► World of Tanks: U.S.S.R Mediums – Always Delivers – T-54 feat. Object 140 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Soviet Medium Tanks Gameplays. and Gameplay Commentary.
►Welcome Home!
You wanted to see Soviet medium tanks? Okay, I can give them to you.
Going to take out T-54 and Object 140, tanks that always delivers and serves me well!

Also, I would like to know what your favorite series on my channel so far? Favorite series or favorite game that you enjoy watching the most!

Beast out!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. i really like the tank reviews and early patch notes. you bring them into
    good perspective for me 🙂
    keep it up!

  2. Michael Mcdermott

    I’m still laughing at the ingame messages by the other players, IS8 has
    small penis ROFLMAO i nearly barfed up a lung and you gotta love WOT ;)

  3. What ever have not watched all yet – ;)

  4. Your best imo:
    – IS-6 | New Gameplay Series | Angry Kid Edition

  5. Can’t be fooked to answer your question… all your vids are epic! Dear
    Diary, epic replay, live gameplay… all rock..

  6. My favorite video is the Object 140 Honey Badger gameplay

  7. Tough question. I like the Epic battles but the live commentary is good to
    watch as it just regular games that we all have and it help teach better
    postioning etc.

  8. best video for me was the T95 scouting, makes me laugh every time

  9. I like your gameplay episodes,

  10. My favorite videos are:
    1. World of Tanks Diary | Day #1 – Poor FV215b (183) [1080p]
    2. World of Tanks Diary | Day #1 – Poor FV215b (183) [1080p]
    and 3. World of Tanks Diary | Day #1 – Poor FV215b (183) [1080p]

  11. My favorite is the live replay videos.

  12. My favourite episode is any replay you do with the fv183. Especially the
    heshgasm episode where you scored a 2k damage shot on the jagtpanzer e100

  13. I don’t call EM wolf packs…I call em rape squads.

  14. Post war Soviet tanks in WoT = easy mode..

  15. Man most of your series/episodes are awesome but im more in favor of your
    funnier stuff with the derp moments like the diary series and Epic battles
    are my Favorites at the moment.

  16. Mine has to be the one with you getting the Scout Medal in the T95…And
    that awesome Duke Nukem voice mod pack!

  17. wow bro do u even carry ? 😉 fav vid that i can remember was that t34 270k
    batlle i think ! awesome job man always love the vids !

  18. Epic video!!!!!
    Love live gameplay action with 215B tank most

  19. I have only just found your channel thanks to Sir Havoc for the share Great
    video look forward to catching up on the rest of your videos now

  20. I like DezGamez series :O

  21. I like the most of epic battle episodes.

  22. “is8 you have small penis..” LOL. Even the red team saw it.

  23. Great Job Dezgamez, watched it in the bath and shared on FB bro nice vid
    and thank you from Havoc and WoT UNI

  24. My favorite video is the one with Paev (E50M) and Fractose (Leopard 1) on
    [World of Tanks] Epic Battle | E-50M and Leopard 1 Epic Gameplay Review.

    It wasn’t flawless, but it was brilliant!

  25. My favorite videos:

    1. “World of Tanks – No balls, No glory! | FV4202, E-100 and IS-4 Gameplay”
    at minute 15.05 with you “What the Hell ?” it’s so funny ^^
    2.”World of Tanks: Bat.-Chatillon 25t – WOW, INTENSE!” at minute 12.37
    3.”World of Tanks – T95 Epic Battle – Enemy team, You drunk?” at minute

    I enjoy your funny videos. Thank you DezGamez for this funny moments ;).

  26. You already know how impressed I was with how you handled your 12 hour live
    stream, so more of the same would be welcome.
    Also, all your videos are entertaining and instructional/helpful(I don’t
    like “generals” but that’s not your fault, just not my kinda game) so just
    keep doing the great job you do mate! :)

  27. Personally I like some variation, but fav is epic battles. The best episode
    has the be Yolowagon, nothing’s beaten that!

  28. Epic Battles! :-D

  29. Favorite videos:

    1. “World of Tanks IS-4 Review | IS-4 vs IS-7” Useful and fun,
    ‘sidescraping like a paus’ ^^.
    2. “[World of Tanks] Future Award System – More Achievements [1080p]”
    hilarious video and creative.
    3. “[World of Tanks] T-62A vs Object 140 Review | Which Tank Should I
    Take?” Very useful.

  30. Love all of the videos.I just watch world of warships most because I can’t
    play it(just yet) and I want to learn to play it before everyone can play
    it.good day from Slovakia!

  31. Christopher Duncan

    I like the epic battles, but your gameplay vids help me with my play as
    well. I really enjoy the commentary and wish that I played on your
    server. Keep it up!!

  32. 1. epic battles are most epic videos 🙂
    2. why do you grind exp on so many tanks that are fully researched or tier

  33. Road to Yolowagen
    suffering Tuesday(or whatever day you want)where you upload live com
    SU100M1 and SU101 gameplay while you’re progressing

    Keep doing this until the the mighty Yolowagen arrive

  34. why do you keep saying “we have”, “we are” in case that your are one,
    single person?

  35. Epic battles XD

  36. could you play some tier 8 mediums sometime? i’d really like to see some
    action in those.

  37. I suck with my Obj 140… I hope some day I will learn to play it! Waiting
    for more streams Dez!!!

  38. Don’t forget to answer to the video question as well. :)

  39. Sweet i needed something to distract me, thankyou :3

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