► World of Tanks: USA vs British (UK) Medium Tanks – Tier 1 to Tier 10 – Face Off #11

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks UK Tanks vs Tanks. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Series. World of Tanks British Tanks vs Tanks.


Once I have something different you, today. How about nation vs nation?
In today’s Face Off episode you are going to see UK vs Medium Tanks, from tier 1 to tier 10.




  1. what about a premium face off?

  2. Cent 7/1 plays with small gun this is no fair faceoff

  3. I might have a good idea!Type 59 vs T54 First Prototype!I mean one has
    better hull other one has better turret!It would be intresting.

  4. This was epic to watch live! Glad I was there

  5. 10 ht no. VI vs 10 tiger 1

  6. since you did this. Russian heavys from kv-1 to IS-7 and the other side via
    kv-1s to IS-4. Each gets a KV-2.


  8. dez it was so much bether to see the damage, how many hp tanks lose. Good
    job, keep it up.
    I think you will reach 100000subs in 2 months.

  9. Should have used E8 not E2 since E8 actually plays like a medium

  10. The british guys were making bad decisions, USA was staying together,
    british guys were al, going 1v1

  11. Dez thats how u get your wn8 on training rounds fighting against t1-6 in
    your t10

    (jk, i know you play well)

  12. Russians vs Germans

  13. if the patton drive were at least a bit competent he would be able to kill
    tho whole british med line. patton is tier 13 compared to CAX

  14. the centurion 7/1 was stock in this video

  15. a big thank from all your french community you are amazing

  16. Juanchiacosta Mendez


  17. It would be crazy if you could get a 15 v 15 with Pz. 2j’s or Type 59s vs
    59 Pattons

  18. do a 10 tog 2 vs 15 kv85s

  19. that sneaky boss cent 7/1 though, bringing the dpm small gun into the fight

  20. This should be a real gamemode

  21. Great videos with great editing 😀 perfect for breakfast at least, what’s
    the name of the beat from 4:55 ??

  22. that crusader was total retard

  23. please battle russian tanks vs american tenks

  24. german TDs vs Russian TDs

  25. I always feel kinda proud when the intro plays to this series coz I was
    involved in it XD

  26. My fav so far

  27. soviet meds whould kill everything in toptier :D

  28. Is-3 vs kv-4

  29. where is the matilda?

  30. I really love this kind of face-off and I would really enjoy seeing other
    branches and nations facing off as well. I would for example really like to
    see the German medium line against one of the russian ones (bt-2 bt-7 a20
    t34 t34-85 t43 t44 t54 object140)



  32. magical pineapple

    can you do t34s vs shermans? that would be epic :D

  33. 268 vs 263
    Obj 430 vs stb-1
    Isu-122s vs su-122-44
    T110e4 vs E100
    T110E3 vs Jpze. E100
    T-54 vs object 430 II

  34. Dodo Skočdopole

    German tank destroyers tier 1-10 vs. USA tank destroyers tier 1-10 :DGerman
    Ferdinand Jagdtiger …

  35. the fact that you used the E8 and not the E2 as the tier 6 American med
    GREATLY dissapointed me mostly because the E2 is far better in most

  36. please do skoda t25 vs all tier 1

  37. Uk heavy vs us heavy

  38. yes Uk is better but you only used bad players..:/

  39. yes Uk is better but you only used bad players..:/

  40. Russian tank destroyers vs German tank destroyers next. :)

  41. how about clone wars? China VS Russia?

  42. Akalanka Gautamadasa

    Hey DEZGAMEZ can you pls do Maus Vs Type 5 heavies? PLS :)

  43. China vs Japan! XD

  44. Damian “Samson” Borson

    Yeah sure, because centurion 7/1 will ever out dpm other 9 tier mediums
    with its over 10 seconds reload.

