► World of Tanks: Type 64 – Magnificent Performance, Crazy EXP!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 64 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Type 64 Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best Battle.

You may think that little Type 64 has no chance vs tier 9 tank, but this replay shows you a different side of that coin!

Simply epic crazy rewards!



  1. Only bad thing about Type 64 in my opinion is the ammo capacity,I have run
    out of it way too much…..

  2. hopefully i dont ever meet him in battle

  3. Nice video like always Dez

  4. Thanks you Dez for being awesome for another day

  5. clashofclans avec yanis

    Face off : T.ype95 VS Matilda (like if you would watch)

  6. I Stole Your Bagel

    Swedish Tank Hype

  7. 2,000 xp isn’t really a “crazy” amount tho….

  8. Hype 64 ? Vive le 121 et 113 yeah ! Pour ma pars, la branche chinoise est
    la meilleur de tous 😉

    I love you guys English gay xD

  9. dat bounce

  10. Fuck yeah Republic of China STRONK!!!

  11. Type 64!!!! I love me light tenks did 5k+ damage in type 62!!!

  12. Nice,THIRD

  13. Snippsnapp Gaming


  14. First or second doesn’t matter! Dez u still rock,dude!

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