► World of Tanks: Top Of The Tree: E-50 Ausf. M! – E-50 and E-50-M Gameplay

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World of Tanks E- Review. World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay Review. Series.

This month’s top of tree special is awesome, because our hero is going to be E-50 Ausf. M! I am going to chase down those fat rewards!

Enjoy the episode!

►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50, 9 Medium Tank
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. lol @ 2 mins. “Take that with you – have a good trip home!”

  2. Crew XP 1.5 means you get +50% crew only xp
    Crew XP 2.0 means you get +100% crew only xp
    When you have the two together it is +150% crew only xp. So if you had
    1000xp(premium counts) in a game you get 2500 crew xp for that game with
    those two “coefficients”.
    It is definitely not a “coefficient” because it is not multiplied.

  3. Sanjin Artuković

    Can you upload your res mods folder somewhere?

  4. Hey dez when will the next giveaway be? 100000 subs?

  5. I think his keyboard is sooooo satisfying I mean really good to hear it !
    😀 love you Dez Keep up the good work <3

  6. Dez, where can I download the dmg/hit log you use (from this video). Thank

  7. You confuse me DG. You just finished telling us that the E50M is the
    toughest medium tank on the battlefield and then say there is no need for
    the BC to use heat ammo.

  8. he went around the corner to take the shot and suddenly! a wild

  9. Nice matches!But why your E-50M crew does not have BiA yet?

  10. Umm I need that victory banner, you know for scientific purposes ;)

  11. “Ricoshitz” … when it comes out too fast and bounces off the side.

  12. Great vid, thanks! I noticed you use vents, optics and rammer on the E50
    rather than vert. stabs. but you use stabs. on the E50M – would you mind
    explaining why, please?

  13. He ricoshits?

  14. I still haven’t got my E50, every time I drive my panther II I die a little
    inside, it is such a crap tier 8 med I am too lazy to finish grinding it.

  15. Damn I’m just starting on the Panther 2 so I have a ways to go yet. I have
    a female crew in there that I will take through to the E50 line

  16. I I loooooob my e 50m I loooooooobbbbb

  17. isnt bc top of tree this month??

  18. nice vid
    annoying keybord

  19. Steve Mc. Gregory

    Dez, reply please, I have a question

  20. Tier for tier The E 50 M is basically a Pz. III IV.

  21. which modpack is this?

  22. still using the promode?

  23. When people go for the Is-4, do they usually stop after the T-150?

  24. Colin Pfingstl (Koflin)

    What is the different between ricochet and bounce?

  25. Actually I think the E-50M has some of the worst dispersion on track
    traverse for a tier 10 medium, losing maybe to the 121. With high level
    crew though, you don’t really notice because the aim time is so low to
    begin with.

  26. Hakin Abraham Gaim

    how it takes to do a tank from the first(I) to the last (X)

  27. Dez best youtuber of the world

  28. where can i find that mod with the womens who appear at the final ?

  29. Hello Hello, ladies and gentlemen, what is going on? – A condom if your
    lucks in.

  30. 70k xp for E 50 M

  31. Hi Dez! Where you from?

  32. Pablo Gascon Rudin

    E50m is OP tank big,fast,good gun

  33. Time to finish my Panther 2 grind I guess

  34. 17:27 What are those numbers before the name of your crew’s members ?

  35. I have my E50 researched but I never bought it. that 220 pen seems so
    underwhelming against t9 tanks and especially against t10s. I prefer my
    paper-thin leo pta any day over the E50.

    E50 might be a good med, but it certainly does not suit my playstyle.

  36. Dez you created a new auto loading German medium tank they built while
    occupying France, the EMX 50 ausf BM

  37. German accuracy…

  38. sorry mate, modpack in use is promod not Aslain’s ..

  39. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    E50 Ausf. Weak

  40. Hey Dez, are you from Estonia or why do you have the Estonian flag on your
    E50M ?

  41. jan kristian mari Dia

    more face off ples! thanks for the vids! <3

  42. GG Dez another great video and gameplay, continu, love your chanel and your
    work :)

  43. nice damage panel , clean and simple ,what its name ?

  44. Always looking forward for your vid. How do you transfer? 🙂 I better like
    fast forward then fade a minute away.

  45. The E-50 and the E-50M are such good all rounder tanks. Really the only
    thing that’s kinda underwhelming is the ROF but the good speed and armor
    are a nice make-up balance to even it out.

  46. Great video Dez, as usual 🙂 keep up the good work!
    I lick it :0

  47. Dez where to download the girl mod ?

  48. Just for clarification, do you love the E-50M? Cuz I just was not sure
    after watching ;)

  49. Awesome .. Mediums. Worth the grind

  50. Under 1000 views

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