► World of Tanks: Tiny Premium Tanks – WTF is going on here? :D

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World of Tanks Valentine II Review. World of Tanks 2 Locust Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Panzer II Ausf. D Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Premium Tanks Gameplay.

Today I decided to play with low tier, with tiny premium tanks I have to tell you… I had A LOT OF FUN doing that! 😀

All kind of crazy things are happening here!

Enjoy episode!

►Tanks in action:
/Germany Panzer II Ausf.


  1. play Bt7art

  2. Try playing with a platoon with M22 locust’s! I call it the Locust Swarm!

  3. Toasty Roasty Man

    D/G loved the video. great action. Could you do a regular feature on low
    tier games?

  4. I was the Marder 38T at the Valentine II battle (aarod_the), so thank you
    Dez for featuring me in your channel even for a couple of seconds! :D

  5. 5:36 It’s never nice when that happens. lol

  6. Where are you from Dez ?

  7. Dez, you panicked in front of a Pz B2, I own one, you need to shoot it with
    premium on the turret or with ap on the driver hatch, his side armor is too
    thick for same tier tanks, if it over angles it dont even bother, probably
    trying to hide the driver hatch

  8. Simukas7 has actually 7k games…. and a whopping 549 WN8.

  9. Mariusz Dąbrowski

    Dez ur comment’s are fantastic ?

  10. Let me introduce you, Dez.. this is Pz. B2, the ultimate seal clubbing
    beast with MM limited to T4 only :-D

  11. hello Dez

  12. You inspired me to play 1 game in my tetrarc fart whatever it’s called.
    I regret that decision
    3 minutes of my life I won’t get back. Cheers Dez 

  13. You should dedicate a video strictly to Hetzing and pubstomping at the same

  14. Imagine if a Premium tank got exclusive gold camo for it.

  15. Valentine II is for the idiots who cry about mm. It’s buffed so hard that
    it has +0 mm

  16. whats the mod he is using? I Want something simple like that he is using
    without xvm colours and shit just simple,dmg and blocking dmg nothing more

  17. Zerobladetion Wot

    Best tier 2 free Premium tanks i got to say was the T7car. I know pretty
    much they all suck but if i needed to pick one is the T7 car.

  18. The Val. ll is a decent premium tank i think it has the 3rd best armor of
    its tier

  19. Dez can i have ur xvm mod setting

  20. No pz 1 J? (He might have ill watch the rest later)

  21. AwesomeDestroyer 12 (AwesomeDestroyer12)

    Matilda is scared of birch gun

  22. Ah tier 4…Tanks like the T-80, M8A1 and Ke-Ho give me some needed laughs
    in WOT.

  23. You don’t know the joy of Tilly?! Platoon of 3 of them is ficken hilarious.
    High pen, rediculous rate of fire…3 of them focus firing is torture for
    even tier 6 heavies cause it’s death by a thousand cuts.lmao

  24. yes, why not load gold when you meet your first noob in a low tier battle.
    why the f not.

  25. Thanks. no high tier. Love it

  26. both tanks ar op

  27. I love my valintine 2

  28. Great gameplay! 😀
    Maybe a amx cdc gameplay next? I just bought it and love it and think its
    worth every penny, but love when you play it because it makes me a better
    player and i pick up a few tricks! Love from long time sub in norway <3

  29. Hey you should try the H35 with the 37mm OMG so much gun

  30. Get yourself a T70 again, great fun!!!

  31. su-100y :'(

  32. watching low tiers play just makes my brain cells jump out of my brain

  33. cealera alexandru


  34. Who the hell load cammo binoculares on a valentine 2? Actually who does
    that in that tier lol

  35. Got the M22 Locusst and it’s fun. What’s better is the MTLS! 😀 Mini DD!

  36. Play with the German Locust, the T-15.

  37. I actually forgot how much fun low tier is. Now i think about creating a
    new account, only for low tiers, when the battles on my main account start
    pissing me of.

  38. i stopped going up at tier 5, and still enjoy playing tier 4 and lower, it
    is just more fun!!!! almost no camping

  39. dez killing seals hah

  40. I wonder if that M22 Locust gunner burned in the fire of his tank knowing
    that it was his clumsiness that killed him.

  41. I love my Pz S35 and T-127

  42. DezGamez: “Well I am not going to fuck with this guy” then says “shhh from
    behind”. Well that escalated quickly ???

  43. did u know valentineII has only tier 4 mm?

  44. NeXT time if you play low tiers take THE BT-7Arty iTS a tier 3 kV-2 iTS OP
    as hell

  45. Dez? what is yours native language?

  46. you were not shooting the weak spots on b2

  47. They replaced THE pz III A for THE pz III E in 9.15.1?

  48. As I’ve stated before, I’ve started to do increasingly better int he Pz II
    D. Does anyone know if it’s gotten some sort of buff?

  49. No pz2j battle so sad haha.

  50. You dirty sealclubbing scrub

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