► World of Tanks USA Tanks Special – Happy 4th of July! – USA Steel in Action!

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Source: DezGamez

USA Tank Gameplay Commentary. of Tanks Live Gameplay Commentary. Gameplay Series.

First of all, Happy Independence USA!
Something for Canadian fans as well, RAM II for Canada’s 148th year birthday!
It is 4th of July, so what else can I do other than play with USA tanks?
In this episode you are going to see many USA beasts in action, from low tier from high tier, from mid tiers…


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Epic E5 moment!

  2. thanx for those play … very fun to see a nation series games
    keep up your good work

  3. Just to let you know you do not have to send crew to the barracks to switch
    crew. You can save time and just hit return crew and they will be pulled
    from the other tank to current one. WG doesn’t do much in the way of
    explaining some of their features. Thanks for posting your videos they are
    entertaining and helpful.

  4. got any detail about british mission reward tank , FV201(A45) ?

  5. I swear if this was any other fanbase then there would be comment wars
    about England/Great Britain and America but because this is Dez’s fanbase
    there aren’t any comment wars! :D

  6. Do you have t34-85 rudy, is2 berlin?

  7. Love your videos. Don’t play tanks much anymore but still enjoy watching
    your videos. From Columbus, Ohio

  8. Or you posted the last match to be on Normandy on purpose? 😛 JK Still a
    great video, and thanks for the content and love! I think France is next in
    10 days if you really care. lolol

  9. Dan Dan (DanDanRigMan)

    Thanks for the nod DEZ. We love our boomsticks in the US, especially
    boomsticks on tracks! Hope your having a good weekend bubba.

  10. Full on honey badger Su-100y at the start :D

  11. Logan Johansen (Loganthekiller)

    Could you please play with the T110E4

  12. Nice salute to USA, ty!

  13. As usual Dez, you strike perfect balance between narration and passion,
    thks for the show!!

  14. Thank You Dez. You show more patriotism than 70% of the ingrates that live
    in this country.

  15. What an awesome 4th of July gift to all of us USAers – Dez! Thank you for
    that kind gesture – and wow – such a great collection of games played for
    it as well!!

  16. dez do you have a maus?

  17. matthew antoine

    T-30 my fav tank in the game

  18. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Hey Dez, I dare you to play the Birch Gun with nothing but premium
    APnormal AP. :P

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +DezGamez I actually tried it myself, it’s better with AP.

      Especially with the Battle Assistance mod, since you can easily better hit
      their engine decks.

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man Why you want to see me

  19. Martynas Paulavičius

    Sveiks, DezGameZ as lietuvis :D

  20. USA USA USA!!!!

  21. Alowishus Davander

    Love the idea – should do this more, play tanks from one nation or the

  22. I managed to bounce a shot from an SU 100y in my TOGII*

  23. Loved the video,as usual 

  24. Ibrahim Al-junaid

    man am i jelly of your ~50 ping lol

  25. MURICA HELL YEAH… um my bad AMERICA #$#$ YEAH!

  26. Alexander Van Vooren

    AWESOME, 45 min long dez video. Grab a beer and just enjoy his lovely
    accent and great commentary :D

  27. I’m English so I’m not celebrating The 4th of July but meh its a DezGames
    video so I’ll celebrate that instead :D

  28. Merica!


    Sry but What is 4th of july? Not trying to be rude? :p

  30. Awesome Bday present Dez! Thank you! Damn. This day is getting better and
    better! :D

  31. CoolnessGamesNL

    A little bit late but a verry good 4th jule all

  32. dez you probably do not now but ram II is a canadian tank

  33. Also do you think you can do a “4th of July live stream” Thanks :D

  34. What was uss Wisconsins surprise?

  35. DezGamez I really appreciate you thinking about us “American Subscribers”
    … I love the fact that you listen to you fans from any country. Anyways
    keep the good work, and make awesome videos

  36. SovietTenkDestroyer

    You gotta a nice eagle, Dez. Can I pet it?

  37. Dez, you fucked up. The Ram 2 is a Canadian tank xD

    • +DezGamez , yeah hahaha I agree. Good videos bro. I’m enjoying these long
      videos. They pass really quickly 😛

    • +ProDesignHd
      Not in the game… and close enough! 😀
      We have A LOT of tanks in the game under wrong nations.
      And let’s make it for Canada’s 148th year birthday! 😀

  38. Canada’s 148th year birthday was on Wednesday, July 1st!

  39. Once again, enjoy your weekend and this long long video! 🙂
    Anyone watching it to the end? 😀
    And RAM II is for Canada’s 148th year birthday! (Nice save! :D)

    • At the 3rd octobre only german tanks -> its called “Tag der deutschen
      Einheit” and it counts as the end of the cold war…

    • +DezGamez If I had to pick just ONE tier X tank from each class the choices
      would be as follows: Medium tank – E-50M obviously! Heavy tank – T110e5 OR
      E-100 right now, I would probably pick e5 over E-100 because it is much
      more flexible. Tank Destroyer – Object 268 because insane camo rating, good
      speed and maneuverability, combined with VERY accurate 303 AP pen cannon! I
      love my 704 so the grind isn’t hard. Light Tank – BOTH the RU251 and AMX
      13-90 because both kick ass. And SPG/Artillery – KILL IT WITH FIRE NAOOOO!

    • +DezGamez Ever notice how in Armored Warfare you basically NEVER do less
      than 6k damage and 2k kills?

      I wonder if that is due to game design, or proof that all the noobs that
      “HATE WOT” (See: is incapable of playing WOT even half decently) – are all
      moving on to try AW because it TOTALLY wasn’t their fault that they fail
      miserably in WOT!

      Either way, I find it quite funny that you AVERAGE Armored Warfare game
      result is around 6500 damage and 3.5 kills per match!

      Now if only you could get results THAT beastly in WOT/WOWS! Not to say you
      aren’t a BEAST at WOT and WOWS, just that if you could average the same
      proportional results in either, you would be a WOT/WOWS GOD!

    • as a Canadian, i thank you for playing the decent reincarnation of the M3
      Lee created by us fabulous human beavers.

    • +DezGamez i saw you today in youre t1105 and t1103 (i was in the E100 and
      the ferdinand

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