► World of Tanks: When Shit Hits The Fan! – USA Tank Destroyer Special

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Source: DezGamez

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Sometimes it starts off really good and then shit starts hitting the fan.. Over and over again… Your room filled with shit but wait, there is more! Sometimes it is just too much, but better luck next time! 😉



  1. Love it – makes me feel better about my own recent misadventures

  2. chill dude! 🙂 its just a game ;-)

  3. You have the Scorpion? It has not been released in the NA server yet,
    hopefully soon. I know that pain you felt, i get it way too often, gold
    spamming top tier enemies, bad timing, and just not being ignored by all
    the arty.

  4. Are you familiar with the english expression ‘throwing your toys out of the
    pram’?. Which means to have a childish temper tantrum. Funny though!

  5. soo fun,sry dude

  6. The T110E3 is just dreadful in so many ways. My most recent band was after
    bouncing 3/3 shots with 310pen and getting penned frontally 2/2 times for
    the kill. The gun always needs to be rotated, misses mysteriously or goes
    from lower glacis to mantlet, and you get permatracked all the time. There
    is a reason you never see them in action.

  7. this game provaids sooo much negetive i stoped playing wot after i broke my
    200$ headset and having fun in armored warfare and cs:go

  8. yo bro, have had sooo many games like that when I can’t hit the side of a
    barn! I hope you didn’t break anything…

  9. holy meatballs 😮 1st time i see you raging in your videos 😀 kinda funny
    but still good video ^.^

  10. Scorpion is available in game now? 

  11. I have to deal with these types of games everyday, I don’t think I might
    last any longer :(

  12. Thanks for reminding me why I quit.playing WOT. I heard that their going to
    fix the broken arty in this game, to make it more like Armored Warfare. I
    might start playing again if/when they do. Till then It’s Warships. Always
    appreciate your content though, especially when you show it like it is.

  13. Sometimes RNG-esus can be a d1ck…

    and we must calm down and play WoWS or other game…

  14. i spent over 26 hours straight right before the e5 was released grinding to
    t30… so worth it

  15. That idiotic Chi-To tho

  16. i have stopped playing from the game was on 9.7 don’t even know where it is
    now….. i was about to turn into a teenager with grey hair, so it had to
    be done

  17. Man you mad me laugh 😀
    I totally understand you…

  18. Glad I’m not the only one this game infuriates. it happens to the best of
    us, I have to tell myself otherwise I cry myself to sleep.

  19. sigh wow happens to us all ;)

  20. Dez just don’t play the t110E3. You’re only causing yourself pain doing so.
    If I were you I’d either turn auto repair off on it let it get destroyed
    and sit there in your garage like that or sell it. It’s not a good machine.

  21. Glad to see that you are human. Sometimes it is good to see a you tuber
    have a few bad battles, makes me feel a little better, makes me realize I
    am not alone with a bad day. Loved the background noise of you destroying
    your hardware.
    Will still keep watching the vids you post. Thx mate

  22. When you missed that bat-chat with your E3 on mountain pass, I felt your
    pain before you growled.

  23. Βαγγέλης Παπαδημητρίου

    which garage mod is that one ?

  24. Oh Dez i know your pain we all have battles like that … me when it gets
    bad…. I take the dog for a walk …. I have one fit dog lol .. love your
    vids hun .

  25. Guys, click ads to give Dez money for new keyboard and table. I think these
    won’t last long:(

  26. I feel your pain Dez. Oh how I know the pain you feel alright.

  27. DezGamez, you have my symphony. Sometimes WoT makes me want to scream and
    scare the hell out of everyone in my house.

  28. =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) that was a bit of rage finish but still
    funny:) pls try again USA destroyers, dont leave that bad advertisement 🙂
    and remember Keep Calm and Keep Playing

  29. R.I.P pieces Dez’s keyboard and headset

  30. 2020-1239 Why?

