► World of Tanks: Very First T57 Heavy Tank Battle – HOLY SH*T!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Heavy Tank Gameplay Review. World of Tanks 7 Heavy Tank Ace Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

So… Today I bought my very own T57 Heavy Tank, played my very first game with it and… HOLY SHIT!

Check it out and enjoy!


  1. Just use all AP, you don’t need HEAT or HE.

  2. Only 3 battles in Cromwell B, wtf?!

  3. Wow, keep that up and you’ll have 3 marks in no time.

  4. I dont like how you left that jpe alone thats is so selfish

  5. Should have asked the IS-4 if he kissed his momma with that mouth

  6. I realize it common courtesy/practice for Youtubers to not show the other
    players names but it there a selection that at least shows the name of the
    tanks in the battle on the team list?

  7. Holy sh!t. You got 8000+ damage on your first battle!

  8. Shoulda went with cow camo. Epic shot on the T71. I’ve been playing for
    about a year and a half, how did you move the crew from the T34 without
    retraining them? I know I’m an idiot.

  9. Excellent Dez! Now you can sell it :P. FYI your wn8 for t57 is now 10089!

  10. Don’t ask for arty support, if you’re THAT close to the enemy tank. 😉
    Arties will do that only if you’re surrounded by 3 (or more).
    The chance of being killed by friendly fire is huge (and arties don’t like
    to kill allies).

  11. GamingWithZombie 3794

    i hope i get the T57 Heavy im on the T49

  12. Who spends gold on camo?

  13. WG already buff the E75 armor. The cupola is next to impenetrable.

  14. Epic first game!

  15. Hey Dez, which Tier 10 tanks don’t you already have?

  16. GG but that the JP E 100 died was actually your fault.

  17. I only Need 10000xp or something to get this tank aswell.

  18. it’s all downhill from there :P

  19. Nice my dude, going down the line rn

  20. awesome game dez! Can’t wait to see u play it on stream!

  21. Gg autoloader cunt

  22. Dont get sexual pleasure from a vehicle

  23. OMFG!!!

  24. Gg for your T57 Heavy 😉 good video as always !

  25. Manfred Von Richthofen

    This game is manipulate :)

  26. HE in auto reloaders is a big no no

  27. In this video you didn’t know you had all those premium repair kits and
    first aid kits. I advise you to go into your depot and check out modules
    and shells, there’s a good chance you will be surprised by the amount of
    stuff there waiting to be sold.

  28. Nice stats on that tank. Never play it again 🙂 Play 50B.

  29. That Jagdtiger clearly had a damaged engine.

  30. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    You got rid of your Victory girls? O.o

  31. I like those games that get a person excited !!

  32. Good morning Dez ! How did ya sleep ? :3

  33. don’t load heat either haha I only load full ap load out heat on the t57 is
    so bad

  34. We’re gonna be seeing a lot of this tank now :(

  35. Quicky question Dez, what mod are you using? Please someone tell the name
    of the mod, because it looks very decent and gives all the basic info u

  36. keep up good work on vids dez

  37. I never load HE dez, there just aren’t enough times in which it’s better
    than 4 extra AP shells.

  38. Brilliant well done !!! i cant wait too get the t57 only 81k more xp too
    get lol

  39. Don’t load HE rounds in this tank I had a lot games when I fired out nearly
    all shoots

  40. dez was just watching the stb-1 gameplay you did few days ago and I
    thought, could you do a centurion 7/1 gameplay or the centurion action 10

  41. Phillip Middleton

    very well done Dez, a dream of a first battle, fabulous job!

  42. Well played.

  43. nice man, on T57 i get ace tanker in second battle, and in my opinion T57
    is second the best autoloader in game (first is ofc TVP 🙂 )

  44. cloated optics…why?…most of the time u will brawl so what is the
    point…gun laying drive is way better

    and dont load HE ammo ..u will never need it

  45. that IS-4 salty XD

  46. what mod are you using Dez?

  47. Hello very good vidéo the French tankers appreciate your vidéo desolate if
    my english and false good luck .

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