  45. 15 E-100s vs… o wait they removed the E-100

  46. we all know the outcome

  47. 10 pz IIJs vs. 10 Su-76is XD

  48. Cent 7/1 only doing 240 damage?

  49. e2 is much better then the e8

  50. That was *epic!* Great matchup. Next time: Mother Russia vs. the Fatherland
    – two of the greatest enemies of the 20th Century (if not all time).

  51. Dez come on man, we want FACE REVEAL!

    Like if you agree.

  52. Russian heavy line vs the USA heavy line? :D

  53. chinese vs japanese all tanks

  54. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    ggs :D

  55. comet cromwell and cent 7 are some of my favorite tanks

  56. Japan vs. USA


  57. Jagdpanzer E100 versus T110E3.

  58. how about e25 in a face off?

  59. now russia vs germany mediums

  60. hey dez next time make a cop and robber face off
    a pz1c getting chase by 29 Chaffee in a city map
    luch only alow to shot HE and Chaffee can only chase him
    10 minute mark if the chaffee fail to pin pz1c down or just make it flip ,
    COP win or else the robber win

  61. You should do this with heavy tanks

  62. russia HT vs german HT

  63. maus vs Type 5? or E100 vs type 5?

  64. Castillo Castillo

    how about usa heavies vs german heavies

  65. so when you gonna do VK v E-75

  66. Battle of the tigers! Tiger I vs Tiger P

  67. Kristoffer Johansson

    I report WG for bad mm

  68. Once again smart players on one team, idiots on the other team! However Dez
    carried the team in the last battle on Malinovka that’s why they won.

  69. Hans Solo Zimmler

    Lol, all that friendly damage in the yolo round.

  70. why no matilda? its a medium despite having heavy tank mobility

  71. T34 VS IS 6

  72. Have two teams in TD’s of any nation and tier but the rule is that they can
    only be in sniper view.

  73. On behalf of most Americans here, USA USA USA USA USA!!

  74. German mediums against Russian mediums.

  75. no matilda?!

  76. Do the 2 german tank lines all the way up to the mouse and e100

  77. EU meta versus NA meta: when the next test server is up, a mirror image
    team of 15 tanks from NA server and the same 15 tanks from EU server say
    Tier 5 – 7 (mixed force of heavies, TDs, lights, artillery and mediums), on
    Prok, then Stalingrad, and see how the metas stack up. Wait for the test
    server so they can all play together and have the same bad ping.

  78. minecraftnoob451

    HTs? Brit will win

  79. minecraftnoob451

    Low tier Brits are op

  80. Love the vids still think m48 Patton is better than cent ax. Could u do
    another stereotypes vid maybe on people grinding missions ? Keep up good
    work .yolo?

  81. Just an idea for another FaceoffPANTHERS VS TIGERS Panther 1, Tiger 1WHICH
    GERMAN IS BETTER!!!!!!!!

  82. 2 tanks took dmg from 1 shot in the second clip

  83. KV-1 vs KV-1S, please :)

  84. russian line med t62 a vs line med chinese 121

  85. 10 bat chats v 10 amx 30’s would be fun to see

  86. elc vs t49 at a slightly longer distance maybe

  87. leo 1 vs amx 30b?

  88. Dez, can you try Medium Chinese Vs Medium Japanese please ?

  89. what do you think about the medium lines of germany and urss ?

  90. su 100y vs dickerc max

  91. Ah hard one to probabaly get. But the FV215b (183) vs the FV4005 or
    whatever its called

  92. alemania vs rusia seria una batalla de leyendas :o

  93. Quinton Mcchesney

    Is4 vs is7 not sure if it has been done already

  94. Do M4 Sherman Vs. PZ. IV Howitzers.

  95. Des what’s the name of the music you are using at 0:36

  96. How about some good old medieval jousting, 30 ELCs running at each other
    shoting at the last moment and turning away before colision.

  97. Love the video, BUT the covenanter and crusader are light tanks, should’ve
    been the grant/matilda and the Sherman 3, same goes for tier 2 and 3 btw

  98. You could try for a historical line up. Mix of the heavies, mediums, lites,
    and td’s that actually faced each other.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Czech vs Japanese battle like this one.

