► World of Tanks: Unstoppable Bunker Type 4 Heavy – 78 Shots Received!

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World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Review, Battle. World of Tanks Best Battles.

Type 4 Heavy is one true bunker on wheels in World of Tanks. Today you are going see how beast of a tank can it be, when there are no SPGs and you are one of the three top tier vehicles. Psybernaut’s Type 4 is going to be under fire pretty much the entire battle, but take a look what is going to happen!

Enjoy your weekend!

Player: Psybernaut
Replay http://wotreplays.com/site/31184#stats


  1. I guess they don’t know about that weak diver hatch on the front lol

  2. ate you replying at all comments now?

  3. Hey Dez, you should do a faceoff, Premium tier 8 meds vs non premium…. I
    think that would be awesome dude.

  4. This replay shows why “arty lives matter”.
    A moving bunker that your only hope is to keep tracking that top tier enemy

    Arty haters, watch this replay!!!

  5. pain train on the way lol nice

  6. I are has commented, do I win cookie for internetting good?

  7. The Salty Half-Elf Bard

    See, now THIS is how you build a wall.

  8. Bunker of Wheels.. on Wheels? :D

  9. Today you had 100+ in the maus on the test server :)

  10. That VK should definetly get BallsDeep Medal

  11. great game your xp from the bounce of the low tier never stop your video

  12. There were very little enemy tanks that could pen this. Enemy needed a T30
    or Jagdtiger or Obj704 there at 1,2 line.

  13. Bunker “Of” Wheels :)

  14. Nice upload!

  15. that borsig was such a retard

  16. Luís Augusto Panadés

    That shit Grille 15 can’t pen Type 4. It is a pain, misses weakspots and
    has not penetration to enter it.

  17. Ehh

  18. Whenever you say Borsig it sounds like Pershing

  19. This is why you need to carry gold into the game…

  20. why did you stop your World of Warships commentary?

  21. I actually like how the Type 4 and 5 look, they’re like giant Chi-Ri’s

  22. another option to kill him would be to rush it kill the t10 then shred the
    type 4

  23. I just had a sick game in my caernarvon 5,000 dmg and 5 kills

  24. I have scout, patrol duty and medal for 3 arty kills in my T95.

  25. This is funny? This is just as funny as the Pz II J game on your last

  26. notice me dad its yellowmyfav

  27. This is just another illustration of how broken WoT is. A Japanese unicorn
    tank is imbued with God Mode by the developers because reasons. This video
    just serves as a reminder that “uninstall” is the best mouse click you will
    ever make in World of (Fake) Tanks.

  28. hate dat jap broken line

  29. Type 4 “yu mad?” heavy XD ah that one lool… i don’t even bother me to
    shot it frontally at more than 100m..

  30. a long time ago, i was able to bounce almost everything with the E75.. just
    have to drive left/right/left/right all the time.. today? nah it doesnt
    work anymore XD

  31. Maus is jealous now 😀 hahaha.

  32. If Dez replies to this comment, I swear, I will dislike Dez’s reply. Still
    liked the video though, but still man.

  33. Bunker of Wheels? Bunker on** Wheels?

  34. lol that’s a ridiculous amount of damage blocked XD

  35. Fyi t95 would be better in this situation

  36. Good armor till they press the 2 key then its all downhill from there

  37. if there was arty in the game he would be dead in 3 minutes

  38. and DEZ what you sed in panzer II J video is not tru WG is starting to be
    pay to win game.
    Have you try to play team battles??
    Evry one are jousing patriot premium tanks because they are OP but stupid
    WG is not understanding that and you know which TD mostly they are jousing
    It’s scorpion because it is to good TD.
    WG is starting to be pay to win.They are starting to destroy game for FTP
    players who doesnt have money to geav.
    This game is starting to be pay to win and not only that premium tanks are
    OP they are geaving and a more money.
    OP and making money that is pay to win.

  39. they should shoot to the turret 250 mm of armor T34 can penetrate with
    normal shots with a little hiroll

  40. Dez, when will the next FaceOf come and what will it be?

  41. Now if only there was xp for tanking. . .

  42. I really love the way the suspension works! It’s so satisfying for example
    around 0:15 :)

  43. dont be fooled. this tank sucks. the enemy here is just tomatoes.

  44. I sold my type 4 yesterday. Its just such a horrible tank to play and you
    get absolutely murdered by scumbags every fucking time. I will not touch
    this line until WG finally fulfill their promise and fix arty.

  45. Borsig on the ‘right’. there fixed =P

    Sorry Dez my roommate is also directionaly dyslexic.

  46. that was not pursheing that was rhm

  47. jesus…fucking…christ! :|

  48. I just love hearing Dez pronouncing Borsig, Borsig, Borsig… So cute.

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