► World of Tanks: Thinking Like a Pro… I Am Going Pro! – Tier 10 Medium Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

. World of Tanks Bat-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

… Guys… This is what happens when you actually think while playing World of Tanks!

I am going pro!


►Tanks in action:
– Japan/Japanese STB-1, Tier 10 Medium
– France/ Bat-Chatillon 25t , Tier 10 Medium Tank
– German/Germany Ausf.


  1. Lool Funny episode! Keep doing this Dez.

  2. U r on a roll Dez. This was good, very good but not good enough for a pro.
    Just 10k damage in Bat Chat? 15k is a freaking average expected dmg for a
    pro, L2P, noob.

  3. thanks. You made me smile this morning.

  4. Best intro ever (maybe just after meathed malitia) “Let me tell you a
    story, but first let me have a sip of coffe, so today I woke up, yeah”

  5. whenever i see V_T3R in my team or the enemy team, i know that gold will be

  6. Objectif: Try to ram a tank with t95 or fv 304 without dying

  7. You should go Pro more often…this video has its qualities :P

  8. The Pilot Penguin

    your humor is great! subbed

  9. Awesome video Dezgamez! Your videos always make my day and they keep
    getting better and better. Thank you for your hard work to keep us
    entertained :D

  10. jean-pierre rojas

    Meds TX OP, nerf Wargaming plz

  11. Huh, thinking improves games.. sneaky sneaky WG, who would have thought.
    Also, thinking Dez is OP, must play games with 50hp for balance.

  12. Are you kidding? I, too, wanted to homo sex that T110E5 for the way he was
    protecting the arty. Kappa

    Hundreds of games, left hanging by my team. I mean…dozens…err, a
    handful of games. Yes, that’s it… a “handful”. I definitely don’t have
    over 2,000 games in artillery. >:D

  13. “i decided to go for the commander’s hatch of that LTTB” bro you aimed on
    his hull and your gun depression wasn’t enough and moved your gun on his
    turret xD lucky bastard and that magical shield on the löwe was his
    angling, i dont know if you did that on purpose for the episode but your
    words didn’t sounded true:/

  14. DG, One thing that keep me watch every single of your vids.. is your
    goddamn funny commentary. life with it man.

  15. Is this supposed to be a stereotype video?

  16. @Poop cool if you plan to keep it, go with JPII, it’s easier to move and
    defend when someone is circling you, if you will just rush to JgPzE100 and
    sell Tier 8, go with Ferdie as it has same crew layout as later ones.

  17. dz any t22sr video ?

  18. “Maybe thinking will be bad for your game” – Dezgames 2016

  19. This was amazing, had me laughing. Ty Dez!

  20. We are not worthy of you, we are not worthy of you… :)

  21. Guys help I just unlocked both ferdinand and jg panther II but idk which
    one to buy. I am more of a heavy tank player but I’ve heard many good
    things about the jg panther II. can someone give me advice?

  22. 9:30 I like how all of a sudden, Dez dropped in some Russian accent when
    saying “Soviet accuracy”.

  23. Just to keep things balanced, lol

  24. would be possible to do 11.000 dmg in 12 hits with the bat chat if it had
    the 183mm gun xD

  25. if i was in that game i would report that m40 team, those guys did suck
    nice game nevertheless. STB is awesome tank, but sometimes the gun
    misbehave pretty hard :(

  26. Dez how come u no have clan

  27. You forget to bring the whole premium ammo in your tank. You’ll be super
    cum in no time.

  28. MrImpossiblyBlack

    Great sense of humor!

  29. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    This is really funny! nice satire!

  30. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    Since I started watching over a year ago, your English has improved so

  31. arty is hard to pen lol…

  32. Dez, thinking isn’t allowed in pub matches. You should know that by now…

  33. The PRO is real now people.

  34. Keeping things balanced…………for our sanity. Thx Dez :)

  35. Once I was pro too. But then I took an arrow to the knee.

  36. Love it. I think I’ve had maybe one or two games like that, where I thought
    ‘damn, I’m all over this WoT thing…’ And then the rocks of reality dashed
    my ship of hope very soon after that…

  37. ahajaahhaha epic man… epic!! u can add pro player/youtuber stereotype in
    the serie

  38. Fun video. Nice to have another WoT channel with different commentary
    attitude from Jingles and QB.
    5:44 and 9:07 LOLs

  39. very funny video

  40. thinking is for scrubs red is best color

  41. Set speed of video = 2 and see how cool +DezGamez intro is !

  42. WOW! Really strong coffee.

  43. Bwahahaha! I wonder how many WoT YouTubers recognized themselves from this

  44. I too suffer constant lag, but its not the game, it’s between my brain and
    my fingers :)

  45. Lol legendary! I gave you another like, as if you needed more.

  46. Funny. Nice one and some nice games.

  47. Hilarious as always :)

  48. Was this a pro player stereotype video ;D because it’s pretty damn accurate

  49. ChiefTeamStrikers

    LAG..Yep, My problem too. Its lag that keeps me from “Getting Good!” lol.
    You crack me up Dez. Almost sounded like a Stereotype video!

  50. funny video keep going with these kind of vids , very entertaining stuff!

  51. Dez hits 90% of his targets only half the time.
    When he misses, it’s lag and server reticle. lol

  52. just epic

  53. where is the end?

  54. I can’t believe you managed to do more than 10k damage just by doing 4k
    damage. Your damage per damage efficiency is really good…

  55. Dez, thinking is not talking ok? That was way too much talking in this
    video. I like more relaxed videos with some of your epic wtf comments as

  56. Brilliant parody, Dez!

  57. Next you need to do the same commentary on live game :P

  58. bravo jarane :D

  59. damn finals were close

  60. Hey Dez! can you help me grind to the Batmanchat 25t… I’m on the Lorraine
    and can barely stand it! please help!! yours sincerely… from oinked

  61. Don’t like how you allowed yourself to be damaged and gave them false hope.

  62. What I learned is you get way more friend requests than I do. But it
    doesn’t take much to do that! ;)

  63. Dez it’s impossible for you to not make me laugh! Keep up the epic work

  64. I like Dez playing extra hard actually :)

  65. When the guys said report my team, I wanted to say “You effin report your
    team yourself you lazy fu&*”

  66. So is this supposed to be one of the stereotype videos?

    super real and super not montagr

  68. I have 53 hp thats 52 more than i need lol :D

  69. nice description: ”World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks
    Bat-Chatillon 25t
    Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks
    Live Gameplay Series.”

    mayby change it?

  70. “lag”

    Just accept that you suck Dez.. It will be easier

  71. I’m pro and I’m 16 😀 FAME is my jam :P

  72. yeah 53 is 52 more hp than you actually need, for the sake of enemy team
    facing you… :D

  73. Might unsubscribe because covering up mistakes like driving in the open and
    saying “I did it on purpose for balancing”

  74. Joshua Williamson

    Reminded me of Quickybaby!

  75. So pr0! I would have never thought I could think while playing!

  76. lol, good one :D

  77. I like your humor so much!

  78. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    So how could we get this War Gaming Light Tank Remake? :D

  79. WOOOOO first like keep it up dez.

  80. first view!!!!! (°o°)/

  81. First

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