► World of Tanks: TVP T50/51 vs Bat Chatillon 25t – Face Off #15

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Source: DezGamez

vs TVP T50/51. Tank Face Off Series. Tank Battle Series.


For a very long time, a lot of you have been asking for Bat Chat 25t vs TVP face off episode, so here it !
I was able to get 10 of each together and it was pretty amazing action!

Thank you for making this series possible!



  1. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    SuperPershing vs… EM… tell me pls

  2. petar poltoracki

    Borsing vs ISU 152 (both equiped with 152mm guns!)

  3. TVP team did not execute well in all matches

  4. ronin etherington

    pz.IC vs M3 stuart plz

  5. Depends on players

  6. E-100 VS THE TYPE 5 HEAVY
    OR E50M VS THE 121

  7. Some more ideads:
    – ISU-152 vs. Su-101, but I guess you’ll have trouble finding even five
    Su-101 drivers 😉
    – Jagdtiger vs. Tortoise (ik, Tortoise was covered already)
    – KV-5 vs. IS-6 … AP-only round might take a while ;)

  8. Maus vs Type 5 Heavy

  9. t-44 vs tiger 1 :)

  10. tiger1 v hetzer

  11. PzIIJ VS Marder!

  12. object 140 vs t62a!!!!!!!

  13. tiger 1 vs tiger 1P

  14. Yes Kv-4 vs. Tiger II

  15. MrMegaPowerStar MeMasterGamer

    JPanther ll vs Ferdinand

  16. Tiger vs Tiger (P)
    M4A3E2 vs M4A3E8
    FV215b(183) vs FV4005
    M4 Sherman vs Sherman III

  17. Face off vid instant like

  18. Super pershing VS king tiger

  19. Some suggestions:
    Type 5 heavy vs E-100, AMX 13 75 vs SP1C, IS-3 vs 110, 113 vs T110E5, KV-1
    vs O-I exp.

  20. Ofc bat chat will win ,it has more shells in mag and for this kind of quick
    battle it wins every time

  21. All the community knows TVP 50/51 are OP and really we all were waiting for
    a need in the 9.15. But… WG has other plans.
    The wrong choice would be to buff the BC25t.

  22. Can you make 10 T95 vs 10 obj. 704?

  23. 6:20 It was you, Dez :D


  25. how do we get featured in this, when do you record them

  26. t71 vs amx 13 75?

  27. Tiger II vs. other WW2 heavy tanks!

  28. 1 vs 1, BC 25T > TVP because a BC clip is enough to kill a TVP full life

  29. 50 B vs t57 ?

  30. Cannibal Sausage

    The Bat. Chats lost ☹️

  31. 15 lttbs vs 15 m41 bulldogs

  32. Fun video, but again ruined by not having defined rules for focus fire.
    Focusing fire makes a loooot more impact on the outcome here than the

    In round 2,with both teams lined up, after both teams have clipped and are
    reloading, the score is 2-2 ffs. Wtf is going on with that… In other
    words, the bats penned about 10-20% of their shots. The TVPs slightly
    better, but not by much. Ten tanks on either team should been able to clip
    a lot more than just two enemy tanks.

  33. the most guys cant shot in your films, change them

  34. What do you use for screen your video (sorry for my english i’m french )
    and i realy like your video ;)

  35. nick “cydrosmil” smith

    would of liked to of seen a straight face off, like in the previous

  36. matilda vs valentine

  37. T-62A vs Leopard 1

  38. FV304 vs M44

  39. AMX 30 B vs. Centurion AX

  40. AMX 50 B VS T57 HEAVY

  41. 9.15 log in soundtrack starting at 2:30ish, eh?

    Excellent choice : )

  42. Waiting for Type59 vs whatever or PZIIJ vs BT-SV :P

  43. batchat still op

  44. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    T57 Heavy vs Amx 50B

  45. looking how people shot in the TVP was just hilarious … so many shots

    and u cant compare them becouse RNG is a big factor

  46. 0:33 thats a pen**

  47. maus vs type 5

  48. MS-1 vs T1

  49. The rounds in Mittengard is pure team spread and focus fire. Has nothing to
    do with how good the tank is. It’s all about the player skill. Next time
    maybe show WN8 of players in both teams? 😛 And why you don’t use that hp
    pool bar mod?

  50. fv215b 183 vs jg. pz. e100 :D

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