  99. dominator spyder

    15 type 5 heavies vs 15 maus tanks

  100. I know the Firefly isn’t in the med line but it is a medium WHY NO FIREFLY

  101. T2-T10 German TD’s vs T2-T10 Ally TD’s

  102. grille 15 vs obj. 268 :3

  103. 4:56 song name? its amazing!!

  104. DaDonut paradise

    Soviet MTs vs German MTs

  105. awesome

  106. Try it as a relay race. Tier 1 fights tier 1. As soon as a tier 1 is dead,
    the tier 2s start shooting and the live tier 1 can keep shooting at the
    next enemy tank in play. The tier 2 from the losing side has to decide
    whether to finish off the tier 1 or focus on the tier 2. Continue until one
    side is all dead.

  107. How about tier 5 to tier 10 german vs russian heavies

  108. How about 5 tier 1’s from each tech tree for a newbie which to get face

  109. Andrija Pantovic

    next ussr vs germany pls

  110. Branka Rajic-Bijelić

    For me is better UK. It’s my favorite.

  111. DerSperminatorxD

    15 Jagdpanzer 2 vs. 15 Ferdinand. Only shoot with left klick >:D Say
    Goodbye Ferdinand

  112. I kind of knew the US tanks would roast the Brits in the Charge phase. US
    tanks are the best snapshot/shoot on the move machines. And if both were
    hull-down, it would be pretty equal. US tanks are great at hull-down, like
    the Brits.

  113. If you do a Brit Heavy Face Off I have a FV215b!

  114. what was the song used for the beggining (not the opening, but the
    monstercat-like thing)?

  115. Griffin Faulkner

    The Cruiser IV at tier 3 is just ridiculous. That 40mm Bofors does enough
    damage per clip to kill some tier 4 TDs, let alone half the tier 3 tanks.

  116. Compare Russian vs Every Thing, so we can see if it is …. (and there is)

  117. Cannibal Sausage

    GO BRITS!!! Boo USA…

  118. Russia mediums vs german 😀 and don’t forget that Russia has 3 diferent tir
    10 mediums germans only 2 :P

  119. AMX 50B vs T57 Heavy!!

  120. Damn that was just crazy shit but I loverd it!!! Dez, you could win a wot
    tier 10 using a soup can with tracks my friend. Thank you, oldman out!!

    Take care, flea

  121. China medium vs Russia medium

  122. Next ime maybe USA vs france? Autoloader heavy tanks?

  123. Yes!!!!!!! UK>US

  124. Glockin .Grizzly

    t62 vs. 121

  125. where’s the Matilda?

  126. name of music starting at 0:34 ? :)

  127. leo vs e50m, type 5 vs maus, 3 OI vs 15 tier 3 tanks

  128. dez when i see one of your videos i automatically click the like button. i
    love your videos. your never rude, your always a happy cheerful guy, and
    you make great videos! i love all your videos and support you all the way
    man. trust me if you keep this up you will be right there with jingles and

  129. Now we have Americans and Brits debating who has a better country, we have
    a shitty government and a good chunk of idiotic civilians, I don’t know
    what British people think about theirs, our military is very great, as well
    as British, I have to say Britain could be better with money and 18th
    century boats.

  130. I don’t they were using the jumbo Sherman but Easy Eight sucked in this
    kind of matchup xD

  131. Michelangeelo Lisi

    t57 heavy vs amx 50b

  132. US T110E3 line of TDs vs UK FV215b 183 line
    You can try doing a tiers 1-8 face off ie
    German light tank line vs soviet light tank line etc

  133. chinese heavy tanks vs. is-7 heavy tank line :D

  134. Artys vs scouts!!!!!

  135. Do 5 IO vs 1 E100

  136. RNG makes this just stupid to compare

  137. 15 Russian medium vs 15 American medium

  138. What song is that at 00:55-00:59

  139. Razed In A New Division Of Agony

    That one was awesome. Been curious myself. I’m glad I did the Brits 🙂 That
    Action X is a beast!!

