► World of Tanks: What a Hero… Never Give Up!

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Source: DezGamez

Skoda T 50 Gameplay Review. of Tanks AMX 13 90 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Around 95% of the time I am not going to watch the game after I go down… This time, for some reason, I did. And it was amazing!



  1. UgliestWatermelon

    is artillery gun depression 0?

  2. Damian “Samson” Borson

    You meant ace tanker entertainment :D

  3. Keep making this videos DEZ!! Fak Face OFF!!!!!


  5. Ahh. 1337th viewer.

  6. ej ty mów po polsku

  7. Lau Timothy (LockOn)

    licked for dez and the amx :D

  8. Sad :(

  9. an hero :D

  10. Hey Dez great video as always keep up the great work :D

  11. Well I`m early xD
    EDIT: Holy crap that was so awesome! WG should also reward players who try
    carrying like that with some gold :D

  12. Hai Dez :D

  13. Orhan Ferit “silverrobin” Yalçınkaya

    4 min!!

  14. 69th viewer ! Now that’s a great achievement !

  15. early again?

  16. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    Question for all people: What is your highest damage you did in a single

  17. Brilliant video Dez, amazing result, even though I haven’t seen it yet

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