► World of Tanks: They Hate Me, But Me Carry! – A Day in WoT – Day 5

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Source: DezGamez

Troll. World of Tanks A Day In World of Tanks Series. Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Bat-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T49 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks KanonenJagdPanzer Gameplay Review.

Guys.. Today… Today my teammates hated me, in pretty much every single battle, but I was trying to this shit anyways!



  1. 15 Maus VS 15 E 100

  2. never trust arty.

  3. Dez….a Bishop charging? What were you giving him with his tea and scones?

  4. Nečuralno Brutalan

    why would u use heat on T34??

  5. That 50B game you autoaimed the front of an IS7, I would never do that, you
    were lucky to pen both shots. I would always manually aim that.

  6. A. Brix (Brixmeister)

    So disapointed in Bishop, lmao xD

  7. You should have capped, always take the win over kills.

  8. U didnt fuck u your shot on T34, HEAT got apsorbet by huge ass american
    tracks if that woud be AP it woud go trough him.

  9. Soooo much better than “mighty” jingles channel

  10. are you russian?

  11. Too many kids in WoT…

  12. what mod is tht

  13. Ah the Chaffee. I’ve never forgiven WarGaming for gutting it. I TRIED so
    hard to adapt to it after the massive nerfing it took but I just could not
    stand what had happened to it. Hands down what really killed it for me was
    the gun. Went from being a somewhat slow little terror with the old hard
    hitting 76mm to a fast moving POS with that joke of a potato gun they say
    is a 75mm.


  14. Yaaaghhtigga! Lol.

  15. That’s what you get for heat spamming

  16. Mokhtar Mohamed

    hhhh omg! have u rly seen it? nice! this last action with the T34 will
    teach u that 212 mm AP pen is enough for T34. i loved that 100Y btw who
    called u an idiot. he said nothing wrong! first the cap was the right thing
    to do cuz enemy team has arty and Borsig is paper. second, that engagement
    on the T34, u were a total asshole overthere….

  17. evemitchellanderson

    guess you should of capped

  18. clarkeminusthee

    I like this series keep it up


  20. Epically funny.

  21. I didn’t realise that Mauses (Meeces?) had ann-ooses. That being said, with
    an arse that big, it should be easy to find if not penetrate.

    Come to think of it, there was a heck of a lot of ann-oos penetration
    action in that video.

  22. sturmtiger305mm

    Lesson today: Don’t shoot premium ammo like a scrublet.

  23. You should do T110E5 v fv

  24. José Carlos Ribeiro de Freitas

    i am downloading wot wich tech tree should i go dez? pls help me ;-;

  25. Benjamin Bastings

    This is no hate but why do you shoot so mutch gold

  26. its cause u parked right behind him which is a big NO NO in wot cause u
    prevent a player from backing up to avoid fire and u should have really
    known that

  27. The clock in the upper left corner implies that you are lying.

  28. a tank is only dangerous if there is a good player controlling it. So many
    times have i seen tier 10 tanks aka JagPz E100’s, E100’s, Fv215b 183’s, OBJ
    150’s and so on with stats you wouldn’t believe (200- wn8) showing me how
    they got their stats. And I have seen people in vary bad tanks do extremely
    well, One of the reasons I got XVM recently, and a new PC, so i can see
    people in them tanks who might be good, or just trash.

  29. what about that kv2 game popup?

  30. that boom,boom,boom bit killed it

  31. Des it would make my day if you could reply : )

  32. Guess he was right. You SHOULD have capped, idiot. ;-)

  33. There was some kv2 action, you lied to us :(.
    just kidding nice video!

  34. You and “Life of Boris” are the greatest things Estonia has produced in

    Keep it up :)

  35. Panther International Shipping

    Lol Dez you’re hilarious.

  36. Dez…. you fucked up cuz you were using Heat
    you could easily use AP and you can pen him ☺

  37. Hello, whatsup and now gtfo 🙂 HAHAHAH DEZ your the man :)

  38. Honestly regarding your 50B replay… Whatever stuff you’re taking – i want
    that too 😀 LMAO

    I REALLY enjoy your channel BTW 🙂 I’d appreciate a little more Armored
    Warfare stuff though but who am i to ask? :)

  39. you totally should’ve capped

  40. make a road to tier 10

  41. Suiscout! ;)

  42. you rammed/pushed Bulldog while he was aiming so ofc he was not amused.
    (but still no reason for shooting you)

  43. just a note to Dez, and other Youtube contributors, if you place ads in the
    middle of your vid, sometimes it will crash the vid, and we can’t watch the
    rest of it…which is what happened to me in this one

  44. good job me good job hahha

  45. JAAAAGTAAAGER and Jaggenbrazzer E100

  46. “JAAG TAAGAA!”

