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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks (A45) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks 15A Gameplay Review. Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Music at end:
Andrius Klimka & Andrey Kulik – WoT Intro Login © Wargaming.net 2016

I was looking around in my garage, thinking about what to take out for today’s and I saw FV201 (A45)… I thought: “WTF is this thing?” And then I saw AT 15A as well, so after that, I knew what I am going to take out…



  1. haha, nice played,nice vid, funny end….. :p

  2. most secret vehicle is the ratte

  3. AT15A rules. limited mm and serious trol armour

  4. Arvin Dave Velasco

    the last game with at15a that was a butt clinching moment haha… waiting
    on the cap zone OP hahaha.

  5. You gotta love those keyboard clicks xD

  6. i think you have the loudest keyboard I’ve ever heard. It is kind of
    soothing though.

  7. Christian Berner

    you would actually be more professional if you wouldn’t swear so much…

  8. Dez what is your fav td?

  9. thank you guys

  10. <3!! But you did not show us the arty shot! or wasn't it so epic?

  11. feck feck god damn it how the hell …. 🙂 ……. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    what did I just do!

  12. lmfao at the and, the girls :DDDD

  13. lol i think the T29 died because of you xD

  14. 4:42 – like a tomato.

  15. Alexander Stoyanov

    Dez, you dirty fapper :)

  16. 2:20 that was just the normal 88mm gun, and the sound came from the broken
    ammo rack xD

  17. Soo Intense Music on first 20-30 seconds 😀 got me right in the mood :O

  18. Jdjjwkw aizhbsna

    in russian server there are hell a lot FV201(A45)

  19. Christopher DiCesare

    I hate when people say camp fast…the speed is set, you can’t cap any

  20. FV201!!! (I have like the only one on the EU server) Its pretty sweet if
    you can hide your garbage hull.

  21. Great video dez! Keep up the good work , and it’s good to see you weren’t
    affected by the inactive suscribers being deleted(shows that all your subs
    still watch your vids)

  22. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Well i play the At15A and um.. its only rly fun in T7 Game because nobody
    has a clue where to shoot you :D. But in higher Tiers your Armor sucks you
    just better camp behind double Bushes and Snipe the Shit with that gun…
    And to be serious.. nobody likes the FV anyways :DD

  23. Where’d you get that result screen?

  24. christian rowney

    Do you accept xbox replays

  25. christian rowney

    10 v 10 i meant

  26. christian rowney

    I think that you should try achilles td and jackson td 15 v 15

  27. Harrison Rawlinson

    Well played Dez, gg. We didn’t see no crash

  28. So do you think AT15A is worth?

  29. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    why i don’t have that victory screen… :(:(:(

  30. ‘yyyyooohh’ lol ;)

  31. nice driving dez

  32. I haven’t seen a tomato derp up so bad like you did

  33. they have to give the comet this gun

  34. Caesarió Dzsulió

    3:35 a chat befigyel

  35. Last part with the butts and the title just saying “what are those things?”
    would work perfectly.

  36. Hey Dez any chance you could move or remount your microphone, get a lot of
    booming noise when you tap a key, anybody else get that ?

  37. How do you not have german tds? (Arguably) best in game!

  38. why don’t you use national crew voices?

  39. Can`t understand why you wanted to throw the game like that in the end. I
    mean, he could`ve shot and kill you if he had any sort of luck. You
    should`ve stayed in the position you first moved in, behind the house, as
    close as you can from it. Thou, awesome replay man, enjoyed it. Keep up,
    the good work m8!

  40. “What are those things?”….Cliffs? :)

  41. that fv201 e45 looks like a giant cromwell B.
    edit: btw, you parked it like goddamn pro. just enough points to still be
    nr 1 🙂
    drop that mic

  42. Airsoft By Oliver

    the a45 was on sale for one day in last years advent calendar

  43. dez plz plz plz tell me u have Blitz. PLZ. U WOULD BE SO DAMN FUNNY
    i love ur voice

  44. Do you use typewriter instead of a keyboard ? xD

  45. 4:38 *at this moment dez new … He fucked up.*

  46. Dez… the hull armor on the FV is total crap and it’s easily ammo racked.

  47. ooohh those girls hehe

  48. lol @4:50 the sound of silence.

  49. ChiefTeamStrikers

    Epic Silence!

  50. nice driving dez at 4:37 :P

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