  140. 1 E50M vs 29 UE57 😀
    yolo battle action and ramming action

  141. But the cruisers are light tanks! I wanted to see the matilda lol

  142. if you wondered the next episode will probably be french arty against
    british arty

  143. How do you free camera?

  144. tier X hv vs tier X meds of al nations

  145. Chinese heavies vs IS-4 line.

    I thinks IS-7 line is not worth facing off because it’s so obvious that
    they’ll get slaughtered by Chinese superior DPM and outtanked by HP pool.
    But IS-4 line really has something that obviously advantage over Chinese
    that is HP pool.

  146. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Of course, Russia wins

  147. I am boy just use my mum’s profile. and Russia vs France or Germania by
    very cool. Or USA vs Japan or China.

  148. Nice video

  149. Czechoslovakia Vs France (Mediums Battle)

  150. That last Crusader death was funny.

  151. Judging by the like-dislike ratio I’m going to assume that the US did


  153. James Fan (Takamiki)

    to be honest those all out face offs are more to the US advantages since
    most of them are better at firing on the move, most the the UK mediums are
    better on ridge lines

  154. Nice new serie from this serie;) Dez!

  155. German vs Urss

  156. Daniel Matricardi

    best wot series ever

  157. 105 leFH18B2 vs FV304, medium range. LOL

  158. I never thought idea’s like this existed….

  159. Try to compare heavys and mediums. In such a way that you compare how APCR
    shells make armour worthless.. heavys can sidescrape and must use their
    armour as much as possible, and mediums can use whatever shells they want..
    I would really like to know if armour has become worthless since the gold
    ammo is awailable for credits.
    Cheers and keep on the good work :)

  160. T110E4 vs T110E3

  161. JAPANESE HEAVIES VS AMERICAN HEAVIES,they were enemies in real life

  162. USA! USA! USA!

  163. IAm VeryConfused

    USA doesn’t suck, nor does Europe, UK, whatever.

  164. also try: 15 JG. PZ E-100s vs 15 Grille 15

  165. Koen Groenewegen

    15 Leopard 1’s VS 15 STB 1’s

  166. Project Halo wars

    British td vs American td

  167. how can we play with you?

  168. how about German heavy line, the one to the maus, vs Jap super heavies

  169. Dragan Crnogorac

    serman jumbo vs cromwell or firefly?
    jumbo is OP.

  170. Gareth Fairclough

    Lol, that T20 picking on the low tier tanks in round 3!!! xD

    Love the idea btw :)

  171. SoHeisstnochkeiner

    Obj 263 vs Obj 268

  172. Löwe vs type 59, classic Tier 8 premiums

  173. Deutschland vs. Росси́я / Deutsches Reich vs. CCP (Сою́з Сове́тских
    Сове́тских Респу́блик)

  174. there are quite a few medium tanks missing from both sides

  175. Paweł Rutkowski

    T57 HT vs AMX50B

  176. how about 15 cruiser 2 vs 15 su76? Who is the real king at T3
    also fun to see might be 15 tortoise vs 15 jagttigers

  177. Dragan Crnogorac

    how is possible to kill 48paton when you need 6 shot’s he need 5 for kill
    and patton have faster rld 0,4 sec?

  178. if you put the jumbo instead of m4a3e8 would r*pe the cromwell without a

  179. Matilda VS M3 Lee

  180. Brits are awesome!

  181. T110E3 vs.T110E4

  182. Lit Lantern Productions

    German TD’s vs Soviet TD’s!

  183. NIce idea!!!

  184. The Jewel of the Nile

    More nation vs nation

  185. Tier 5 heavys :P

  186. Type 5 heavy vs e 100

  187. china vs japan pls

  188. the rate of fire of the cent 7/1 really needs to get buffed. UK tree has
    that weird position where all the mediums reload slower than their heavy
    tank counterparts. Even with the same guns fitted.

