► World of Tanks: VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B Epic Battle – 10+ Kills Solo Carry – VK 45.02B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B Gameplay. World of Tanks VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B Epic Battle. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

Today you are going to see one really amazing gameplay by “Don_Gianni” in his tier 9 Germany tank – “VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B”. This think in tier 9 match is simply BEAST!


►Tanks in action:
– Germany/German VK 45.02 (P) Ausf.


  1. shitter lol had to stop the video iam in tears

  2. t54e1 could have almost carry the game , while he was at the side of the vk

  3. that guy is warpacking. you should know this.

  4. The Trend is so obvious, artys are so unbalanced! WarGaming really has to
    work on balancing them. This is the only thing WarGaming has to learn from
    Armored Warfare.

  5. IF they replace this i will be ANGRY!§!!

  6. I bet everyone breaths a sigh of relief when they see that there is no arty
    on the battlefield.

    As for those WOA battles, where there are 5 arty on each side, I just
    wonder if it is worth leaving the base. In fact that would be epic. In a
    battle that has 5 arty on each side, if all players just camped in base the
    arty would either have nothing to shoot at or they would have to do their
    own spotting LOL

  7. Not quite a solo carry Dez Fcm 50 t had a fairly strong game as well IMO
    until the end when he soloed off alone

  8. Hey man, you upload good quality entertaining WoT videos. Keep up.

  9. Epic video Thanks

  10. Always love me some VK 45.02B gameplay! :)

  11. epic play!

  12. w noi italianiiiiiiiii!!! :D

  13. +DezGamez can you watch replays from patch 9.9 because if you can, I have a
    good replay for you to have a look at :P

  14. Hmm is this thing that hard to pen from the front or the people just did
    not shoted it with apcr ?

  15. Hey Dez can u please find a T54E1 vid thanx

  16. nice vid

  17. For a moment I thought that was me 😮
    I too had 10 kills in the VK P on Erlenberg once, with a M103 on top of the
    enemy team. Urgh my heart..
    Anyhoo, dis gon b gud. :3

  18. Dear DezGames. Please link / tell me your modpack. Thanks in advance!

  19. Dez your voice to too good, OP please nerf!

  20. Dez please do some more t-34-3. Trying to decide whether or not Il get one
    with some newly won tourney gold.

  21. wow great game 10 kills I can see why there replacing this tank its a
    little to good haha great video dez

  22. This tank is going to be a bad tier 7 premium :(

  23. Thats the typical carry which every idiot could do. stupid teammates,
    stupid enemies, just oneshots left at the end and with vk45.02b you just
    have to turn your front to the enemie and you are indestructable.

  24. anyone know what the damage blocked and received mod is? (bottom left)

  25. this is a tank u hardly see in replays. :)

  26. yes italian national pride! Grande gianni

  27. I swear I saw this gameplay on Quickybaby’s channel… Or probably they
    look similar.

  28. wow nice : only mistake was to load HE in end as M40 is pretty much 100%
    oneshot with AP, but I take nothing away from you, awesome player and as
    always awesoem commentary 1 :D

  29. Richard Komendanchik

    under 150 club

  30. Always look forward to your videos

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