► World of Tanks: Time To Move On… New Beast!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 30B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 30 1er Prototype Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 30 First Prototype Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

It is time to move on… Time to move away from AMX 30 First Prototype into AMX 30B. Yet another tank line has been finished with this episode. 🙂

AMX 30B is number… I don’t know, 16, 17, 18?



  1. Doing review on AMX30b soon!? ;-)

  2. There’s a one-click option for retraining the crew to the current tank.

  3. Harrison Rawlinson

    Love ur vids Dez, thanks :)

  4. y duz dez only have 1 skill on his crews? Even I have 3 and I’m a yellow

  5. this modpack pls? :)

  6. Aleksandar Grujovski

    james blunt like this

  7. hm I’m not quite sure if moving away from amx30 was a good idea.. I
    finished my amx30 as well and i kept it (playable, with crew and equipment)
    because why not have both?? anyway, great video

  8. How long did you play to have all this tanks ?

  9. Please do 15 T29 vs 15 IS video!!

  10. hello dez gamez. Congrats on reaching 80k subs! Keep up the good work

  11. The map rotation is so broken at the moment…all I get is the same couple
    of maps for say, 3 times each in a row, then move onto the next ones where
    exactly the same happens. Needs fixing.

  12. dez do not camp in bush

  13. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    wow…twas the fastest crew training i´ve ever seen…

  14. if i have 6 million at hand and i have unlocked the IS-7 and M48 Patton,
    for which should i go, collecting another 6 million is not gonna come in a
    long time, so im in a jam.
    M46 Patton and the IS-3 are my favourite tanks and i do well in both, how
    can i decide between M48 Patton and IS-7?

  15. Armored warfare soon?

  16. and people say there is nothing wrong with artillery. . .

  17. Tier 9 mediums are reliably my favorite class of tank to play.

  18. Really war gaming the point of a medium tank is be between heavies and
    lights on maneuverability and armor but this is well just a light tank

  19. Why dont you use the national voices? 😛 i like the voices

  20. Do u like the amx 30 better or 30b, tier to tier

  21. Nice tank. Can you elaborate on reasons for vents over optics? I would have
    thought optics would be better for a squishy tank so you can do the French
    thing and run away before they spot you.

  22. Dez is hilarious you deserve so many more subs. Everyone give him a
    shoutout on quickybaby and jingles yutube

  23. Please 15 type 5 heavy vs 15 t110e05

  24. Dez should I get the bat chat or AMX 30B

  25. man that 704 was all like “Dez nuts!” and Dez was all like “Hello darkness
    my old friend”

    Still I think the AMX 30B is quite a strong tank. not really much to say
    about the armor but is great everywhere else that counts.

  26. You have been the One… :D

  27. Speed and power!

    Dez, heres a tip, put repair kit at the 5th spot and when ever you get
    tracked you can quickly press 5,5 and get it fixed!

  28. It’s sad finishing a tank line…all that hard work finally done…

  29. Bojan Cvetković

    That keyboard….

  30. dez if u like this kind of game play, play the cdc. its a very dangerous
    med/light. the 90m on it is very good and u can get it down to 5.57 with
    BIA, vents, rammer. I haven’t Gotton to this med yet but some say its same
    play style

  31. how did chat get from “purple noob” to “german = racist?”

  32. Ethan Sparagowski

    +DezGamez I sent in a RNG moment last night hopefully it is good enough :D

  33. Anon ymous (TheEclipseguy)

    When the 704 popped out at the end I LOL’d so hard at your reaction

  34. World of skypigs is real!

  35. Matthijs Verboon

    you get a like, just for your great remark about the current top of the
    tree madness…

  36. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks


  37. @DezGamez how did you clutch pen that IS3 on the turret rink every single
    time? O.o

  38. Hey Dez, can you tell me what Mic setup you use? Great video!

  39. Quit WOT because of that community. I see it’s only getting worse. Glad to
    see ppl who can still enjoy playing tho

  40. 127th!

  41. 2:02 “now they have quite a few… titties,, me likey :3

  42. isn’t amx 30 better tier for tier than the 30b?

  43. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    do you still need aa maus replay from the face off?

  44. best defeat ever lol

  45. 14:02 :D

  46. that map rotation is real guys hahaha

  47. Goodbye my lover that was epic :D

  48. Wait… U grinded through the Amx 30 and didn’t even get a Mark of
    Excellence ? When I finished grinding my T-54 to the T62a on thursday I got
    my 3rd Gunmark… :P

  49. Low damage rolls or WTFBOUNCE on low HP targets. RNG saving noobs since

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