► World of Tanks: True Hero! – 10 Kills Superman SuperPershing – T26E4 SuperPershing Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. Epic Gameplay Review. Epic Battle Series.

We are back with epic action! Our main guest today T26E4 SuperPershing, who going to dress as Supermanæ Check out this crazy carry of a battle by ÜaVickoÝ.

► Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2580454#stats



  1. 15 russian is 2 vs 15 chinese is 2 please ^^

  2. 8:45 Those are actually recoil “springs”, I say springs in parentheses
    because IIRC, they were hydraulic type shock absorbers.

    The REAL Super Pershing had AP penetration that actually beat that of the
    8.8 L71, due to the very long barrel as well as a significantly larger
    powder charge as well, again IIRC the 90mm gun used on the Super Pershing
    was actually about 74 calibers long (where the LONG 88, is 71 calibers

    IF the Super Pershing were given its True-to-life gun stats, it would HAVE
    to be a tier 9 Heavy.

    As again, IIRC, while they did have some very potent APCR rounds, there
    were equally potent HEAT rounds (Equal in that, both were rated for about
    300mm of flat steel penetration, just that for the APCR that drops off
    beyond 100 meters)

  3. Matteo Leforestier

    +DezGamez plz do facereveal soon

  4. Matteo Leforestier

    Can u plz do facereveal soon :)

  5. Springs welded on to the turret to counter balance the extra weight of the
    spaced armor and new gun.

  6. bigger mini map please!

  7. nice game, I do not like this tank, cause it is too slow for my taste and I
    know about his weaknesses so it is not so unpenetrable even for 6 tier.

  8. The “things” on the super Pershing are elevators for the heavy gun mantlet
    compared to regular Pershing

  9. King Dez at it again! :D

  10. Why Wargaming don’t buff the AP-Penetration at the Super Pershing?…

  11. Hell of a game there for sure! my only real gripe was shooting APCR into
    the SIDE of the Tiger 2 when that would have worked just fine with AP.

    But really the Super Pershing has needed a firepower buff for a LONG time

  12. bautista_sniper Romero

    for the next video i want to see 15 A-43 vs. 15 Cromwell

  13. bautista_sniper Romero


  14. @0:14 SuperPREshing – just to mention it

  15. That superman at the begining made me smile. Good job :)

  16. Superman is D**d

  17. What mod ary you working with?

  18. my clan mate :)

  19. Hey Dez, I hope this finds you well my friend!! Another epic video indeed
    sir. Please keep them coming. I go for my cancer surgery April 28th at 8:30
    am. Please keep me in mind for a T62a game. My favorite tank!! the oldman

    Take care, wot aka flea1951

  20. That ending man so surprised he kept his cool and didn’t panic when the
    arty showed up.

  21. those things are just spaced armour, the weakspot on top of the turret is
    actualy the hatch behind them from the front

  22. Mammoth Production

    Im pretty sure the springs or dampeners on top are not a hit box I think
    the shot goes goes through it and into the cupola.

  23. the tubes are not a weakspot, they are not part of the damage model, you
    aim for them, you hit the cupola.

  24. xxx*TomaszM*PLxxx

    only 3tanks 8iter just lucky MM

  25. how do u know when tiger II has stock turret?Im new player

  26. to be fair to m12 he was drowned by the IS not himself… at least thats
    what it looking like on minimap

  27. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    omg how does he need to spam gold when there is no IS3

  28. I had the same game on same map. Difference was I was in a Matilda
    vs. Churchill and two arties. I was in the same exact location and play as
    the enemy(weird) and Super Pershing. Same Results. Lots of HE fired!!! GG
    to the Super Pershing player.

  29. The two barrels are salt and pepper :P

  30. Is this tank worth it? I am considering to buy it, but I dont know if its
    the right tank to buy. I personally dont like the french premium tanks but
    I heard theyre rellay good

  31. Why am I not surprised xD Perfect MM for the SuperSHIT (Superman? Pff was
    never that good even before ppl knew what are the weakspots/nerf :D), good
    player, nice dose of luck and gold. “GG”

  32. The two dildos on top of the tank are recoil spring i think it was, because
    of the immense power of the new 90mm instead of the one on the normal m26

  33. Mate is Aslain mod pack not Oldschool on description.

  34. pls make the minimap smaller its to big …. -.-

  35. Well played, with some rng shut going on. Well super heroes knows the
    struggle right? GG

  36. fantastic job man

  37. wow awesome

  38. The tubes on the top of the Super Pershing are coil springs to balance the
    gun. It was added because of the extra armour on the turret and the lenght
    of the gun (Compared to the normal Pershing).

  39. Second comment :D

  40. hi

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