► World of Tanks: Troll Type 5 Heavy and 121 On Paris Map! – Patch 9.16 Update – Testing Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Gameplay Review. World of Tanks 121 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.16 Update Review, 9.16 Patch Notes / Test Server.

Full list of World of Tanks 9.16 Update changes:

in action with some more 9.16 . This time going to test out some more tanks that I do not have on my main account…
Trolling around with Type 5 Heavy and testing out newest , “Paris”, with 121!



  1. first

  2. First I guess. Have a great day, everyone.

  3. Enjoy this fine ass episode in this fine ass sunday! 😛
    Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend, I know I did…. So, see you next week!

  4. Yay I’m the first comment. And 1st like

  5. E 100 saw his life flash in an instant when he lost his tracks…

  6. Dez, Notification squad again? ?

  7. I really like the damage mod in the middel of your screen , what mod is
    that ? Anyone know

  8. idea for challenge

    no damage challenge

    no direct dmg

    be not in a light tank that would be to easy

    can in an platoon

  9. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    I played over 100 battles on the Test Server.

    Got Paris once.
    When I was playing M53/M55.
    And I got TK by a Russian kid.

  10. Hello Dezerino !

  11. how are you able to zoom out so far on the test server?

  12. senpai( i mean DezNutz) notice me!! like the others

  13. 113>121

  14. @DezGamez you should wait for sweden tech tree it could be so much better
    than the japanese HT line

  15. also tier for tier it’s better to keep the O-I

  16. what mod pack you running dez? looks sleek and minimalistic

  17. 121 is not better than 113, slightly more dpm and acceleration in exchange
    for much worse armour and less gun depression is not worth it.

  18. pleeeaasseee check your dez moments
    bro i uploaded a reply you might like

  19. 160 likes
    0 dislikes
    you rock dez

  20. Awesome video dez :S

  21. I’m just leaving this here

  22. Sometimes I wish my 62a with 5 skill crew aimed in that quick…

  23. Man, Dez u sure know how to deliver some quality ass content !

  24. TheAllegiantTraitor

    More tank stereotypes!

  25. I’m watch this video in 3 in the morning in the west coast of American, why
    can’t I sleep!? Maybe it this video I’m watching!

  26. 9gag reference at 3:10

  27. Nice video! I have a couple questions for you: What is your favorite Tier X
    tank? And What tank would you recommend to grind for as a first tier X?

  28. nice graphic

  29. I have been playing alot on the test server lately and haven’t gotten Paris
    once :(

  30. what is your mod ?


    when they release patch 9.16

  32. hey dez. keep up the good work?

  33. Seriously Dez, still dont understand why u dont turn on national voice. It
    is amazing!

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