► World of Tanks: Wasted! – A Day in WoT – Day 6

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks A Day In World of Tanks Series. World of Tanks T 50 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay Review. . World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

Another day in World of Tanks, filled with awesome action! 🙂



  1. lol this guy shoot HEAT with e 100 and say is Ap u can see the rel-loud
    time on key 2 why u need to say that

  2. KV-2 is better sniper than the Grille 15

  3. Bruno Tropčić

    You said you have no HEAT shells and HEAT is loaded. Dez liar. Kappa

  4. aaaand poom poom poom poom

  5. Watching E100 play, in my head it repeats “these are not HEAT you’re
    looking for!”

  6. You always make me laugh!

  7. connor trevaskiss

    u were firing heat

  8. Michael Mcdermott


  9. and bam and bam and Boom! lol

  10. a good day gg

  11. Lol firing HEAT only in E100 and slapping a “0” over the ammo counter

  12. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Started with Skoda T25 29days ago, yesterday i bought TVP 50/51… Hell i
    did not imagine i would be able get that grind in like 406 battles with the
    last step T50 -> TVP in 142. (Ofc using 100% combat exp reserves)
    That tier 9 is such a beast.

  13. I was the SU-122-44 in that Murowanka Game on your team^^ Sadly didnt
    notice you

  14. omg i kinda feel embarassed to belong to a community of which so many
    people dont get the no heat joke -.-
    it wasn’t that hard to get, cmon guys….

  15. Very dis honourable you used heat

  16. what happens if you trashtalk a bot?…..

  17. Maulana Nur Mohamad Bin Mohamad Sabari

    well i think ur using heat on e100.-_-

  18. Who Dares Wins !

    WTF you said no HEAT in E100 and shoot HEAT ?

  19. ı cant umderstand how are your AP shells still 29 from begining to and of
    the game?

  20. Another entertaining video by @dezgamez

  21. russian tanks especially tier 8 and below are quite flammable hence kv2 not

  22. e75 could have loaded in late i mean thats been happening to me this patch
    even though i have no mods

  23. Maximus Romulus

    ?? dude you are so entertaining!! Love your vids! Just subscribed today !

  24. All skill ! Rock on !

  25. hahaha yes, AP shells sure hahaha nothing but HEAT ….

  26. You are a mega trol with this ” 0 heat thing” nice try?

  27. Legendary!

  28. Hey Dez, I think you’re game has a minor bug. Whenever you are shooting AP
    in your E100 the number beneath the shell on the bottom row isn’t changing.
    Just wanted to let you know :)

  29. Bam! And bam! And boom! Reeeeload!!

  30. You are such a tease =0)

  31. LOL the number 0 covering the heat shell lol

  32. Is it me or did i notice the shell counter for AP stay the same all through
    that last battle ? Ha Ha ;-)

  33. I am very impressed that you were able to pen all those shots with the E100
    without HEAT. XD
    You are so lucky, you have both very high penetration rolls and no small
    penis! :P

  34. Radostin Georgiev

    HEAT-100 haha :D

  35. Skoda T-50 in a nutshell: “Bam and bam and boom, reload”. Dez you’re

  36. Lmao, dat HEAT spam.

  37. I havent saw anyone editing better than you man 🙂 Really good job, keep it

  38. Only just noticed the big ‘0’ over the gold rounds on the E100…very
    subtle. Bloody funny when the IS3 got surprised. Nice to see some FV183 on
    E100 ahh noose action in there too.

  39. Nice games dude! Well done!

  40. all ur shots in the final clip were HEAT -_-

  41. Dez, I have a question:
    I’m not particularly new to the game, I had an account but I played tanks
    that I did not like, so I just stopped playing for a while. Then, (2 months
    ago) I got a new account, and I started going down the american medium
    line. So far I like it a lot. I’m at the Pershing currently. My wn8 is 1490
    (so I did pad my stats in the M4 just a little) but it still shows a
    general level of my skill. However, I am in baaad need of a premium tank. I
    hate the SuperPersh, and even if I liked it, it’s too goddamn expensive for
    me. My crews would like some training, and I really need more credits
    because grinding them with tier 5 and 6 is not very efficient. What is your
    tip? And do you think there will be a new american premium med at like tier
    5, 6 or 7?

