► World of Tanks: USA vs USSR – T110E3 vs Object 268 Tank Destroyer Line – Face Off #19

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Source: DezGamez

. Tank Face Off Series. Tank Battle Series.

Today I am going to give you one face off filled epic epic boomsticks. USA vs Soviet line – line vs line. Which tanks are going to win? Let’s find out!


Music used:
From: https://player.epidemicsound.com/
From The Shadows 10 – Johan Hynynen
Battle – Johan Hynynen
Battle Of Wills 3 – Jon Björk

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Cartoon feat.


  1. Do French TDS VS GERMAN TDS

  2. do 15 t110e4s vs 15 grille 15s

  3. tog vs kv2

  4. tier 1-10 t110e3 line vs tier 1-10 t110e4 line

  5. 15 maus vs 15 t110e5s

  6. 15 amx foch 50 (155) vs 15 object 263’s

  7. 15 obj. 268 vs. 15 obj. 263

  8. 15 obj. 263 vs. 15 grille 15’s

  9. 15 t110e5s vs. 15 t57 heavy tanks

  10. pls read all these suggestions dez

  11. No, battle of autoloaders! 15 t57 heavy tanks vs. 15 amx 50 b’s

  12. or 7 t110e3’s & 7 object 268’s vs. 7 t110e4’s & 7 object 263’s

  13. Window wars- You have 2 teams of Tank Destroyers facing off from two
    different hills and have a few light tanks to keep enemy spotted. Don’t
    shoot the lights of course

  14. 5 tier 10 French arty vs. 10 chaffees

  15. Chinese medium tank vs Japanese medium tank.

  16. IS-3 (15) vs IS-6 (15)

  17. You should do all the tier 10 American tanks versus all the Tier 10 Soviet

  18. Reverse only no stopping YOLO mode :3

  19. 1v1 around the himmelsdorf fountain

  20. A fight format idea for fast tanks: biathlon. Two (teams of) tanks race
    each other in opposite directions, with a few extra tanks marking the
    corners of the racetrack, for instance. Shooting at each other is allowed,
    stopping and aiming is not allowed (activate R key at the beginning, for
    example, and if turns require slowing down, make them hand-brake turns).
    Thus the only excuse for stopping is a destroyed track.

    And if you’d like to honour the WoT racetrack tradition, use the Port map
    if that’s still available in the training room. ;)

  21. i was wxpecting usa to win high tier because of ridiculous front armor.
    maybe a fight with heavy td line?
    What about fv4004 conway line vs grille 15 line? duel of the glass cannon.
    and how about a good long range sniping. you drop one or two tanks for
    scouting and the rest do sniping 400+m
    Or if you can, ussr originals vs china copycats (like is vs is-2 and type
    t-34 vs t-34). maybe swedish when they are out? hull down round?
    headbutting round?

  22. born in the USA

  23. did i just see SU-100 did 1k dmg to T95 or is it a replay bug? ( 7:34 )

  24. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    their jackson is a noob, doesnt even damage su100

  25. Well yolo round was not realy yolo because bothe sides where stopping and
    USA side was in bushes.

  26. pls make a round with the German and France Lighte ways

  27. tydrolel anetheron

    I would like to see a game mode where only stock tanks fight each other.Or
    where you have tanks turned around in the fight, you could call that “In
    the rear” or something like that.Of coarse that will only work with
    turreted tanks. Great show i love almost everything about it except the
    chopper cam, i know it looks cool and all, but i like to see the HP of the
    tank, and in the chopper cam i can’t see it. Anyways ISU-152 vs RHM.-B. WT
    or Ferdinand would be super cool.

  28. Stalin will win cause all of dem derps

  29. vs nations, like russia vs US but with 2 lights, 2 mediums, 2 heavies, 2
    TDs, maybe arty? and full blown yolo combat. maybe not 2 of each, but even
    each team of course.

  30. crest fighting, where tanks align at a tip of the hill, testing mobility
    and gun depression.
    roundabout ass fuckerry, DPM and speed, turret turn rate.
    point blank, full frontal discharge.
    ass 2 ass, with no fire extinguishers.
    demo derby, no guns, just velocity and inertia.
    evel knievel, testing aerodynamics speed and weight distribution.

  31. I was gonna say maybe a showdown? Two tanks line up looking opposite ways,
    and on a countdown or something they both turn around at same time and
    whoever kills the other first. Might be pretty entertaining since it takes
    traverse and turret traverse into account.

  32. Gerard van den bergh

    Faceoff only ramming.! E50 king

  33. have 2 maus tanks be destroyed and then have a race where the teams have to
    push the dead maus tanks across the field.

  34. Maybe like trying a city map and making each tank use peek a boom tactics
    around a corner. Idk, it’s a test of what a tank does in a city map.

  35. I know its not what you asked for but how about 3 tigers vs 15 sherman’s as
    close to historically accurate as possible

  36. which nation is the best at ramming?

  37. Jean-Kévin Le Barbare

    USA camper***

  38. Japan heavy vs GERMAN MAUS LINE

  39. JagPzE100 VS Object 263?

  40. ARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — (regular format, just with arty.)

  41. Maybe when they go yolo have them started back to back and have a 3 second
    clock before they can turn and fire …. bit like a western showdown
    between two gunmen at 10 paces type of thing ??

  42. soviet meds (t62a line) vs chinese meds

  43. Wanna meet my 152mm boomstick it not long or impressive but can get the job

  44. Im suggesting a turkey shoot, one line would snipe on a certain position
    while the other line will dodge the shells while slowly getting to them.
    More like a towers defense, one offender one defender

  45. Maybe a low vs high ground round (cliff short distance – himmelsdorf long
    distance), it can be interessting because of gun depr/elevation^^

  46. You should have teir 1-5 or 10 face off one on one with each other but In a
    full game and after those 2 are done then send the next teir up and so

  47. 15 type 4 against E75 🙂 to find out if japanese really need a buff?

  48. ErikandAlexander Harris

    T2 light vs t7 car

  49. Just for a laugh do t95vt95 and then t82 v t82 rampage xd

  50. The Guy Known As...

    You could do yolo ramming only round.

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