► World of Tanks: USA vs British (UK) Heavy Tanks – Tier 1 to Tier 10 – Face Off #17

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World of Tanks UK/British Tanks vs USA Tanks. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. World of Tanks British Tanks vs USA Tanks.


I am finally back with more Face Off episodes, it has been a long time and I am sorry for that guys. 🙂

Today you are going see USA vs UK (British) heavy tanks going face to face, entire T110E5’s heavy tank line vs FV215b’s heavy tank line.


Music used:
From The Shadows 1 – Johan Hynynen
From The Shadows 9 – Johan Hynynen

8-Ball special April Fool’s event soundtrack
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  1. french autoloaders vs Japanse derp gun

  2. i dont see a point in using gold ammo for face offs take the armor out of
    the picture

  3. I just realized that you never put E5 (considered by many as OP) against
    fv215b (your favorite tank) on a Face Off video.
    I think you should put one considering the E5 driver on this video kinda

  4. 15 Tigers P vs 15 Tigers I
    15 VK4502As vs 15 Tigers II

    Also very good video :D

  5. That last round… with just a bit of luck, the E5 could have won -_-
    if he hadn’t bounced off of the FV215b and gotten ammo racked right after,
    I think he would have been victorious.

  6. in city USA have the advantage .
    I don’t know how they could lose the last fight.
    actually I know they didn’t played properly.
    the rest of the matchs are understandable specially for UK dpm.

  7. Good video Dez, I think we were all surprised to see the British win. But
    then the british heavies have faster rate of fire and heavy hull armor,
    when facing in the open. Of cource in game you dont sit in the open like
    that so british heavies are too slow, while american heavies go hull down
    and so they play much diferent in game.

  8. Chinese vs Russian heavy tanks (still thinking what would be better to have
    IS-7 line or the IS-4)

  9. E5 vs 57Heavy

  10. This shit doesn’t mean any thing it the way u play

  11. dumb video

  12. the British only won because they had an fv215 who knew how to drive his
    tank and the e5 driver was a total idiot…

  13. That E5 is a noob.

  14. nice good job! how about adding in a butt off? test the rear of the tanks
    also ? often having a strong butt can be important too …

  15. next bat chat 25 t vs amx 30 b or bat chat ap vs amx 30 proto

  16. In the long run,U.K. Heavies are better than USA

  17. That E5 player needs to immediately mainline Bleach and remove himself from
    the gene pool. there are people with Autism who could play better then

  18. Dez, come on, how did you bounce off the T1 Heavy at 8:35?

  19. US TD vs Russian TD

  20. US TD vs Russian TD

  21. US TD vs Russian TD

  22. US TD vs Russian TD

  23. hi love the videos how about making a WOWS face off vid

  24. The fv has more hp and dpm than the e5 same with most tiers so ye

  25. is3 vs tiger 2

  26. This will be an odd question but I must ask it anyways: Why does the M2
    Medium have the 37mm gun mounted? No-one ever plays it that way as it is
    not only not the top weapon, but it is much less effective than the 75mm
    stub howitzer…

    The M2 Medium was set up the same way for the US vs UK medium face off if I
    remember correctly and I thought it was odd then as well.

    For me I notice this because while I was working up the early tiers, the M2
    was one of my all-time favorite tanks and still is in my garage for
    bringing back out once in awhile.

  27. Looks like I have to try the British Heavy line. Thanks Dez!

  28. do type 2597 chi ha vs type 97 chi ha

  29. looks like American tanks suck


  31. Do a Pz. 1C vs M2 light face off. I know it will be totally one sided, but
    let’s see the machine guns!

  32. wow either way america is better

  33. E5 worst player in wot history!!!Like wtf?

  34. that e5 broke under pressure

  35. Trash player in that T110E5, battle was definitely lopsided with terrible

  36. Germany vs Japan :D

  37. Can you make a video showing whether the KV-1 is better than the Chruchill
    series? (Churchill 1 – Black Prince)

  38. That e5 is so fucking retarded

  39. Vs kv1s

  40. Do kv2 vs t150

  41. whatever, I still love American tanks?

  42. most of those USA tank drivers played like shit

  43. Russian Mediums (obj. 140) vs Chinese Mediums. Can the lend lease win?!

  44. Whoever played the American tanks should probably stick to noob-friendly
    Russian tanks…Holy fuck. I cringed so badly

  45. t110 e5 noob at the end

  46. See? E5 doesn’t need nerf, the fv215b does!

  47. T1 heavy sucks why does it exist

  48. Russian heavy lines vs each other

  49. that m103. jesus christ.

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