun aiming shooting commanding. that alot to do at once

  13. I lick them. But i don’t dislike them at all. Ha

  14. the 14 guys who disliced do not understand the awesomeness of this video.
    we all can refer to moments in a wot game were rng either fucks you over
    or blesses you with some luck. that is why i trully enjoyed this game and
    told my friends about it as well.. keep up these awesome videos they mdae
    me smile…..and curse at the rng gods!!!

  15. Dez how many NEW SERIES are u gonna make?

  16. Love it! The rng gods of the stb-1 gameplay are awesome and evil at the
    same time. Keep up the good work

  17. looking forward to next day-“The Day After” :D

  18. I really LICK this video idea, but I LIKE the idea even more 10:48

  19. Yes would like to give you your self freedom hear it as it is yourself have
    more more fun and thank you SJ!!!!

  20. Great video and rng loved you for 1hp!!!!!! The rng is real

  21. Clash Engineer | Ibzzy Clashes

    t28 prot. vs t28

  22. Very much like this series! neat idea

  23. That was a great video. I’d love to see more. But what I’d really like to
    see is live streaming

  24. Love it!

  25. Not bad of a idea. Here’s my suggestion could you play some low tier tanks
    too? Like maybe tier 5 and tier 4

  26. LennieThePolarBear

    I like this series! Reminds me of the WoT Diary series, which I really
    enjoyed (I continue to rematch them) and I think you should make more of
    them! More of this too, please :)

  27. Lick or dislick, you say…..

  28. definitely like the series.

    btw Dez, where are you from?

  29. Oh man, I can feel the pain. Rng gods pass out hate like candy some days

  30. YoungSirPhoenix / NightPhoenix652

    The LICK button?!?!!

  31. gui laiv iu chu!

  32. Good video, I “licked”….thumbs up

  33. I lick the episode dez

  34. This was quite helarious! Good video, sir.

  35. Yeah, new physiscs suck, but WG says it is working like intended and we
    should get used to it

  36. Awesome vid :)

  37. I lick… I lick

  38. want to see MORRREEE!!!

  39. Nice intro, that was hilarious :)

  40. Hi Dez
    I was wondering, when would you do some videos about A.W. replays ? When
    they upgrade the system ? (Just curious ! Take your timeeeee !)

  41. where is RNGesus vids?? we need that a looot

  42. This looks like a fun series

  43. I ‘liked’ it, but not sure I will ‘lick’ it

  44. I didn’t dislick or lick this series.

  45. Yes bro yes

  46. make more :D

  47. Can i get your mod stats i cant find that aiming circle option.

  48. Neat little new series here Dez. I’ve been trying hard to get games good
    enough to send your way but the RNG seems worse then ever.

  49. 2:40 That missed shot would’ve been noticed better if you had the server
    reticle enabled.

  50. more, more. .. gimme some more, please

  51. just to ley you know, i slowed your 1/4 or 18 speed part of the amx 30 down
    to .25 speed on youtube, and saw that there was a small blue aiming reticle
    that poped away from where you were aiming, and thats where the shot went.

  52. love it!

  53. I like licking paint.

  54. With the amx 30 shot, just download the server cross mod, because your
    server reticle is probably 2x bigger than your client reticle is.

  55. I Lick this series (10:35)


  57. *hits a slight bump in the ground and nearly dies* I’m pretty lucky!

  58. Frederick Schulze

    5:08 The Object 140 gets teamshot in the side from someone behind him to
    absorb a shot for DezGamez as well.

  59. I like this idea of the new series want to see more

  60. Great – very entertaining commenting – very nice format.

  61. Hill climb maneuver kills me :D

  62. Mister RandomlyCommentsEveryNowAndAgainForFun.

    i lick it. i lick it a lot :D

  63. Great video, wtf with that first part and the damage!?! Question for ya
    though, last night I was playing WoT and having some really good games, all
    of a sudden I am getting tells accusing me of using a aimbot. I don’t use
    any addons and told them so and they said “right, sure you don'”t”. Is this
    something new, players accusing you of using a aimbot when all you doing is
    playing well? First time this has happened to me and was just wondering, I
    mean all you would have to do is look at my win rate and you would know I
    couldn’t be using one (50% for me). Would expect a much higher one using
    that mod I would think. Your thoughts?

  64. Kristoffer Johansson

    Batchat – Matrix Wall run

  65. I always watch your videos and often like (if I remember :p), but you just
    made me comment with this one. Please more of this series!

