► World of Tanks: The Worst Day and The Luckiest STB-1 – One of Those Days…

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Source: DezGamez

World of STB-1 Gameplay Review.World of Tanks FCM 50t Gameplay Review. Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

For some reason you seem to enjoy to see me suffer, today I have another episode like that. Few days ago I was able to and nothing went the way I wantedæ

So enjoy the and your weekend!


  1. welcome to my world lol i feel for you

  2. suffering in video games comes with the job description of being a youtuber

  3. Oh i know it its almost aways like that when i play dont wana menti the
    idiot mm with 2 tier biger tanks :)

  4. Hey Dez, where are you from, i cant put my finger on that accent ;)

  5. 5:00 proxy spotted by VK B 😛 silly Dez!

  6. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Great video once again! When I spawn in a battle with SPGs in my Lorraine
    40t, I am very happy when I can kill those piggies at the end :D

  7. As he shown his face yet?

  8. RNGeezus is a nightmare sometimes. Miss 2 tanks point blank when fully
    aimed. Or put a BL-9 shot straight through a scumbag with no damage. lol.

  9. Hey!! You had a good game that last one! ccc 😛 😛 Nice video btw 😉 And
    you camp too much! :D


  11. Ugh. I know how you feel. It just feel’s like it’s getting worse and worse
    with every patch and nothing ever seems to get fixed.

  12. french are delicious targets for arty (an everyone else)

  13. This is why I have given the game up ! I’ve put so much into the game ! my
    1 account has 27 tier 10 tanks fully researched 5 countries and only 4
    tanks away from completing the UK. I spent $400AU p/m on average on the
    game and still get fucked. WG screws me every game of late. WG SEA is run
    by racist bigots Asian dog fuckers ! And WG can suck my fat hairy nut sack
    and stick there game’s square up their cock fucked ass holes

  14. Well i personally don’t like to see you suffer. I’m in it for the clutch

  15. is this worth to buy M46 Tiger new money tank?

  16. What are your system specs?

  17. lol….we love to see you suffer, hahaha!!!
    kind of :P

  18. The Hydrating Nuke

    World of tanks: because fuck you.

  19. STB-1 looks like fun. Hey Dez. How far till you get the silver to get the
    tanks you wanted to get?

  20. The first part was all fair and balanced (but for real it was painfull tu
    watch >< ) Second part was like: All skill no luck 😀 Great vid az always keep up the good work :D

  21. When do you/Dez livestream? Super sorry if you’ve got a schedule, or have
    told us in a video, but I can’t recall. I’m not into twitch, but it’s worth
    it if I get to watch you :D

  22. It’s honestly ridiculous that your tank keep driving even when you’ve
    disconnected/crashed 😐 Doesn’t make any sense…wg please.

  23. mojimax multigamer

    dez u r awesome. ..just saying

  24. After watching todays video, makes me happy I am not the only one who has
    on of those days in W.o.T. Wednesday had to be my worse day. couldn’t buy a
    win in 48 maps 4-44. WN* though was good considering WN8 1668.

  25. Hey dez 🙂 are you streaming today?

  26. DezGamez I love you and great videos, answer this and you will have made my

  27. Great video Dez, entertaining as always!

  28. In before the ban! Jk… jk…

  29. (no one gives a shit if you’re first, second, or whatever the fuck you
    wanna say)

    P.S. Dez I like your accent, it sounds pretty dope ?

  30. Martin Dijkman Dulkes

    1 st!!!

  31. love you’re videos keep up the good work :P

  32. i love you best

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