► World of Tanks: WALL OF FAME and Waiting For Buffs!

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Source: DezGamez

T26E4 SuperPershing Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks M4A1 Revalorise Gameplay, Review. Series.

Today I am going to play with 2 tanks that have been waiting for buffs, for a very long time… But still not as long as some of them actually. 🙂
Two main guests are T26E4 SuperPershing and M4A1 Revalorise, tier 8 premium medium tanks. Let’s play our final battles with them, before they are going to be a lot better!

Also, decided to make a little extra, bonus segment for you, called “Wall of Fame”. In that segment I am going to highlight players that are asking for it… But the question is, should I do more or is this too much?



  1. lol, love it, keep up the great vid’s

  2. go fist a Dead cat killed me ???????

  3. good to know you getting better, take good care bro!!!

  4. Honestly the Ravioli on test is a really solid tank now. The improved gun
    handling and -10 gun depression REALLY helped it out a lot. Yes you can’t
    tank a lot of hits, but the alpha and average mobility make it a really
    good support tank for a tier 8 medium. Having 390 alpha also makes enemies
    hesitate to just rush you , whereas your typical 240/250 alpha guns they
    don’t really care about. Given its almost half the price of the T-34-3 I
    say its a solid buy now, provided the buffs make it to live.

  5. Massimo_R89…. that was beautiful

  6. How can I get my Hangar to look like that? The snowy scenery is awesome!

  7. M4A1 or Super pershing?

  8. why tumbs down dez you dont deserve that :)

  9. great ideea , keep going mate .

  10. Wall of Fame is too funny!

  11. michał Zachariasiewicz

    Dez, is 3,8k dmg on M56 scorpion good enough to get onto your channel?
    Thanks for the reply
    BTW-Great content, massive thank you for your job Dez <3

  12. I love the T26E4. Have played about 360 battles in it and just got my 2nd
    Mark on it today.

  13. type 5 heavy needs it. it wasn’t good when the came out. I still enjoy the
    hell out of the line but it’s over due

  14. Dez once again you made me laugh. Great idea continue the “WALL OF FAME’
    it’s a great idea.

  15. Wall of fame is good idea 😀 this guy is real hero 😀 In my opinion toxic
    people make the game more fun. More emotions more fun 😀 its better than
    just silent
    game. I miss that toxicity against arty players in global chat. All wish
    them well health and long life :D

  16. a Sherman turret with 105mm gets better gun depression than the firefly
    does now makes sense.

    of course I realize this was a gameplay decision just thought it was weird.

  17. they shud buff batchat a bit like give a extra clip of ammo or get rid of
    the invisebol nerf to the traverse speed

  18. Not that informed about this tank but will this buff make it worth having
    this tank? I really think this tank looks badass so if it as well will be
    good after the buff i might consider it.

  19. look how he get make out!!!!! ?????

  20. oh massive yes to the wall of fame…and dez stop thanking us,it’s us that
    thank you for your awesome entertainment…
    I play wot with my workmates and when we get to work the first thing you
    hear is did you watch dez last night…not qb or jingles anymore it’s all
    about you baby

  21. You can disable receiving messages from the options so no one can send you
    message to cry.

  22. Yes, please, more wall of fame.

  23. hey Dez , wall of fame can be funny , like a poeet reads, with light music
    on background . naming shaming those who ask for it. But perhaps also on
    the wall players who are heroes , players who took a shot for someone else
    or heroes who carrie unexpected the whole victorie . Tankers who are rlly
    team players those that sacrifise . ..
    Its just a thought ,some salt .. but also some suger 🙂
    good to hear you sound a bit more fit ,,, GL&HF

  24. So glad to hear you are getting better mate :)

  25. Naming and shaming, never a good idea. Not for a +positive youtuber like

  26. Is it me or is there a wicked echo in this vid? New mic or different set

  27. Massimo you dirty whore, well done!

  28. That puts a big old smile on my face! Too funny!

  29. lololol I will probably get on the Wall of Fame one day XD

  30. Србија, бато

    Will you do face reveal ever?

  31. Why did you not play the STA-2 ? ?

  32. you are on 85 points and still taking out tanks!

  33. if pc is getting the buff, will xbox get it as well? I really love the
    super Pershing but I hate the gun

  34. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    dez why sidescrape? t26e4 has awful side armor??

  35. Yeah Massimo_89 have to know it , he is a awesome 862 wn8 player so , dont
    use apcr ,LOL


  37. call it Wall of Ass Holyness

  38. Where can I get the victory girls? :3

  39. Well done.

  40. that was epic

  41. #BuffKV5 Its penetration only at 167mm… even worse as compared to Super
    Persh and SP is getting buffed with that OP armor

  42. Dez long time watcher.. no commenter. That guys comment though.. for realz
    lol.. You are onto something good. The hate is real my friend. Can’t even
    play my favorite tanks without getting hate. You should make a thing where
    you air the haters like that. I could have given you ones where I get hate
    for playing a certain tanks.

  43. I say this ALL the God damn time but this change to the SP will make it SO
    MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE! It’s such a fucking hassle being forced to use gold
    ammo just to do any damage in a heavy tier 8 game let alone tier 9!

  44. I was actually nervous at the Wall of Fame that I migh see any of our
    members, nice bait DezGamez… you silly cat fister.

  45. it is a great ideea?.

  46. Oh well the buffed T26 with 30 more penetration but they forgot abt speed,
    this medium is slower than most of tier8 heavies LOL

  47. Tom's Game Replays

    LMFAO massimo and that rage he was really angry.I felt the same yesterday
    with the teams i got lost 7 in a row with my amx30b epic teams but Dez good
    job man good job the hall of fame is epic :)thank you please do it more

  48. You DID pen that T34 bot. 236 dmg.

  49. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    Wall of infamy is a great idea! I agree with trying to make the community
    less toxic. So I have been making the effort to congratulate players who I
    thought played well in message after battle.

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