► World of Tanks: VACATION! – OP Teams, OP Tanks! – Object 140 vs T-62A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 140 Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay. World of Tanks T-62A vs Object 140. Series.

In today’s live gameplay episode I am going to have a lot of fun in Soviet tanks, tanks… 😛
I know, dirty tier going on, but who cares, right?

I just had to do because last few months have been so crazy that it is not even funny anymore.. Have to reboot my hard drive



  1. Well deserved vacation. Have a great time.

  2. where is dez from?

  3. +DezGames enjoy your time off man!

  4. Have a nice holiday..

  5. I find it fun how so many people in the game defend the current tier spread
    (+/- 2 tiers) and then they basically only play their tier X tanks. Usually
    Russian meds. It’s by far the most effective way of padding your stats
    overall. Especially if you platoon. Platoons will get the WR up, always
    being top tier (tier X always are.. duh) gets your carry chances up meaning
    more dmg, more kills, wn etc.
    While tier X is more campy than lower tiers the one thing that’s somewhat
    enjoyable to me is a MM that doesn’t make you completely irrelevant. When
    you’re tier X you always have the chance to influence the battle immensely,
    which lower tiers lack. Of course a Tiger will sometimes do well in tier IX
    etc. but 99% of the time the Tiger will simply be beaten by game mechanics
    (better guns, better armor, more hp etc.) and not by skill. That makes it
    way more inconsistent to “pad” your stats in the Tiger for example. Tier X
    (especially Russian meds) is just so much easier to do well in over a long
    period of time since you’re never the -2 guy on the team. :P

  6. :'( You will be missed DeZ…

  7. have a good vacation!

  8. Have fun Dez, make sure you get some good time in on your vacation.

  9. Have a great time on your break Dez. Hope you unwind and have fun.

  10. Have a good vacation Dez, relax and enjoy.

  11. Sebastjan Miklavžina

    Watching your replay I’m like:
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

    Have a nice time while on vacation.

  12. Have fun on vacation, dude!

  13. Enjoy your break

  14. GG Dez I never see you streaming anymore? Hope to see you again streaming.
    You the best Dez.

  15. Enjoy the vacation dez, you deserve it man. :)

  16. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Fuckin’ Waffentragers, amiright?

  17. VACATION, Oh Hell no, you can’t do that to us lol hope there is a little
    kittycat with you 😉
    Thanks for all your great videos, enjoy your Vacation and drink a few for

  18. Much love to you once again Dez. Been subbed for a while and your videos
    are a highlight of my days. Much love from the West Coast of Canada!

  19. Dez one suggestion run rammer instead of VENts because your reload is like
    6.05 that’s long for a Russian med, if you have rammer u can get it down to
    5.33 or something, and also u have BIA so really don’t need vents( I know
    BIA works better with vents, but I take that .70 sec faster reload any day
    of the week).

  20. Enjoy your vacation! :)

  21. Just when I sended you an epic replay, you take a vactation XD just my

  22. @DezGamez have a safe and wonderful vacation. oh … oh and…don’t drink
    too much :P

  23. do you have armored warfare founder’s packs?

  24. why do you have 6sec reload on 120 and 5.5sec on t62a?

  25. Dez why is ur reload with the 140 so bad? Shouldn’t it be 5.44 or 5.6 or

  26. Why is the Obj. 430 the least famous of the tier 10 Soviet mediums? I know
    it has the thickest armor, and the highest DPM…

  27. Enjoy ur vacation…get lots of beers and have a blast,take some crazy pics
    to share as well :)

  28. Enjoy your vacation man, you deserve it!



  30. dezgamez are you croatian

  31. +DezGamez why did you have no gun rammer equipted on object 140? O_o

  32. That 375 max roll possible nice xD

  33. Dez how is your reload so slow? Mine is 5.45!

  34. Those 15 : 2 (or greater) suck, either on the loosing team or the winning

    They happen so frequently now (at least on the SEA server, anyway) that it
    feels like there is something seriously broken.

    It once used to feel good to win by annihilating the opposition, but the
    frequency makes it frustrating if on the receiving end and boring if on the
    winning team.

    I much prefer the close competitions as they are far more challenging.

    C’mon WG – what is going on with the MM?

  35. is obj 140 better than t62 A ?

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  37. 11:32 – DezNoobz drives into a rock…
    11:38 – DezNoobz team mate drives into the same rock, ROFL!

    I’ve done that so many times, wish WG would stop fucking hiding rocks in

  38. I would like to know what is up with your garage and why it’s the old WoT
    premium garage lol

  39. Tickle Dick (BosnianTickleDick)

    Why is it saying Dan te Jebooo when you are spotted.
    In Bosnian it means “the day should f*ck you” when translated.

  40. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I’m so excited for the new RNG Episode!

  41. Where can I get a keyboard like yours with those epic sounds? :p

  42. You drank your coffee :-)

  43. Ashe Rheinmetal (Rhein)

    nice and oh my first comment

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