► World of Tanks: Things Are Fucked Up! – A Day in WoT – Day 7

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks A Day In World of Tanks Series. . World of Tanks AMX 30B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Bat Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review.

Day seven, in World of Tanks… And this pretty fucked up. #Brazzers 😛


►Tanks in action:
– France/French Bat Chatillon 25t, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– France/French AMX 30B, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– UK/British FV215b 183, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
– USA/American T49, Tier 8 Light Tank
– Germany/German E-50 Ausf.


  1. Snippsnapp Gaming

    I don’t get the Brazzer? what is it whit that? i don’t get it

  2. and what do we learn about that replay guys? humans can not multitask at
    any time 😀 , not even in a car even if the most of the guys push their
    personal luck to its limits (watching on that annoying smartphone whilst
    driving a vehicle :P)

  3. in My tablet the icon to exit fullscreen mode looks german logo on wot. lol

  4. Don’t phone and drive. It’s against the law in real life, its against the
    law in games!

  5. Wow some good fights there!. Loved the BRAZZER moments the best! Kudos. In
    a clan battle i hit a maus that didnt have a fire extinguisher. set him on
    fire. he was killed by clan mate with 132 points left. that was in 183. so
    i almost 1 shoted a maus! I love that 183.

  6. Shooing for a Brazzers sponsor? I can see that.

  7. Too much penetration in this video. I got hard on…


    Dez, dez, dez please please do more stereotypes!

  9. record 15 su12244 vs 15 isu122s

  10. regarding amx 30 game, if u played arty u would know where u got killed is
    somewhere arty always aims :P

  11. this is funny as all fuck. good work dez

  12. be me wanting to see some pr0n. Open phone, have Dez’s channel up on
    browser. See this video thumbnail. mfw its better than the real thing

  13. hahahaha I flip my tank while texting all the time

  14. lol. Nothing but the highest class from you Dez.

  15. Surprise buttsecks is best buttsecks, to watch. Wait wat? I forgot where I
    was going with this… gg’s Dez. The physics are real!


  17. Brazzers ads are a little tacky. Your Still my favorite WOT replay

  18. is that reticle you use part of a mod or in game?

  19. Nice video man keep on :)

  20. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Nerf the phone.

  21. Mathew Bridgewater

    The Brazzer thumbnail had me laughing bad each time. ????

  22. TrueblueRumble Gaming

    Dez, I personally would like to see a matchup between the type 5 heavy and
    the MIGHTY MAUS!!!! Plz do it…

  23. Dez, as a Polish person I can safely tell you that your Polish is top notch

  24. “help!!! iv fallen and I can’t get up!!”

  25. no brazzers …… ;)

  26. Just goes to show , texting and driving do not go together guys. Be safe,
    turn the phone off before the battle ;)

  27. dont text and drive! :P

  28. 4:10 “kurwa nice cheat” ???

  29. So really, more good than bad? One crash, one overturn and death, one weird
    game with an artillery death VS a nice Deathstar kill and 4 (almost 5)
    kills in the T49 with the ultimate compliment of being called a

  30. polak zawsze zaznaczy swoja obecnosc w grze ?

  31. today i got high caliber in PZ III, did 1476dmg

  32. ah, after a crap day at work, this had me rolling with laughter, thanks
    DezGamer – I needed that, total de-stresser!

  33. Glad to see I’m in good company when it comes to tipping over your tank 😉
    Maybe you can suggest to War Gaming to come up with a ” Off Road Jack ”
    consumable to upright your tank when your team mates ignore you.. Just a

  34. As always, love your stuff bro! Keep it coming. BRAZZERS!

  35. The amount of times I’ve flipped my fucking tank doing something like that

  36. kurwa nice shot hahaha i’m done

  37. Are you Belgian?

  38. Dez likes things kinky. :3

  39. kurwa kurwa…. :(

  40. Don’t text and drive.

  41. I like this series, gets my blood flowin for some “Tonks” Great Vids as
    always.. G.G.

  42. 0:09 “Today something really awesome happened some thing that I thought was
    not possible in World of Tanks” My eyes beam as my mind fills with “Match
    maker was balanced!” But no… not today..

  43. I have not been on for like a month

  44. wtf is with wot

  45. Love the videos and the comments Dez.
    Watching them at work and giggling like an idiot.

  46. 7:57 i like to be in the bushes ???????

  47. Why is bc 25t in description when you didn’t play that tank? 😀 Or have I
    missed that part? 😀 +DezGamez

  48. i like how Dez says kurwa xD

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