► World of Tanks Type 59, Löwe and T34 Action Gameplay – Tier 8 Premium Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 59 Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Löwe Live Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks T34 Live Gameplay Commentary.

I need credits for STB-1 grind, so let’s start today.
Going to play with some of the tier 8 premium tanks I have in my garage. Hopefully can make some serious credits on the way! 🙂
You are going to see 3 different premium tanks from 3 different nations.

Enjoy the show!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Gotta grind that money man. those Tier X’s don’t grow on tree’s ya know.

  2. Hi Dez, so are you coming to Tank Fest?

  3. Woot. World of Wallet Warriors! 😉 Great video, mate.

  4. Holy shit that’s a lot of free xp you got.

  5. so jelly you got a Type 5999

  6. When i’m on overlord with my KV-5 I ALWAYS go down the 6 line.. Always win,
    always have replays worth keeping. It’s hilarious..

  7. Mees Van Griensven

    dez you can have a extra crew skill on your T34 :D

  8. Love it, like your game play and attitude! Keep it up :)

  9. The lowe is easily the must frustrating tier 8 premium tank to play because
    playing it aggressively isnt an option because the armour is crap. The tank
    make the maus seem fast and the gun is way too random for a supposedly
    accurate gun considering the dpm sucks too.

    • +wtfyo
      i also had an experience on airfield in my lowe where i was the only top
      tier heavy on my team and a friendly super pershing kept bitching and
      moaning at me that i wasnt at the front taking hits. he kept telling the
      enemy team that i was a bot and y team actually defended me considering i
      was busy attempting to kill things. this match was a loss sand i had hits
      just over 4 k damage that super pershing did 800. if he had spent more time
      shooting at things instead of taking damage while insulting me in the chat
      then we would have won. i messaged him after the game and i think he
      blacklisted me because for someone who was so loud in the in game chat he
      never messaged back.

    • +wtfyo
      that is easily one of the msot frustrating things to deal with in the lowe
      and its because this things armour is worse than almost any of the tier 7
      and is worse than some tier 6 heavies for example the arl 44 has a way way
      stronger front plate. actually comparing these 2 is kind of interesting the
      arl 44 in my opinion has better armour its has better gun depression its
      much faster and even though its on a tank 2 tiers lower the dca 45 has only
      150 less dpm than the lowe. in my opinion the lowes gun really isnt good
      enough considering a maus in a lot of cases will maintain its speed
      significantly better than you can.

    • And I hate the buggers who keep telling you that you’re a heavy and needs
      to tank then blah blah blah money warrior…when I’m like ..I have this POS
      since it’s sold day 1 , at least I know what it can’t do…

  10. iam thinking about getting a tier 8 premium tank any help on what is the
    best at the moment thanks in advance

  11. 12.28-12.57 R.I.P Screen! :P

  12. Crashed, LOL! Same thing happened to me, this update, working as intended.
    I play with no mods, not even xvm.
    GG as always.

  13. Could you show some Chinese premium light tank gameplay? Type 64 and Type
    62. Just because I don’t know a lot about them, could use some examples. :)

  14. Thanks man, have a good weekend too :)

  15. Hey guys 😀 Löwe or T26E4 ?

  16. Which mod in your list is the one that announces the damage taken center

  17. Why dont you just sell tanks you dont use anymore?

  18. How come Dez doesn’t play with his clan mates?

  19. Very nice video ! I like what you doing! Please do more gameplay on Armored
    Warfare ! 🙂 do you do live on twitch ?? 

  20. Did Lowe game win or lose?

  21. BTW, there is 30 seconds of black screen before T34, sound is okay, so just
    wait it out…

  22. 12 MINS AGO

  23. YES! T34 IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! T34 KING OF THE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Enjoy the weekend! :=)

  25. First comment

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