► World of Tanks: Try Hard or Die Hard! – T110E5, FV4202, MT-25 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T110E5, FV4202, MT-25 Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Commentary.

Beautiful day outside, beast mode engaged, epic games on the way!
Take a look enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. You know Dez I nowadays enjoy your videos more than anyone else’s, donät
    know exactly why, all the rest just seems so boring and yea seen that a
    million times, but not yours.

  2. LOL, “I feel like rabbit”
    You always make me laugh. Keep up the great work!

  3. marquitoescort2011

    E5 never disapoints. Fv4202 tough….There are games where i cant bounce
    one single shoot from any tank. I sucks sometimes. Playing it like a sniper
    it always works but when we want to brawl a bit, when when the enemys arent
    douches that only hit your front plate, your in a world of pain….

  4. ..Let’s get another one as well.. KABOOM! (long pause)…
    Go Dez! GG as always.

  5. +DezGamez do you even wt auf e100

  6. that first game was just so nice. the other 2 were good as well but that
    last one is just something I hate more than anything. Still again congrats
    on the 20K subs Dez! I’m telling you there is still a good chance to hit
    30k! hmm for the give-away? Well you could give onebigfatguy a WOWS code.
    that’s always a thought.

  7. That futuristic HUD in ww2 tank looks just horrible

  8. Love to see some T30 action. T34’s big bro. :D

  9. Are you from romania?

  10. haha so fv= favorite vechile eh ?

  11. please do some armoured warfare as well, really like your channel so that
    would be nice to ad

  12. Where do you live?

  13. Ivo van der beek

    What crosshair does dez use?

  14. Camp hard or get camped hard goes too! :P

  15. BolshevikMuppet

    The damage radius is part of XVM, so i’m told.

  16. Where do you live?

    Btw great beast mode :P

  17. miturbinizdurdy

    Lol, why did those morons cap?!

    Drooling tankers.

  18. Ivo van der beek

    What mods do you use?

  19. Nice video!Dez keep up nice work and pls do more world do warships.I don’t
    have beta key but I always enjoy yours WOWS videos…GL grinding Des
    Moines!Wanna se that monster.

  20. Why I’m always first to comment ..anyway let’s watch another great video 

  21. Were are my carry pants? :O

    • Muhibbullah Obidhoniy

      +DezGamez followed up ur mod in hte discription but can’t find ur cross
      hair… can u please tell me where i can find it???

    • +DezGamez It must be hard to try to Beast mode in a tank that can and often
      WILL take damage every time it can get its gun on anybody! FV4202 needs
      replaced bad! How long ago did WG claim they were replacing the 4202 AND
      215b? Well the 215b is badass, but the FV4202 is not doing anyone any
      favors (not even the hipsters that claim it to be their favorite tier X)

    • Muhibbullah Obidhoniy

      +Dysphoricsmile i can’t say u are 100% wrong but u are in some ways. one
      just have to know how to play with it. it can be OP in right hands. and
      there are worse tanks than FV4202. like patton and T-62A. u just have to

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