  66. Love it Ship. Honestly, you put so much more effort into your videos than
    most, total pleasure to watch every time. You are getting to be quite the
    pro with editing ;o)

  67. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    i like it

  68. Lovely idea! GG ?

  69. We need more….of this GENIUS IDEA!!!!

  70. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Love that series :D

  71. Ship the Mutz! Excellent!More please!

  72. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    I approve this new video format. ++

  73. Nice new series. How about times when you suck? Or are just average like
    most of us?

  74. yeaa.I enjoy watching your vids. great gameplay. subbed 2 weeks ago and
    almost finished watched all WoT videos from you.

  75. I lick this episode. 10/10 would lick again. It has a certain taste to it
    that would keep me coming back :P

  76. good play – i would rather see specific tank focus that you have done in
    the past.

  77. Nice. Thumbs up.

  78. “A day in WoT” only a genius would come up with an idea like that.
    Please continue the epicness that is Dez..

  79. This is prity funny… I want more

  80. Send the AMX 30 one into WG lol. This happens every game to me

  81. Brandon Pemberton

    I hate watching your videos while at work, I always end up laughing, and
    then my Co Workers look at me and wonder why I am laughing. Kind of hard to
    find an excuse when everyone knows I am supposed to be building formulas,
    and such in Excel, nothing funny about that unfortunately. 🙂

    This series is…. neat, I like to see a recap of 5 games in a row from a
    youtuber, most just show their best games, and I know that they do not have
    games like that every time they play, so this is pretty neat, it shows
    Youtube greats have bad game streaks, and good game streaks like the rest
    of us.

  82. This was outsstanding sir. I would like to thank you because I had a great
    day myself finishing with a 75% win rate and a 2000 win 8 first time for
    me!!!!! My old hands found the right keys and I had fun. I learn so much
    from you Dez. I appreciate all you do.
    Take care, flea

  83. I like it. I enjoy your commentary and humor. Keep it up.

  84. love your episodes. you are the funniest guy who makes videos. more please.

  85. like, love #nohomo

  86. Martinius Biørnstad

    more plz

  87. MOAR MOARRRR! Let the RNGesus notice you even more !

  88. Lovely series! :D

  89. cut the voice more wot

  90. happy painting, hahahaha did you really say that

  91. I like the series but also show us how you decide what location you are
    heading to

  92. This was pretty enjoyable looking forward to more

  93. Julien Brouilhounat

    I really enjoyed this new serie ship. This is super interesting to see how
    you doin on your journey. Anyway, i’ve got a lot of bounce on other tanks
    with my amx30 1er and amx30b. Did WG nerfed them? they were my favourite
    tank until i unlock centurion AX but now, they kinda sucks really hard…
    bounce on anything, bounce all the time. i have no problem of penetration
    with AX or M48a1…
    Back to the subject, can you describe more one of your standar day of
    play??? time of play, the hour your prefer, your routine on tanks, your
    favorite machine you play every time, the tanks that disappointed you etc
    Again for all the new content, thx for entertaining us.

  94. I love it

  95. IS-6 v Lowe. NOW!!!

  96. Moar of this!

  97. Euro coffee versus Canadian coffee (read Starbucks)… of course I am

  98. It doesn’t do the spin around thing that lights do, but it sure as hell
    turns lots tighter with it applied, perhaps not intentionally. The same
    with bert.

  99. Yeah, I lick it too…

  100. Frederick Burkert

    How about some support play, tier 8 in tier 10 match ??

  101. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Really surprised you have not started a series like this already, so I
    guess what I am saying is…….nice!!!!!!

  102. Awesome RNG Day :)

  103. Do we win something if we lick the screen? Fun to watch, and your
    commentary is always real – specially the swearing against the RNG gods…
    keep it coming!

  104. “AND BOOM” llololol

  105. Dez those AMX 30B shots, two words – server reticule. Get a mod that shows
    you both reticules, you’ll be able to see when you are lagging.

  106. yes it’s different but cool take care happy tanking

  107. WarGamersNL - WGNL

    I lick the new series! 😀 And I clicked the lick button too! ;)

  108. Good work. Next episodes, please :-)

  109. dez forever

  110. Younes Bencherifa

    Great series gj with your ideas!

  111. Arvin Dave Velasco

    keep them coming Dez!!! by the way when will you also upload world of
    warships gameplays? you can also try face off with WOWs =)

  112. Yeah, like this a lot.

  113. I licked the Lick button (Incert lenny face)

  114. RNG loves us all

  115. I pray to RNG god daily…..Plz guide my shell true into its target and the
    skill to run over tanks.. Good series idea, Dez…….

  116. like the idea but would prefer if it was just 2-3 randoms live gameplays

  117. moar of this series!

  118. MOAR!!!!

  119. what is that tiny blue circle around ur tank on the minimap?

