► World of Tanks: Trolling Enemies, Silently… – AMX 30B vs Bat.-Chatillon 25t

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Source: DezGamez

AMX 30B Gameplay . Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. Gameplay Series.

I think it time to troll some enemies, with medium tanks… Or what do you think? 🙂

I actually enjoyed today’s episode a lot, hopefully you do too! 🙂

Take care!

Transition music: Stromae – Papaoutai


  1. when you lose the girls should be fat chicks with a lot of makeup wearing
    fishnet. clothing.. or something along those lines

  2. Vive la France ?

  3. nice action at 4:00 :D

  4. i’m french, it’s cool to heard this song from an english channel gg :D

  5. Nice review Dez. I have noticed that clairity on this and your past few are
    only 360p. this makes for fuzzy viewing, is there any way to bump it up?

    Thank you.

  6. link for victory girls mod please :)

  7. what mod are you using?

  8. Good vid keep it up.

  9. the amx 30b is just a shitty leopard 1

  10. Ship, you need to run a poll for the favourite victory girl, my money’s on
    the one on the left

  11. Hey Dez, I don’t know if you know but the music you used in this video is
    not french, it’s from Belgium. That doesn’t make any diffrence, but I’m
    just saying.

  12. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Lol “muchos buenos clipos” xD nice video Dez <3

  13. Stromae is belgium , not french ??

  14. Day was going great, made a comment and received almost 1,000 likes in less
    than 2 hours, then YT hid the comment from Top Comments and it began
    bleeding likes.

    Oh well, at least I have this video to cheer me up a bit. Thanks for that.

  15. whats the name of this mod??? can somebody tell me? thx:)

  16. Aaron William Ching

    Wow never been this early :D

  17. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Is Dez Unicum? He certainly plays very well.

  18. Love that french song at the beginning but when translated it’s pretty sad

  19. YEAHHH! French tank power ! 😀 I’m French and I love your videos, there are
    very cool and we can learn a lot! Nive job; tank you. VIVE LA FRANCE!!

  20. Do you have a job Dez ;)

  21. are the minimap features from your modpack or from the new update?

  22. that’s a lot of *damaje* done

  23. cool.congrats man

  24. Eagle.D.Arkham 'Les pieds bleus'

    Dez… i’m mad… why ?..Because your “intro / outro” french song.. is not
    french at all.. Stromae is a BELGIUM SINGER !

  25. I have both the batchat and amx 30b unlocked but can only afford to buy 1,
    Which one would be best for an average player ? I have similar win rates on
    the previous tanks and don’t particularly enjoy either of them so was
    hoping one of the tier 10s will be a huge improvement over the tier 9. I
    have been spoiled with the great e50m and Centurion action x.

  26. Dez,why would you need HD E50 M?It will be nerfed if it goes on HD,like the
    Centurion I/7/1 turrets got nerfed on HD :P

  27. Yeah i really do hate the map you first played with your bat chat I like
    jap heavys and when you get on that map with one duck as oni or oho you are
    handing damage over to enemy arty

  28. Only thing that concerns me is that battles with Bchat are not one after
    another u little liar 😛 If you look closely on after game stats there is
    bar for kills on French nation. 1st battle – bar is on 144 kills but then
    suddenly “next” battle and bar is on 120 :P

  29. nice Dez! naise

  30. Hi there 🙂 🙂
    it is pronounced “SHkoda” instead of Skoda 😉 greetings from Slovakia

  31. infinitelyExplosive

    What’s your view range in the B-C? It didn’t look to be max.

  32. Yeah wtf wargaming? HD model low tier tanks but the e50/50m is still ugly!

  33. You speakos españolos like a bossos XD

  34. what mod do you use DezGamez?

  35. Ah gotta love that old stereotype of the French assassin just running up
    and sticking ya in the guts with his knife.

  36. love how he used outais for that 30B intro

  37. I’ve seen matches with 3 or 4 extra tier 10s on one side, or one side that
    had tier 10 arty and tier 10 heavy, while other only had tier 10 arty. It’s
    safe to say MM has a few issues…

  38. Ship the max range when you see enemy is same for all, I think it is around
    445m it is the red circle. Consumables, skills and perks do not buff it, it
    is mechanic. So when you got spotted he can see you and if he is spotted
    you are ablle to see him.

  39. omg stromae !

  40. DEZ ! Stromaé is belgian and not french ??

  41. Fuck that spotting doe you know you can shoot XD

  42. 10:25 Dez, that’s not really how visibility system works in this game. If
    both you and E5 are spotted by something, and he is within your rendering
    circle (the biggest one) you can both see each other.

  43. All those tier 9/10 mediums are so alike. Besides the autoloader and the
    Chinese one the rest all have similar DPM, handling, armor, etc.

    I was thinking of getting Leopard Prototype for this month’s event but AMX
    30 1st prototype is slightly better in most regard. Thinking of getting AMX
    30 1st but it is not much different from the Cent 7/1, E50, M46 and Type 61
    I am grinding or already have.

  44. Hey DezGamez click Accelerate crew training on 30B.

  45. robin van Sint Annaland

    30B or AX ?

  46. Man, I want my 50m and BC HD!!!

  47. is the dmg roll really COMPLETELY random ?! REALLY? omg wg you can do
    better then that!’
    Something like, depending on where on the tank a shot pens it will affect
    the chance to get high roll or low roll.

    A shot penned on the edge of a turret or hull should get higher chance to
    get a low roll, while hitting in around the center on any armor plates will
    have higher chance for high roll. makes sence because a shot that penn 10
    cm from the edge of edge and doesnt really hit anything inside the tank
    would not do as much dmg as a shot that pen, lets say flat side of ann e75.

    or WAAAIT! I own E100 and Maus. this i dont think this would work for
    superheavy tanks without some other changes or a good additional idea

  48. Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    just got zem tonk
    i liek it

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