  47. You only have 1 MOE on the 50B? Damn, there must be some mega epic players
    out there

  48. i laughed so hard when you say jagtiger,hahahaha

  49. TheColombian Spartan


  50. Vernon Harrison

    Dez, no matter how bad I feel these days I always smile and laugh watching
    your videos!! Great game play as always sir. Oldman out.

    Take care, flea

  51. 8m20s – Aaand boom. Aaaand boom. Aaaand boom. Aaaand boom. Aaaand I’m able
    to get the kill as well from six HP and boom, done.


  52. 10:15 Where is the Pilsen match with kv-2? thought u show all games :)

  53. When is the release data of 9.15???

  54. Lets put a shell on the JAAAAAADGTIGER

  55. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap


  56. Today I got my 3rd mark of excellence on Bat-Chat 25t ! Hoooorrraaayyy !

  57. Should have capped noob haha Jk

  58. We need a JAAGD! series

  59. i keep playing world of tanks despite all its issues because of those
    moments like in 5:20 xD

  60. BT 25 T is best tank on WoT for me :)

  61. GG Dez

  62. 10:29 RIP all the Heat shot into tracks.

  63. Blindfire with gold rounds.
    Man some ppl just have credit overflow

  64. Philip Hartmann

    10:11 – 432 xp in a KV-2? That match didn’t work out really good did it? :P

  65. Murtaza_fighter WoTB

    Just wanted to say that…. Your videos are awesome??
    Love your non-funny jokes lol

  66. bishop is a lie!

  67. AMX 50 B or T57 Heavy?


  69. Dez seems very energetic and happy. New relationship? Energy drinks? A good
    nights sleep? Being held at gunpoint? Crystal meth?

  70. EPIC video u are the BEST

  71. soooo… in last game if you cap you would win :)

  72. they hate us cus they aint us

  73. Jochem van Pamelen

    su-100 Y was right

  74. The Austrian Avenger

    I like the way you say ‘JAAAGDTIGER’ and ‘JAAADGPANZER’

  75. Julopabene (Julo)

    Dude, the SU-100Y was unfriendly at the end of the round, but you would
    have done way better just going ahead and capping! That would have actually
    won you the round, since the Borsig would have held back the T34 long
    enough and the Crusader SP on the enemy team would have been intercepted by
    your arty. So, the SU-100Y was not friendly, but he was right.

  76. 3:47 I once had a fat girlfriend, I called her mouse sometimes, pretty much
    the same situation xD

  77. Speed and power!

    jagTIGER! Nice vidz Dez!

  78. Ferdinand Renger

    you would pen T34 with AP, but dont be mad, it was a pressure situation!

  79. 10:33 that is sort of what happens when you knowingly fire HEAT at a
    t34…. ><


    havnt played wot in a month
    Started it up
    Went into a game with my m7 stock
    Welcome to WOT were you get a m7 with 50mm penetration and unrealistic
    aiming circles were you need to wait to aim and miss fully aimed shots
    because 80% luck dependent game! If you havnt noticed the game’s purpose is
    to make you pissed as quick as possible so you buy stuff to try and make it
    less Because your Addicted as Fuck. after a while you got used to playing a
    shitty game but you think it isnt because Addicted and your trying to get
    that single EPIC game which turns out wasnt worth it
    Besides one you get to tier 9 its pay to play (IF you dont spend money on
    the game because again addicted) So you buy a tier 8 prem or you get a tier
    5 in order to play tier 9. In which aspect sounds this game fun? Extra! you
    watch opinion biased youtubers which review premiums nowadays and view epic
    clips in order to make you play another game and try ultra hard to get the
    same performance but get’s fucked by your team which decides going to 1#
    thank is smart and your that Winey bitch that goes alone to the other flank
    and faces idk 3 cromwells in your m7. GG money farm

  81. sneeky sneeky skippy skippy and u fucked your shot up :D

  82. you cocky bastard…..keep it up gg DEZ

  83. Firing heat at tracks, yet you wonder why it bounced?

  84. DEZ i think he mad at u coz u block him(the 3rd clip)

  85. “JAAGDTAAGER” -DezGamez 2016

  86. ciekawe czy ktoś z polski to ogląda

  87. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    You blocked the sh it out of that 41-90…. dats why he hates you.

  88. DrunkenMuchacho

    6:12 ( ͡☉⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ͜ʖ̫⁄ ⁄ ͡☉)

  89. Face off : FV215(b) vs T110E5?

  90. The fuck is this video just uploaded and 407 views

  91. remember dezz HEAT is bad against spaced armor but nice vid :)

  92. Isaac Martenson (EpicTankLord101)

    +DezGamz do you ever play on the NA servers

  93. nice one

  94. Lars v. G. (Jaden)


  95. Wow. Almost at 70k. And keep up the videos. And du hast meich

  96. I like tanks

  97. Even if I don’t have the time to watch all the video I always give it the
    like because your awesome DEZ keep it up.

  98. Lars v. G. (Jaden)


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