► World of Tanks: Today, We Carry with USA! – T110E5, M48A1 Patton and T37 Gameplay Action

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay. World of Tanks M48A1 Patton Gameplay. World of Tanks 7 Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Today I am decided to record another live gameplay episode, because you guys haven’t seen WoT Live action for quite some time now.
today, I am going to play with !

It rhymes as well, ! 😛

Enjoy the video and your weekend!


  1. Dez I wanna ask you a question , and the people of course : I gotta chose
    between the WZ-1111-14 the tier 9 Chinese heavy or the VK.4502B , which one
    ? And the SU-101 or SU-152 tier 7 tds , pls tell me

  2. Almost 18 minutes of DEEZ NUTS!

  3. enemy caravan didn’t deal any dmg haha, i would too if i was in a caravan
    in a tank battle

  4. dez i had a game with arty…T54 decide to come i didn’t see him he shooted
    me i turn on him didn’t aim shoot and do 100% dmg on that dood. is thaat
    good for RPNG

  5. how do you get so mutch gold

  6. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    You played heavys meds and scouts but where is arty ? nice gameplay ty

  7. Hears Dez’ reaction of ramming ELC Did he reach his climax? Wow that ram
    tho, RIP ELC

  8. WTF that E3 doing.. he could drive backward to engage another flank… :o

  9. Dez is so happy all the time, I feel is has delved in the devils lettuce.

  10. What’s your accent? It’s awesome! 

  11. My dear dez they are going to replace fv215b in 9.11!
    It will be the sexy chieftan. Better dpm, acuracy and aim time!

  12. better grafics ?

  13. Damn lt missions, I’m jealous you had this random casual gameplay not even
    trying to complete it and you complete it

  14. J. Daniel Lopez A.

    MOAAAR T-37 please!
    😀 :D

  15. I hoped to learn something from your T110E5 gameplay but I play it exactly
    the same, just that the shots do not bounce of my armor, my E5 is a sponge,
    just sucks up the damage… I guess some people are more lucky hehe

  16. almost feal bad for the enemy teams lmao good games dez!

  17. I think I’m actually gonna go outside just for you :P

  18. Ah the T110E5. Really such a solid all-rounder that it can do just about
    anything. A true “Jack-of-all-Trades”. The M48 however still leaves me
    feeling like WG don’t want to admit that the nerfs it got were

  19. in the firs fight at 3:40 min u should have let the e 3 beheind u , u
    bloked him… but still u are a great player keep the good job going on.

  20. i use to hate the t37, now i like it. :3

  21. the famous wot 15:3 games:(
    thats why i uninstalled wot. it would be so easy.
    everyone would just need to do the same amount of damage as the hitpoints
    of his own tank and the game would be much more interesting.

    Once i did 4000dmg in a t34 85 (tier 6 game). I fired my gun from the
    beginning of the round with no cooltime(nearly every shot pend) and we were
    still behind. At the end my arty stopped the cap with a lucky blindshot and
    i was able to win. But seriously, is it really that hard trading the

  22. Great gameplay Dez loved the kills on Amx lights one by drowning and one by

  23. “Poetric” :D

  24. Dez,you prefer the American meds,the German or the French ones and why?

    You betrayed the EU on this video…..

    Shame on you!

  25. Dez, you didn’t stopped complaining about that poor E3. He was doing a
    fantastic job and if he hadn’t protected your back, the t57 would have
    raped you ^^

    But still great games as always ;)

  26. Doe’s go outside count as to opening my window?

  27. hey dez…can u make some object 263 gameplay? i did not see manny videos
    of that thing 😛 and the last one was 5 monts ago

  28. Hey Dez what do you think about the Obj 430 ? dont see you talking about it
    so much :)

  29. ‘Merica!

  30. Hi dez do you think that the E 50m is worth it?

  31. I was stunned when u decided to play T 37 i like that tank

  32. Nice finally some E5 and fatton action

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