► World of Tanks – Wanna buy some Freedom? | T110E5 and M48A1 Patton Gameplay Commentary

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Source: DezGamez

and M48A1 Review and Gameplay Live Commentary.
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Hello there!

So I heard you want to buy some freedom, eh? 😛 In todays gameplay episode we are going to do that with good old tanks – T110E5 and M48A1. Dunno, but I am enjoying playing with both of them!

Have fun and carry on!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. So… I heard you want to buy some freedom?

  2. Nguyễn Trần Anh Đức

    i through that u was make a video about the FV4202 :/

  3. Mammoth looks badass :)

  4. mojimax multigamer

    cool vid man

  5. Olin väga üllatunud kui Eesti lippu tangil nägin :D

  6. The shot that penned you that you could not see hit the machine gun on the
    copula so its very hard to see but its there.

  7. You shoulda killed the E 50M with HE. 

  8. But I wanted to talk!! :(

  9. wow you’re able to view the messages in the boxes after you’ve completed a
    mission. Anyone else still having this problem still?

  10. Cant watch video, something wrong… I will try again later. Video starts
    in the middle, I cant go to beginning and then I can only watch 3 seconds
    of it, then it loads for almost 1 min, and then loads again. :(

  11. Love the videos. Keep up the great work!

  12. I like Murrican tanks…

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