  189. I was the m46 patton :3, now you can all leave your comments about how bad
    I was here

  190. i think the players in the tiers 1-4 should get compensated for suffered
    ramming trauma’s

  191. Amazing Episode … Really enjoyed it … I think American J Tanks (T30
    line) vs. British J Tanks would be Interesting to … ?

  192. IS-6 v Lowe. NOOOOOOOW!!!

  193. T49 vs T69

  194. Let me tell you a joke.. Update 9.15

  195. Nikola Petrovski

    KV-4 vs IS-3

  196. Dick butt Nick butt


  197. hmm how can Cent AX kill a Patton when patton have much more DPM?

  198. 1 or 2 Hellcats VS 28 tier 1’s (or whichever you’d consider a reasonable

  199. german tds vs french tds

  200. If they let the Matilda compete it wouldn’t be a fair 😉 jk

  201. Loved this video! Thank youuuuu

  202. Nice vid and good idea!

  203. Théo “KartooniK” Pbx

    Mom, I just killed a tier X with my tier V !
    I’m really happy of having participate in this video, and, for the next
    round, I propose USSR vs. Germany with TD’s ! Or Jagdpanzers IV vs. SU-100

  204. Dick butt Nick butt

    TYPE 5 HEAVY VS MAUS or tier 1-10 with those lines

  205. ISU-152 vs RHM B WT

  206. Song name from 0:35 to 1:00 pls ? D: And i know its not Darude Sandstorm
    -.- the name isnt in the description

  207. try to make a kursk scenary , like 1 tiger , 1 panter , 1 leopard vs 33 t34

  208. firsttimeshot opAF

    do the rhm borsig vs t49 both derp

  209. Wachira Narongsack

    who is driving that Crusader? how can you lose a dpm figth with a M4?

  210. Sebastian Krzyczewski

    Grille 15 vs Jagdpanzer e100

  211. did they use the easy 8 for the mid tier US tank?

  212. O-I Exp. vs KV-1/Churchill I

  213. centurion 7/1 stock gun

  214. UK! all the time ;)

  215. 15 Cromwells vs 15 Skoda 25 T ?

  216. please do flak box vs. stugs lll

  217. T92 vs. GW E100

  218. UK is love UK is life

  219. Hey Dez! Nc video,as usual! One question:are u gonna give some love with
    the World Of Warships,too?

  220. Dez with bulldog (with auto one) vs 10 T1s

  221. t28 vs t28 proto

  222. how about china vs ussr or jap vs usa?

  223. Thats really nice, these type of videos are pretty informative!

  224. Axel “AxlRzr” Noveiri

    type 5 HT line vs maus line :D


  226. Led_ironcz Ovčačík

    Maus VS Type 5 heavy pls

  227. American players were op
    Brit tanks would have won if the American team was driving British tanks

  228. ‘Murica!!!

  229. DarkAssasin DAKAR

    My favorite tier 8 tank is the Pershing for a reason :)

  230. 8th that no one cares.

  231. Low tiers have best dps/hp ratio so getting them out of the fight affects
    it the most. Only problem is low tiers can’t pen higher tiers. Still, the
    winner being who is able to focus the tier 10 better is a silly conclusion.

  232. awesome face off video. Pkease do something like this again.

  233. U.S #1! in both, in game and real life!

  234. I’m early, quick think of a joke

    Cent 7/1 doesn’t have the top gun, so it wasn’t that balanced.

  235. O-Ni vs T29

  236. good videos man xd

  237. 15 TVP T 50/51’s vs 15 Leopard 1’s

  238. 269!!

  239. 15 Stuarts vs 15 Lucks

  240. Lol t92 vs g.w e100

  241. MakeAmericaDankAgain

    To bad when i joined the training room it was already full 😛 And spoiler
    next is Lefefe vs Bert

  242. this is such a good idea, amazing video!

  243. 8th that no one cares.

  244. Jaime Fernández

    1st like + comment :)

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