  120. actually called a high-yoyo, a plane maneuvre executed in a tank. nice

  121. I like this series dez. Dont like Face Off.

  122. I lick. Dez entertainment is good entertainment.

  123. Second clip is why you should use server reticule

  124. I like it :)

  125. LOL I licked this a lot

  126. yes more! do more! It’s hilarious and entertaining!

  127. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    epic série !!

  128. I like this series, the amx 30 shot was like wtf, keep it up Dez

  129. I would like to see more yeah, that was a good video!

  130. The Pilot Penguin

    i really like the idea of this series keep em cumen

  131. Love this kinda videos ! I WANT MORE !

  132. i lick this ;)

  133. Dimitris Xouiazis

    good job

  134. Dude… lmfao. how can you disLICK something? ahahhahaha

  135. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    Kinda like the series, I can relate usually with the shit rng and the
    amazing. I like it.

  136. keep good work….make it random fun

  137. Dez: I love your videos. Just curious, where are you from? I can’t place
    the accent.

  138. What is RNG? When you bounce on a bat arty 2x in a row with a Bat 25t 🙂
    Nerf Bat arty armor kappa

  139. When the next patch coming out?

  140. Muhibbullah Obidhoniy

    man! waht happens if all ur crew members die? who is gonna be able to open
    the med kit and help others?

  141. That STB-1 #NewPhysics 😀 😀

    And i thought the shot cannot go outside of the aim circle :-D

  142. Nice concept. But make it shorter. The replay where you played the Mutz
    wasn’t special enough in my opinion.

  143. I very lick this idea

  144. this vid has earned 50….LICKS

  145. Do you lick/dislick……..hahahahahaha.

  146. Brian superbikevoodoo

    Better than TMG, keep it up DG.

  147. +DezGamez for me its not just the content i like but your commentary, its
    the best

  148. i love your videos and i want more !!!;-)

  149. I pullel Appelwow :DDD Aahahaha that s epic Dez really ??? I love the
    new Series ^^

  150. I lick it, i lick it a lot

  151. I’d like more of these

  152. I lick it, is pretty good!

  153. _Xx_M4TR1X_xX_ 13


  154. Seems awsome, want more :P

  155. lick dislick :p

  156. That is a lick from me.

    RNG giveth, RNG taketh. Sometimes in the same battle.

  157. It’s amazing. Dez being original as always :)

  158. I enjoyed it! I would like to see at some point a quick compilation where
    there are more ammo-racks, fires, impossible shots, etc. Hopefully you will
    be able to do that by yourself or use other replays from other players.
    Apart from that, this episode was great, but there is room for improvement.
    All positive feedback :)

  159. Benjamin Bastings

    This is a Greet idee!!

  160. 10:40 lick/dislick? you mean like/dislike, right?

  161. I definitely lick this Episode. Especially in the evening. :P

  162. I like the series, but I also disLICK it.

  163. Βαγγέλης Παπαδημητρίου

    i would love to see more actually that was pretty fun and hilarious to
    watch :)

  164. I like this format(or lick :P) so go for it by all means.

  165. Happy viewer +1

  166. I definitely lick it.

  167. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    Fun and casual video, I like it. A bit more relaxed, not to serius, not to
    flimsy. A fun way to enjoy your ganeplay.

  168. Great new series. Pz. 58 Mutz-2-Butz.

    Face-cam series – Kappa!

  169. I like the idea bro. Keep it up!

  170. I did not lick it…but I do LIKE it :). One thing that none of the WoT
    YouTubers are doing is having some fun in low tier games. Why not give that
    a whirl and show some seal clubbing fun fests :)

  171. I love this idea! Keep it coming! :D

  172. I lick this series :D

  173. I like it :3
    Entertaning and funny to see what you do in your normal WoT day
    Awesome :DDDD
    The “V” key view was also epic xD

  174. lick???

  175. Nice series idea !

  176. Yo! SinktheWurst! Cool episode, feel free to do more, right on… yeah I
    said it! U’ve got my blessing… Pretty much, yep.

  177. I lick this Video alot! keep doing it! :)

  178. I licked the idea. The RNG GOD 🙂 Keep it up your series are super fun to

  179. I licked it… Plz keep up good vids!!!

  180. “I pulled an applewow” xD

  181. well I guess you taught that bush who is the boss. He was clearly a bigger
    threat than the wt E100.

  182. Vector Signorelli

    the panzer 58 nuts

  183. im here early, let me make a joke

    grinding in Wot

  184. That STB-1 game/ Intro was awesome! :D

  185. Let’s see where we are able to go with this series… It is not live
    gameplay series, it is not your regular replay cast series… Something
    different… 🙂
    Did you enjoy it? Want to see more?

  186. hello it’s me, i was wondering can you reply to mee??

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