► World of Tanks: THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE… NO! – RNGesus #35

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RNG. World of Tanks Best Wins and Best Fails! World of Tanks RNG//Epic/WTF/Fail/ Moments Compilation Video. World of Tanks Epic Wins and Epic Fails!

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

Sometimes I simply refuse to believe that some of the moments are true… This can not be possible guys that people are THAT stupid! 😀


► Music used from https://player.epidemicsound.com/:


  1. i should send my replays to you. It would be enough to supply you for a

  2. Loved this video! Funny replays there ??

  3. My last brain cell died watching that first clip, I will have to stop
    playing this game now because I don’t have any arty.

  4. they are all squares? wtf retard?

  5. 0:22 i have every match 14 of them in my team

  6. Dez used bot program confirmed, ban now

  7. Old patches or reupload? (WTF E100 on clip with drowing WZ-120)

  8. dat T 34-85… you can see a lot of that “kind” of players on weekends :)

  9. t 34 85 uninstall game pls :D, ohh also that arty

  10. This game is so fucked up

  11. So yesterday I bought JgPz E 100 – played 30 battles,4k damage average. Not
    too shabby,eh? Well I may have done 4k damage,but the winrate… The teams
    were incredibly “helpful”! I believe that I got the cousins of that T-34-85
    in my team every battle in JgPz.

    I should also say that after seeing the first clip and my experience with
    teams yesterday,I’ll take a 1 month break from WoT. (tbh the T-34-85 makes
    you rethink your life choices and why you play this game)

  12. I mean that first

  13. guys, i will not see this shit ??

  14. First clip is possible. 6 months ago i had a bug where a deadtank was not
    visible for me. On my screen the KV-5 still had 200 hp and was not moving.
    I shot it 5 times, nothing happened. Than my teammate told me in TS that
    tje KV was allready dead.

  15. that song playing the the middle of this vid is such a fake shitty dani

  16. RainBow - Agar.io

    dez come on, I’ve sent u a very lucky shot on the arty, and u haven’t even
    showed it.

  17. dez can you please reply your a legend

  18. First clip = 100% bot

  19. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    that t3485 is fking cancer. please tell me that was a bot.

  20. Dubstep_ ForTheWin

    Players like T34-85 gives me brain damage.

  21. 6:05 lol, i never saw this hole between the houses o.o

  22. Lol Stug III player is crazy ! 🙂 When will you make another Face OFF
    episode Dez ? :)

  23. lol first clip retard vs bot

  24. start of video, 1 bot and one giant idiot arty

  25. T34: Beep boop beep?

    GWP: Beep boop beep.

  26. t30 get rekt xD

  27. cmon, t3485 is a bot, nothing special here

  28. that happens when you are retarded and try to sidescrape in an is7

  29. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    That wt auf e100 got balanced pretty hard tho

  30. That first clip gave me brain damage

  31. Drunk Wolf Productions

    Those players like T-34-85 giving me cancer

  32. That 1st clip: how does muppets like that even function in life?

  33. IEnvy - Rocket League

    The video starts at 3:00 minutes

  34. Good trolling 🙂 I enjoy a good troll.

  35. that first one omg wtf is his name? you never go full retard…..never…

  36. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Error_404_Brain_not_found… Must say, that First Clip.. this is the Worst
    Programmed Bot i have EVER seen. BII BU BIIP

  37. first guy looks like he might have a severe case of lag. maybe.

  38. Nguyễn Vũ Linh

    That Tiger

  39. Was nice to see both WT auf E100 and WT auf E100 destroyed by arty :)

  40. why arent wargaming doing anything about this shit ?? frustrating as hell

  41. In memory of good old WT auf. E100

  42. That first clip though wtf??

  43. A whole lot of me died in the first clip Dez…

  44. should’ve put the song by telly tellz fuck it up :)

  45. I’m dying ;)

  46. as I was watching this and saw the t 30 bounce off the is 7 I thought to my
    self that t30 could have just as easily amoracked the is7 and then boom

  47. Lmao the first clip

  48. that first clip is a bot. if you notice when the first enemy gets spotted
    he is in the cap… and the bot is firing at where the cap usually is…

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