► World of Tanks: Tortoise – The Best DPM In WoT, with Standard Ammo!

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Source: DezGamez

. of Tanks Tortoise Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

Back with another Epic Battle episode, this time featuring tier 9 British tank destroyer “Tortoise”. This tank has actually the best DPM with standard ammunition. Only those big HESH warriors, FV4005 Stage II and FV215b , have better DPM with premium HESH rounds. Check out what “Mearlin” was able to do in really good matchmaking with this Turtle of a tank!


Player: Mearlin
Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/2982187#


  1. Zzzzzzz. Lol. Loved the snoring effect! Lol.

  2. that snore.. haha

  3. He played it smart hiding his hatch 85% of the time behind buildings, 10/10

  4. Ich Summe wegen der Hintergrundmusik unsere kaiserhymne mit… :D

  5. Grinding out my AT15, looking forward to that beast Tortoise

  6. One of the worst tanks in the game fighting scrubs who sit in front of 4k
    dpm (Conqueror) can I get matchmaking this lucky? Also hats off to that
    arty player who shot the kv-3 instead stalling the pools medal by
    scratching the Tortwat.

  7. how abot a battle between th MAUS and the TYPE 5 HEAVY?
    or alternatively vs th type 4 heavy
    that would be enormous!!^^

  8. please man do face off t37 vs mt25 and m41 bulldog vs amx 13 75. it will be
    nice challenge

  9. dezgamez whats the name of the song in the beggining?

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    10 HE?? :DDDDD Take 0 HE^^ not even worth it

  11. I love the tortus I played it o nthe testserver im about 20k exp from
    geting it

  12. LMFAO Dez has “America the Beautiful” playing in the beginning while
    showing a British tank. That’s some funny shit there.

  13. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    What mod are you using for that minimap?

  14. 6666 damage and 10 kills. Illuminati confirmed!

  15. Stop it Dez. How is any other streamer supposed to compete?

  16. Testudo Dezii

  17. DPM factory hahahah

  18. De Old' Mighty Tortoise

    I still have 93mm 🙁 typical Wargaming repair costs, you don’t see me
    having 4000 credits In war thunder after playing Meteor Mk. 3

  19. Hi plz say Hi to me

  20. I Just love the Tortoise….
    total enjoy it… :-D

  21. please make face off Amx 50B vs T57 heavie

  22. please make face off Amx 50B vs T57 heavie

  23. man i love ur channel keep it up!

  24. what modpack is he using ?

  25. Hello random person scrolling through the comments, have a nice day :)

  26. Are you arabic ?

  27. I bought the AT 15A because it has ridiculously thick armor for a Tier VII
    TD with prem MM, but the Tortoise, it is a must to have tank it seems :)

  28. Nice replay, took what 40 games to get that 1 winning game? Glad I sold
    mine. Not looking back.

  29. Dez, what mod pack do you use?

  30. Standard ammo?Never heard of it.Gold?Yeah I know what it is.

  31. watch out dude, for this mod HP circles, bigest polish wot youtuber got 1
    week ban

  32. One in two hundreds you get this situation. Those slow TDs are no more
    factor in this new WOT .

  33. 6666 damage?2345 blocked?ILLUMINATTI CONFIRMED!

  34. Good stuff Dez.

  35. if u want to go for fv 183 take drugs untill X tier

  36. You killed me with that sleeping amx! LMFAO!

  37. Doesn’t the ISU-122S get more DPM than the Tortoise?


  39. how do u get in his view because it puts me in first person view an i dont
    likke it can someone pls help me or make a video how to do it

  40. I have a joke

    Read more

  41. You can just pronounce it “Tor-tuss”

  42. Had me laughing at the snoring part Dez!

  43. Had me laughing at the snoring part Dez!

  44. I think the Su-122-44 and the other Tier 7 Premiumtd of Stalin have better

  45. WG should introduce a new medal for totally embarrassing all 29 of the
    other players, now what should it be called?

  46. Wonderful replay until the kill begging began – at that point – another
    lame replay. gg immature individual who doesn’t feel he should work for it
    – even when playing.

  47. No. Dez no. Tortoise does not mean turtle. A tortoise has legs, a turtle
    has fins. One lives in the sea, one on land. Also, most people pronounce it
    ‘Tortus’. Don’t mean to be unkind, just thought I’d help :)

  48. lol zzzzzzz

  49. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    I’m just waiting for Rita’s comment saying how she loves this video cuz you
    were talking about Tort in a good way…

  50. Right, I couldn’t use this big fucker, I don’t know what it was, think it
    was the T15 tier 8 that done it for me.

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