► World of Tanks: The Tunnel Vision Challenge – Challenges #6

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Challenges Series. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Challenges.
Challenge number 6 comes from “” and he said I should do the tunnel vision challenge… Well, I accept it!

Challenge #6: “The Tunnel Vision Challenge”
* Scope View Only!
* No Minimap!
* Be #1 by damage in your team (4,000+ Damage)

At first, I though it going to be easy, but fook, it turned out to be one of the hardest challenges yet…

Check out what happened!


Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. There has been a similar one but I’ll still try:
    3rd-Person Challenge:
    -Only 3rd Person View
    -No auto-aim
    -3 kills
    -3k dmg
    -You have to be placed 3rd at the end

  2. play maus and don’t take any damages

  3. Soviet SPG tunel challenge should be fun

  4. Almost 100k! Congratz DezGamez! Ive been with you since about December 2014
    and have loved every video! keep it up!

  5. Doom turtle challenge : Victory by capping in T95 ;)

  6. Inverted controls challenge

  7. play a battle without the team lists, so you dont know what tanks you will
    be facing in the battle

  8. i don’t prefer you doing this i like the high scoring replays you do
    usually combined with your commentary
    this challenge may be hard for you and it’s not that fun to watch

  9. try a backwards challenge the rules are no paper armor tanks, and you must
    play as if your rear armor is your front armor. (try to avoid kv5 if you

  10. Challenges like this are great for causing losses for your teams, nice job
    making the Community worse.

  11. play with arty like a destroyer,make 5k dmg on less then 100m

  12. Great demo of your playing skills Dez.

    Locking the zoom so you can’t go into or out of sniper mode unless hitting
    the shit key is not a mod – it’s in the game settings.

    In the General screen > Check the box for ‘Restrict toggling the Sniper
    mode to the Shift key’

    Also in this challenged you could have helped your driving by Un-Checking
    the box for ‘Horizontal stabilization in Sniper mode’ without breaking the

    As well as showing off your fighting skills I think it is equally important
    to show your knowledge of the settings and how to make best of them in
    every situation,.

  13. *Arrow aim challenge*
    Only use arrow keys to aim, and pgup/pgdn to zoom
    Top damage on team
    At least 4K dmg

  14. lick bait …

    (at the end of video)

  15. Nice one 🙂 This is why I gave up playing! Even with no map and no vision
    you play better than I could ever dream o/ Really enjoyed that one :)

  16. Raider challenge. Obtain raider medal by capping enemy base to 100% without
    being spotted throughout entire game. Good luck! :D

  17. Idea for challenge

    Arty Ap shotgun

    Conditions: you have to play a High calibre arty shell over 160 mm and use
    Ap or heat no arty sniper mode
    Like so dez can see

  18. The FV-HE challenge. Top of both teams by damage done firing only HE ammo
    out of the fv215b 183.


  19. 9:33 Phooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dat ass

    Dez = MVP

  20. trackpad challenge.

  21. thanx for that nice video …. your a boss :-)

  22. Personal missions should be like these :D

  23. TD Arty Challenge.Can only aim in third person.Get top damage.Be the tank
    youre arty always wanted to be!Good Luck Dez!

  24. you should do a challenge share you can only fire HE and have to due 2k
    damage and also survive the battle

  25. Down-voted. This is unfair and unkind to do to team after team in the chase
    of a dumb goal for a video.

  26. I mean isn’t this how a lot of the player base plays anyway?

  27. drive only backward the whole game, and u can only shoot with turret
    positioned forward(or drive forward whith turret positioned backward and
    shoot that way). 3k+ dmg

  28. He shells only and not a howitzer either and be top on damage done

  29. New challenge for you make your tank commander get out of the tank and
    salute you.

  30. Challenge: Get an invader medal with T-95

  31. Lol, I tried this and failed… MISERABLY! Out of 3 games 200 dmg done.
    Played in A-43.

  32. THE back ftw challenge only drive on cruise control backwards

  33. Good thing it wasnt top damage on both teams :p
    Love watching your vids here from Australia :)

  34. anyone else think these new damage indicators have made stealth play

  35. pascal vogler (BossTeck)

    I got New challenge for u play t110e4 only HE [4500] Dmg Top by Exp and
    good luck 🙂 I hope you try it

  36. Challenge completed. But next time rebind the sniper/third person key to
    something new so your reflex action doesn’t do anything.

    Suggested challenge: Play a tech tree Tier 3 in a Tier 5 game, max 10%
    premium ammo, no premium consumables, any equipment you want, minimum 4
    kills, top on either spotting or damage done.

  37. I think pewdiepie lost some subs to dez… I smell cancer in the comments

  38. Consider that was the way people fought on WWII… No minimap, only scope,
    radio and situational awareness…

  39. Dez, I really like your videos but don’t think you should be giving out
    advice like that. I mean come on, telling random pubbies to turn off their
    minimap when the rest of their team is trying to get them to look at the

  40. For your 100 000 sub specal will you ne doing a giveaway? Love you dude!
    Keep making awesome videos!

  41. He should do a challenge with only HE and try to get 4000 dmg

  42. lick,lick,lick.

    lick all the videos everyday!

  43. That looks very tough……….

  44. How about this.
    1. Play any tank of any kind but it musn’t be below Tier VII
    2. Be at least at the Top 3 on your team on damage done but it must be 3000+
    However, you need to play this with High Ping. Don’t worry, I can back you
    up on how to get high ping. Just open search on the windows bar, type in
    “cmd” and then type “ping -t” and press enter. Your ping will
    increase about 32 per second but it won’t exceed in five hundred. If you’re
    done, just close the command prompt and it will go back to normal ping.

  45. play a heavy or a medium tank (you cant use a howitzer or derp gun) and go
    full HE try to get the most dmg done

  46. geek gang Mirailles


  47. HE only in E100,top 3 by damage and exp at least

  48. the thing you call a challenge is a usual thing in a average player’s

  49. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    hehehe see minimap is quite handy to see how far enemies are from you…i
    can say how many times i was like “wow how target rich environment” and
    they all were behind the rocks :D

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