► World of Tanks: Type 5 Heavy – Amazing Battle, Crazy RNG! – Type 5 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 5 Heavy Gameplay Review, Battle. World of Tanks Best Battles.

Sometimes you can do everything you can, but when RNG decides to fu** you, then RNG is going to fu** you, deep…
out this amazing with “rare” 5 Heavy, tier 10 Japanese heavy tank, played by “Pestek” and you will understand what I mean by that.


Player: Pestek
Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/3107309#stats


  1. So tomorrow event calender starts wonder which tank they will put up 1st.
    Little devil in me says it will be the T34 B D

  2. Legend says Dez will reply if you are early enough :D.

  3. not to take away from a just fantastic game, but I have no idea why he was
    so worried about the LTTB at the end. that guy physically can’t pen him
    from the front or side, but the type 5 completely paid attention to him,
    instead of the IS3 who is an actual threat…load HE and shoot the guy
    who’s actually a threat to you

  4. not rng,when shooting russian tanks always lowroll or no pen

  5. T5 turret must be angled in between shots as with Mouse or E100? He appears
    to be angling, but turret doesn’t look so cubicy like the German Ines..

  6. This tank is so shitty :c

  7. they just doesn’t know where to shoot this tank just noobs >!!!!

  8. Probably related to old patch version, but… how could it be that the
    credits received are like that? 113k-60k = 109k ? Uh… Maths !

  9. the type 5 heavy driver made so many mistakes. damn

  10. the type 5 and 4 heavy are great tanks.

  11. why cant i get enemys like thisT-T

  12. All he had to do was drive forward past the Batchats to get into cover and
    then turn and engage the IS-3 frontally. LTTB couldn’t have hurt him from
    those angles….

  13. RNG fucks me – every day mate. It doesn’t even knock on the door any more

  14. 24 ap and 24 premium ap a little bit of noob golding

  15. Well another retarded enemy team… Taking a shot is so scarry in this
    game, I guess. Lets trade health and not push atall all at once so you can
    kill him.. scarryyy. These teams man :P

  16. What a misplay at the end : ( Should have focused on IS-3 first

  17. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    dont use HE vs both 1% :(

  18. what a retard he should of pushed back on the dead Bat-Chat

  19. Type 5 Heavy is ruined by the fact that arty exists in the game.

  20. RNG kill him but rng saved him to come in the endgame. The first shoot b-c
    25 low rolle and the Borsig have a very low rolle 427, 470 the averange is
    490. RNG gives and takes nut he was lucky this tank and no arty is very

  21. i saw this game from two different youtubers in the same day

  22. Angelo Soares Giroto

    I can’t even watch the mhuge mistake he made at the end.

  23. pls watch the sequence bw @5:47-6:03 and see what happens to almost full hp
    wtpz4 :)

  24. I hate this situation too. On that ind of health they should crawl around,
    and shouldn’t be able to hit targets a bit further, but no. They’re fast
    and shoot even better on 2 HP. Just, how stupid it is? And imagine that
    happen to some fckn autoloader that kill you with that 2HP left… and
    probably couple more too. 2 HP of 1500 shouldn’t be able to move around
    with more that 10% speed, and hit barn from 100m….

  25. Yeah would have focused on bigger gun first

  26. very unlucky dmg rolls and he really deserved a win for such a badass carry
    still im rather sure he could of just ignored the light tank even with
    premium shells it should of been able to pen him only on his side armor
    maybe those cheeks too so id say he lacked agresivness at the end

  27. omg obviously a russian a tank…for nonobstant Red bot

  28. Stupid 25% rng on dmg and pen rolls. They should lower it to +/10%.

  29. RNG is completely destroying any skill that player has.

  30. i don;t really understand why he doesnt drive his tank backward down the
    slope. then he can give his frontal armor to both enemy tank. also, at
    least turn his turret back and shoot the is3. the LTTB is not going to
    penetrate t5 heavy easily.

  31. Dez has the coolest accent man

  32. He should have backed up and pushed the bat with his ass

  33. roemer schoenmakers

    80% underaverage! wow thats lucky I never roll higer or average. Please
    tell me your hacks

  34. Armor in WOT is forgotten thing, every single tomato will kick your ass
    with heat/apcr shells. So playing those heavy tanks is just a waste of

  35. i dont know hy dez but since 9:40 until the end of the video, i couldn’t
    stop crying :(

  36. Type 5 is a piece of junk.

  37. If I was that Type 5 and fighting 4 tanks at once they would have
    surrounded me and killed me.Yet all 4 of them just stayed around the corner
    constantly bouncing and didnt flank.

  38. I had a similar game in my Type 4 heavy, 8000 dmg, 7000 blocked 1700 base
    xp defeat

  39. fuck jap heavies. and fuck auto loader arty.

  40. SHIP, As always, another great game portrayed by others on this channel,
    the glory and misery, shared best with subscribers.
    Type-5 Heavy, is a Beast and yes, in my Garage. It brings the armor, the
    Boom-stick and half the population of Japan inside that monster.
    Type-5 Heavy is the deviant off-spring of KV-5 and KV-2 from a cold winter

    Great accomplishments…even for the loss; like an Ogre they feared you!

  41. I want this tank so bad!! but I can’t be bothered to go up that line D:

  42. Feels bad man. Low rolls are the most infuriating part of this game.

  43. I have the type 5 and i love it, usually bounce 3 to 4 k damage, gun could
    have a bit more pen, but still nice.

  44. Type 5 is my favourite tank truthfully glad to see a vid on it ?

  45. That Ravioli should have went for the IS-3 ><, that was the game losing play right there. I don't blame Pestek for the mistake at the end, he was probably panicking and not thinking clearly having to hold his balls the entire game!

  46. he had huge luck with his shots.

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