► World of Tanks – Top Gun Hunt! | Obj. 140, M103 and E-50 in Action!

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Object 140 Gameplay. Review and Commentary!
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Music on the background:
Tobu – Infectious [NCS Release]
Tobu – Candyland [NCS Release]
Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]

Hello there!

Thank you for really nice feedback in my previous episodes, appreciate it a lot. (Y) Today… I didn’t even know what to do with today’s episode, so I just jumped into tanks I enjoy playing with.. aaand I had few topics that I wanted to discuss with you guys, so.. here it is. Are you guys happy with 12h opening stream? Most likely going to get some stuff to give away as well! (Y)

Enjoy the episode!

Your thoughts?

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Test Stage 1 right now live! 😀

  2. M103 one of most beautiful tanks in game… :D

  3. yay 1st comment!!!

  4. You should see if jingles wants to have a few games on your stream

  5. Nice plays!

  6. the cheapest top gun ive ever had was with 800 damage in a tier 9 game in
    my is-6 somoene always managed to hit the enemy just before my shot landed

  7. Fcm50t or amx CDC ??

  8. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    What is the song in the back ground of this episode?

  9. I tried to watch but my internet was so bad today 🙁 You and Sirfoch are my
    favorite youtubers,would be great you guys join to kick some ass ! 

  10. Nocopyrightsounds??? :)

  11. Good game good play Dez.

  12. Nice games on this run. Bolters medal Dez.

  13. Test stream was awesome, hope You had a good laugh with my
    name!(Whitedancingrockstar) :P

  14. Background crap (I refuse to use the word “music” for it lol) spoils
    things! I enjoy your relaxing, mellow voice and accent. You could be a
    hypnotist, so don’t go ruining it! :P

  15. Boelters Medal, dezgamez I miss that medal it was awesome for 7 kills.

  16. Thanks!

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