► World of Tanks: Waffenträger Auf. E-100 – When SUPER OP! – 14,000 Damage – Past #5 – Patch 8.11

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Waffenträger Auf. E-0 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks WT Auf. E-100 Epic Battle. World of Tanks Replays.

Time go back in time and today I went back almost 2 and a half years, to patch 8.11. Going to show you true Beast, that was removed with patch 9.15 – “Waffenträger Auf. E-100”. This thing brought nightmares to the battlefield with it’s one clip damage potential and today I am actually going to show you one before it was “nerfed” or “rebalanced”.

Played by: Chbull1664
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/655854#stats


►Tanks in action:
– German Waffenträger Auf.


  1. E100 bounced from WT turret… :O

  2. T30 as tier X American heavy tank

  3. Could you make one about the old scool Chaffee ? T37 is not as fun as
    Chaffee used to be, definitely…

  4. IS4 as tier 9 heavy

  5. Premium rounds enforce the Pay-to-Win mentality: To maximize your tank’s
    potential (using a lot of premium rounds) you have to pay a lot of credits
    which can be supported ONLY by purchasing a premium tank and/or a premium
    This is the business model with which WG makes money from a F2P game: Make
    high tiers VERY expensive, unless you pay for premium account/tank AND you
    have to pay to maximize your tank’s potential (premium rounds)…

  6. Lol, tortoise fired HE at his gun, didnt pen, left him on15 hp…. Serb
    must have been watching

  7. He took us back to hell.

  8. Not sure I ever ran a fire extinguisher in mine! Saved his butt here

  9. Hey Dez can you plz put up a link to a copy of your time machine that is
    pre 9.15.2 so i can access my old replays plz.

  10. sorry Dez but i think you are the idiot if you think using premium shells
    means skill. i use them but using them all the time means fun for those who
    have money. don’t get me wrong they should have fun but pls dont say they
    are good.
    with love

  11. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    What were Wargaming thinking…

  12. I’m come from germany and i love your videos but the funniest is how do you
    said Waffenträger auf E100 with your language ?!? xD thats really funny

  13. They nerfed the Foch but they replaced the Waffentrager Auf E100

  14. We critisise people for firing gold if it is not nescessary.

  15. thejoedude thefirejoe

    i used to platoon a KV-2 with tier 10’s with the mindset of shooting the
    old WT E100, got a suprising number of max rolls with the HE shells against
    those tanks

  16. Next episode: T30 as a tier 10 heavy? Thumbs up if you approve guys

  17. KV-2 in beta would be a blast from the Dez!

  18. 6:40 – epic FV215b 183 oneshot

  19. The only thing that you do that every bugs me and its so minor. Please
    forgive me for this. Love you for a long time. but it is SEE-reez series
    sounds like see and extra e sound reeeez. serious is what you say. Please
    forgive me….

  20. Crazy to think that Console WoT still has the 128mm 6 shot clip haha

  21. Fucking stupid tank. Biggest mistake WG ever made. Good riddance.

  22. Please do a video with the E-50M back when it’s dpm wasn’t so low compared
    to the power creep tanks now?

  23. Enjoyed the throwback. Personally I’ll sling Gold rounds like there’s no

  24. Bring back the tank we are all waiting for KV-1S,my first tier 6 tank in
    the game,just started playing and as a newb I was raping people with it,now
    I appreciate those times more than anything 😀 Nostalgia is real :d

  25. I miss the waffles gun sound. It was amazing eargasm

  26. KV before patch 7.3

  27. This tank is still in console… 6 shells and 2200 health

  28. Dez how do you watch old replays? i have a lot of good replays that are in
    previous patches

  29. You're about to sound dumb , watch! :

    Man I miss the WTFE100 ??????

  30. You're about to sound dumb , watch! :


  31. Sebastian Fernandez

    The Waffle Traktor ],=

  32. I really wish they brought this tank to blitz

  33. I wish they did not take this tank away. :c

  34. Us guys on console still have this OP mess of a tank with no nerfs or any
    sign of removal. One of the most OP tanks in the game, how it got past the
    balancing department is that I want to know

  35. what about showing some of the old maps that you don’t get to play any
    more, like south coast, Port and Komarin

  36. Is it worth it to grind this thing through on console? I’m up to the borsig
    in that tech tree.

  37. You can’t really blame players for using premium ammo. But it is
    Wargaming’s fault that it exists in the first place.

  38. On the X box it still has 6 shells.

  39. People say (including me) using premium rounds is a crime because it
    completely unbalances WoT and favors lightly armored tanks. Nearly every
    medium tanks, especially the soviet line where tier9+ tanks HEAT
    penetration is 1,5x compared to regular ammo.

  40. still has 6 shots in one clip on Xbox lol

  41. i miss it so much

  42. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Dez,do the FV 215b (183) b4 the HESH nerf :)

  43. i feel as if this guy is super lucky this game, the reactions where so slow

  44. Can u go in your time machine and find the most damage with the e25???

  45. hey dez games , where are you from ???

  46. hayed rolling around a corner in my loght tank to a fully loaded waffle

  47. Fully agree with Ship on the Premium Ammo topic. If used when needed, even
    when you FEEL like it is needed (1v6 and the like) – it is justified.
    Besides, the person using premium ammo is going to be paying for it after
    the battle anyway.

    Also, despite it arguably being a cash grab from WG, Premium ammo is
    actually REALISTIC! Tank, especially in WWII and even early cold war,
    carried VERY few HEAT/APCR/APDS/APFSDS in comparison to standard AP and HE

    And there is a good reason for it too: THOSE PROJECTILES COST FAR FAR MORE
    IN REAL LIFE! So when a tank crew fires their supply of APCR/HVAP/HEAT –
    they are costing the Army a good deal more money than a crew who only
    needed to use AP and HE to finish their objective.

    That said, back – WAAAAAY BACK, when Premium Ammo WAS “Gold Ammo” in that
    you NEEDED gold to buy premium shells, back then – it was a blatant cash
    grab – and people who fired a lot of premium in PUBS – were rightfully
    chastised. Because that simply was not fair when some douchenozzle with WAY
    too much money decided to buy THOUSANDS of premium shells to fire in Public
    matches, and as a result needed no real aiming or tactical positioning
    skill to easily win and carry.

    But that ended literally like 3 or 4 years ago now. And since then? Well
    Premium shots annoy me sometimes, but not enough to warrant bitching about,
    because I can just press number 2 as well and level the engagement.

  48. I think most people dont have problem with “few” gold rounds when they r
    really needed…BUT definetly have problems with players who USE ONLY
    GOLD….and after that they r coming with big skillz…RIDICOLOUS…

  49. 14 dowzen 14 DOWZEN

    who ever is going to get triggered by this i love this guy watch most all
    his videos but his accent is pretty funny to me. ( i think im making fun of
    his accent because im jealous )

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