► World of Tanks: Well, This Is Something Else… :D – Lovestream!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks E-25 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Object 140 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

I did some lovestreaming yesterday and had a lot of fun! You are going to see 2 pretty interesting battles from it… That E-25’s gameplay was something… Different… 😀



  1. mate if you stream, tip: PLEASE take all that “toy town” noisy graphics
    junk off the screen 😀 😛 also PLEASE avoid swearing in English cos a)
    swearing is a LOT more unprofessional than you European guys realise – you
    watch too many movies – trust me English and American people do not use
    swear words as much as they are used on Films/TV/Movies b) my wife won’t
    let me watch on the tv if you likely to swear – c) it’s anti social for the
    majority of English and American people – there is simply no swearing in
    schools and rare in offices in most of the UK and USA – many ppl will argue
    but I’ve been a contractor all over the uk and US and most offices don’t do
    swearing – the biggest “swearers” are those out of school not yet in great
    jobs.. or those who don’t work in great jobs.. and they don’t swear in
    front of the boss

  2. sounds like Japanese elevator music… there might be variety, but you are
    only going to alienate the heavy metal community playing that stuff.

  3. Luís Augusto Panadés

    No music. Music just to edited episodes

  4. T29 didn’t spot you, SU-152 did spot you from behind mate…thumbs up

  5. can you please write to me. saaksid sa mulle palun kirjutada #Romary Hang

  6. the bulldog got the SP I C killed, i do that sometimes. rush in foolishly
    because another tank does it as well lol. you just feel compelled to

  7. What tank was used in the second replay?

  8. Good music ?

  9. Very Nice video of your stream..12 t and T 29 left me ROGLMAO Hope some day
    to get Obj 140,,,You and obj 140 are listed in dictionary as definition of

  10. When will we see Dez face? :)

  11. Careful, you will get copyright strikes if you play music and your Twitch
    replays will get muted.

  12. Need some Camo on dat E25 :)

  13. HE 12t OP MingLee

  14. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    Guys can you tell me whats the Song when he plays.. Obj 140? the *never do*

  15. that second game was awesome

  16. “The hands are getting warmer” is almost as good as your best line “Holy
    light dipping on da boom stick”.

    I love you Dez! This is winning at YouTube!

  17. Alan Walker – Force, BEST !!

  18. I’d watch your stream what’s your stream channel

  19. 7:18 lol glad im not the only one that does that once in a while

  20. The Sick Horse Ranch

    @9:54 it was as if you had employees! I mean you handled that like a boss.

  21. E25 worth the gold??

  22. Niklas “Kuduce” Pfannenschmidt

    @Dez a tip: if u have high pen like in the 140 u could easily pen the
    turrent of an e75 and vk b just aim like they were an e100

  23. Nice games! :D

  24. I still can’t forget the epic T49 shot on the move before spotting the

  25. AwesomeDestroyer 12 (AwesomeDestroyer12)

    lol amx 12t the new arty

  26. Oh my how don’t u already have a million subscribers your content and
    personality is awesome.

  27. Keep listening at Drum’n’Bass Dez ! Good taste ;)

  28. What is heavier a kilo of lead or a kilo of feathers

  29. Matej Mihaljević

    Dez,you want to play t49 platoon sometimes?

  30. how can i buy skorpion g without my parents noticing

  31. 3 tortoises vs 3 rhm scorpions and 2 grille 15s?

  32. Oh no, HE on E25 😀 what a waste of space :D

  33. how about you make a “face of” video with 5 rhm vs 25 pz I C … or
    something like this… whad do you think about it… pls answer :)

  34. ReZi!xD

  35. “New beast: Baconmuncher” I noticed that just as I put a piece of bacon in
    my mouth!

  36. GG Dez really smart played with T54, I can’t tell the same think for E25
    lol 😉 Good video !

  37. put some death metal on! Devildriver maybe? lol

  38. daaaamn alan walkers song 😀
    really love you dez

  39. Muffins [ALMOST NEVER] Weekly

    And now, for something completely different.

  40. 12t HE T-29 Rock kemp new meta da?

  41. That T29 position is so OP. I will definitely try it out in my E75.

  42. I’ll try to remember that T29-position.

  43. Wait. I thought you are not allowed to play copyright music in the
    background while streaming?
    Anyways, great video. I like that!

  44. I think it is meta. I had a Bulldog shoot a clip of HE at me the other day.

  45. damn, you had to work hard in that 2nd game

  46. jose Nuñez (Mayortroll01)

    Tiger I VS T29

  47. That second game was pretty good, to bad team wasn’t that good, or at least
    didn’t seem like it.

  48. Jso “[MG]” SecretService

    Your voice on stream sounds so happy and excited, but your video voice is
    so cool and calm, I like them either way, your accent is awesome

  49. Can you make 20 t34 and m4 vs 10tiger? =D

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