► World of Tanks: Tier 10 Clubbing… Aggression! – M48 Patton and E-50M Gameplay

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World of Tanks M48A1 Patton Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review. Series.

Today you are going to see 2 really fast and action packed games with tier 10 tanksæ Let’s seal some clubbs in tier 10. 😛
Didn’t make any sense, but oh well..


►Tanks in action:
– USA/American Patton, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– Germany/German E- Ausf.


  1. Good you brought that platoon. Nice cannon fodder ;)

  2. Loooong time ago, In one of my 1st games in T32 (about 2k total battles) i
    have seen on Mountain pass E50M going head to head vs BC 25t in the
    middle… BC rammed to death and i was like WTF is that!?? :-D

  3. Love to see you cooperating with Anfield! How did that come?

  4. Now this is supah platoon, two of the best streamers, dez and anfield!

  5. Pierre Wot Player (striken60)

    E50m easy to grind?

  6. Camera bug at 1:02 ?

  7. Woah, so you knew i would watch and like your vid?

  8. omg dez and anfeels 😀 such fun 😀 anfield one of my favorite wot
    streamers, really good player and entertaining

  9. 1st Circon, now Anfeels! Dez hangs out with some of my favorite tankers
    which is cool as hell :)

  10. Dang Dez, thank you! You know I love the mediums and those were very nice
    games sir. The old man out.

  11. You was playing with Anfield?

  12. Awesome

  13. I would like to play cs go but i’m banned for 7 days!!

  14. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    reason why they say e50-m is the best solo medium

  15. thx this is a game i like to see not the game u end up dead.. well play and
    ur platoon mates were also good.. keep it up.. gg

  16. Do some heavy tank action w/ is-7 and mabye E-1000000

  17. e50m my first tier 10….

  18. Right in the pooper hahahahahahahahahaha

  19. Nice

  20. True beast

  21. E50M content. Best Content. =)

  22. Dank memes?

  23. Ramming speed! 😀
    Awesome game as always.
    Nice to see you playing with other famous streamers and unicum players. You
    are becoming one of the most important figure of world of tanks’ community,
    that’s for sure ! 😀
    Keep going you deserve it.

  24. you should do a T110E5 tank review

  25. @DezGamez Do you have the M6A2E1? If so,what is so good about it?

  26. dez, can you make video about t54 mod 1 pls :)

  27. first?

    First like and comment! Bonus!

  28. codygree GodOfBattle WoT


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