  31. Dez you don’t just show your epic games like most YouTube gamers you keep
    it real keep up the good work

  32. sometimes this game is world of bullshit



  35. Lol at 15:38 lol. I do that too

  36. i know that feel bro

  37. thanks man, this is a perfect reminder to leave big ol’ slow tanks to the

  38. I’m on a hiatus because of this… Been 8 days now… maybe start playing
    again after 2 weeks :)

  39. rip in pepperoni.

  40. I know how you feel mate but for some reason it was quite funny. I think it
    was because it brought back memories of my youth headbutting my monitor
    until the fucker broke, it didn’t quite, thankfully.

  41. Well…RNG does make the game suck…miss targets at 200m with a clear
    aimed shot,didnt even excist in ww 2. U can see how the shells lose speed
    and hit way infront of them,like it was firecrackers. And miss 3 in a row
    does not excist in rl,in any battle. WG suck when it comes to using
    braincells properly,i call it vodkabrains…lol.

  42. This is why I’ve stopped grinding towards stuff and just stick to tanks
    that I really enjoy driving, like my KV-5, Jagdpanther and Jagdpanther 2,
    and VK16.02 leopard. It’s a shame that the game frustrates people to the
    point of not wanting to progress.

  43. man did you switch coffee or what? these are the best videos ever…sorry
    man i really have to lmao! missing shot after shot and got eaten alive by
    arty. i don’t know what to say beside “LOL, hahaha…!!!” all right, i am
    sorry for your pain and i feel you, i had the same experience, it was like
    i can’t pen anything, bounce after bounce, it is really frustrating and

  44. So glad it’s not just me. The nice guy shell cracked :)

  45. His rage gets me every time. GG

  46. 1st time ever seen him getting angry.


  48. Love the rage,it was funny ;)

  49. Lol kicking the dustbin around for sheer delight :D

  50. shouldnt the t30’s gun sound like the e100s gun

  51. God that last replay made me laugh so much. It’s funny to watch, you knew
    as you were doing it that you would R.I.P but did it anyway. I do shit like
    this sometimes and then think to myself WTF? why why why. I also loved the
    rage throwing your shit about. Thx Dez your content is always the best.

    Incidentally I’ve been gradually working through your old replays and was
    watching your IS gameplay last night. Jeeeze it’s amazing how much the game
    has actually changed and we don’t notice because it’s such a gradual

  52. hahaha fucking rage

  53. Yeah this game has given me rage too, and before it people used to call me
    Mr. nice guy :D

  54. just not today Dez… not today….

  55. i thought you could never lose your chill ^^

  56. Yes, please review them!

  57. ouch! e3 arty magnet.

  58. Just wondering, how did you get your reload to 17.71? 100% Crew? Brothers
    in Arms? Gun rammer? Or all of it?! :)

  59. Lol that ending.

  60. Christian Rautjärvi

    we all feel u mate :D

  61. Oh man I remember the days, grinding up the US heavy line for my free T34
    premium, seems like so long ago!

  62. And this is why I can’t play this game at the mo, I feel your pain, Dez

  63. Sounds like you need a break darling. Ya know: “Put down the mouse, and
    step away from the computer sir!” ^.^

  64. Were any mouse or keyboard hurt in the making of this video? Just rekt, lol

  65. lol usually when i have that kind of day i buy new mouse and sometimes new
    keyboard :)

  66. LOL thats why i install wot 2 times in the year and i play it not more then
    1 week or 5 days and unistall again :D

  67. *E3 rage mode on*

  68. That’s me to a tee. hearthstone too

  69. The Rage was REAL

  70. i Like reviews

  71. Agustín García Flores

    So much frustration in this episode xD

  72. Chapter #1 : Ass in fire :D

  73. Dezgames rage montage lol

  74. Is he from mother russia ?


  76. No one else to blame, but myself today.. L2P noob!

  77. Lmao I do love you Dez

  78. that’s the reason why i already smashed 4 controllers of my xbox one. I’m
    with you in my mind, dez.

  79. such an expensive tank im not gonna get it better to get a tier 8 premium
    as that altho it looks cool

  80. Interesting. How about some T30 action Dez? OH! Had some great games in my
    T30 on Mines last night. Got my mastery badge again. 🙂 I love my T30. Love
    it almost as much as my T34. :D

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