► World of Tanks: When FV215b (183) was MAD! – 14,000+ Damage – Past #6

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Source: DezGamez

(183) Gameplay . World of Tanks (183) Epic Battle. .

Do you remember time when FV215b’s HESH shell had 275 penetration? I do… And I do not want to get those times back! 😀
Check out today’s “: Past” episode with 183 in its Glory!

Played by: Heishi
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/544656#details



  1. pincer GT / Gaming and vlogs

    lol ” boom stick ”

  2. Ooh, I think he had a swedish flag on it :D

  3. Try to do T57 Heavy next when it had like the best DPM or something, just
    an idea.

  4. Dez Nutz

  5. poor 183 players… ;_; this tank got already nerf, then they remade it in
    “hd” and now it look horrible in the top of that, with this meme big-head
    turret and absolutely HORRIBLE aerial, some tanks look nice with aerial but
    and the machine-gun facing the back right in alignment of the tank design
    added some style (like the 430)

    it has an hardcore design back in the day, now it’s just a potato-gun

  6. it should still be called Blast from the Past

  7. Could you possibly do a video on the old ISU152?

  8. The Mighty GamerFTW

    did QuickyBaby do a video on this battle?

  9. wow super replay

  10. It’s still 275 on xbox1.

  11. Here we can see how fucking retardedly overpowered a direct-fire arty piece
    is. Very nice

  12. I loved playing the OP tanks back in those days. :)

  13. Luís Augusto Panadés

    And this idiots, today, launch a shit like Grille 15 in TD line tier X with
    a crap 279mm of penetration only. And some idiots say Grille 15 is OP. This
    shit is super underpowered and WOT should refund players that just do not
    wanna play this shit they invented: a fake TD, with shit gun depression and
    elevetion that was claimed be developed from an artitllery, with shit
    mobility, and shit cammo and absolutly no armor.

    183 is still a much much better vehicle even after the nerf. Grille 15
    barelly can’t penetrates 183 turret and can be one shoted by a lot of
    vehicles in the game.

    Someone in WOT team is quite idiot to belive this shit is balanced, is ok
    for tier X

  14. this could be a current replay from console. The 183, waffle and the map
    are still ours to enjoy in their full glory.

  15. 183 hasn’t been nerfed on console yet :)

  16. Plz shu up

  17. Am I the only one who thinks that these old firing sounds have more BOOM in

  18. I like how he gets 989 for a loss doing a whopping 14k damage and the
    waffle which didn’t take much to do 5k he gets 1k xp….

  19. Didn’t qb show this b4?

  20. Romeo VictorPlayer2

    And that it is why they called it the DEATH STAR newbies.

  21. Nice replay dez, South Coast was one of my favorite maps … I have already
    seen the game, I think quickybaby posted it on his channel also some time
    ago .. the name Heishi rings a bell .. hope you don’t feel like I am
    lowering the value of your content, witch is awsome by the way .. so again,
    thank you for the upload

  22. that “Boom” sound was so funny xD

  23. Jonathan Albertus Rawung


  24. very nice video xD i hated the 183 as an enemy..havent played wot since
    august 2015 and only saw a Video every few months.. it changed so much..
    and i forgot how to play everything xD could you maybe do a light and
    medium guide? i desperately need help after a that time.. and the old
    guides are very confusing..

  25. WG nerfed this just before I got it. F’n WG

  26. Do you remember the old map severgorsk. They should bring them back.

  27. DISTRUCTIC Every-day

    the death star and the waffle e100 are still op on xbox :'(

  28. still goona like it even ive seen this before. good job DezGamez

  29. The pen is 279 on consoles.

  30. The sad thing is, this game required 0 skill. I wouldn’t be surprised if he
    was a 500 wn8’er or a 2000 wn8’er. It would make no difference.

  31. didn’t jingles have this on his channel or maybe qb but I remember it

  32. ive seen it done in a battle back when swamp came back to game, not long
    after 183 was put in game

  33. i miss that map

  34. Oldie but Goldie, cheers Dez, enjoyed that one.

  35. love map

  36. What keyboard do you use? :)

  37. I ammo racked a is-4 with one shot . 2,500 hit points . In jpg. E100

  38. I think this match was in jingles good bad and ugly I cant remmeber which

  39. That tank was sick back in the day, good thing i started to play after its
    nerf :D

  40. heshtag hahahahah

  41. miss this map.

  42. good stuff but i already sold mine cuz after the nerf its useless tank
    goodbye derp

  43. miss this map. map rotation nowadays contains 4-5 maps total it seems..

  44. Are you heshsexualy oriented?

  45. lol exactly the same replay i belive jingles did some time ago ^^

  46. I never understood why the 183’s got insane HESH pen. like It was bad
    enough that if the 183 failed his pen roll he was still doing anywhere from
    500 to 900 splash damage and even now 230mm still seems too high for me.

  47. i really miss this map, why WG deleted this map????

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