  42. 5:45 “what the f**k”. XD

  43. do the challenges. do one with m3lee…I want to see u suffer with only HE.
    why cause reasons and also because I deserve a NERF!!!

  44. i think the e75 was not a bot, if you look at the list of players, it looks
    like that e75 was never connect till 11:50mins of the game.

  45. lol i still got skoda t24 cuz i hate it

  46. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Man you are a true fighter, no HEAT on an E-100!

  47. Ok dude, you are funny! hahah

  48. how much do you deadlift?

  49. Dez you are illuminati confirmed!

  50. The best heshgasm will always be deleting a WTF100 from full health. 2000hp
    gone hnnnngggggggggggggg oh yes. Will never happen again now, though.

  51. hahahaha, that 0 over the HEAT shells in your e-100. good stuff

  52. It sure is getting warm in here.. i wonder where all this heat is coming
    from ;)

  53. Okay, maybe that E-75 was just DC and not bot, maybe just epic
    coincidence.. But still it was funny how he saved the game, randomly! 🙂
    So, sorry E-75! 🙁 GJ!

  54. So refreshing to see people using the e100 without heat. Nice bit of skill
    there, you don’t want to be a hray pussie now, would you?

  55. do you think we are blind you shooted heat with E100 :/

  56. How much XP did the E75 bot receive?

  57. How do you get exactly 5000

  58. Danegermouse1992

    I wish i could enjoy playing WoT, but theres so much wrong with the game
    that when i do play it, i find myself getting frustrated alot

  59. You little liar, you had 12 HEAT rounds, and U shoot only those… Counter
    on crosshair exposed U.

  60. Dez is a 9Gagger confirmed

  61. i would like to get randomly battle with dezgamez

  62. E-75 wasn’t a bot. If you look at the player list for your team you’ll see
    his name is greyed out, which means he has yet to connect to the game.

    Also, I don’t want to be calling out bs or perhaps it is a joke i simply
    had fly over my head, but it definitely seemed like you were using heat in
    the e100 considering the shell selector showed heat being loaded, not ap.
    Maybe it is just a bug with the replay.

  63. Djole Milanovic

    soo,are bots programs or just some mega retarded noobs or trolls

  64. Federico Di Liberto

    all e100 clips is with HEAT

  65. bruhhhhhhh i respect you for that wased clips

  66. To b fair the is7 was trying to aim at the e4

  67. Oh and Dez. Your work at editing the video is amazing. Can t imagine how
    long it takes to edit that Skoda game “And that, and that and that,
    aaaaannndd reload” ! I love it ! Simply amazing

  68. Mini Cactus - TBNRLenny

    U are better than quickly baby

  69. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    5k dmg in E100 using only AP. You’re pro m8

  70. Dez the E-75 was no bot. He hadn’t connected until hr moved as he finally
    loaded into the game. So he’s not a bit

  71. BlackPrincovi LP

    No HEAT and no money :)

  72. That GTA sequence… made my day…xD

  73. that BIG 0 on heat shells in E100!!!:D

  74. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Thanks E75 bot….. *post replay battle: E75 1780 xp earned* …. Yeah, bot

  75. it was covered up

  76. he was using gold

  77. Ervīns Česnausks

    my AP shoots :ddd

  78. We have found the next Mighty Jingles. Epic Channel Dez

  79. Balázs Fazakas

    “gold pussies got small dicks”- I wouldnt worry about the size of the penis
    when you have a pussy and a dick at the same time

  80. The E75 propably DCed because his name was grey and he arrived just in time
    to enter the battle. I don’t think that he is a bot because it happend to
    me too sometimes

  81. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    hahaha no heat he said… evrything wil be faire he said… :):):)

  82. Dez u need to change the aiming circle in Sniper Mode aswell :P

  83. Project Halo wars

    I’m early yay

  84. 3 min squad

  85. I’ll take 3rd

  86. My nick in game is klapa but they say to me kappa

  87. I actually stopped playing WoT a while ago. I don’t know, maybe like 2
    months ago, I just lost all interest with no real reason. Sadly, I am no
    longer entertained by WoT videos either.

  88. well played dez well played

  89. Constantijn Langerak

    not first :(

  90. First, yay!
    Enjoy yet another day in World of Tanks!

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