► World of Tanks: WoT Goats – Arctic Region and Lakeville – Map Secrets, Hacks, Tricks and Tactics

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks / Tutorial. World of Tanks Map Secrets, Tips, Tricks and Tactics. World of Tanks Map Tutorial Series.
Hello there!

Third episode is going to be about and Lakeville. I have some interesting positions for you!



  1. This video looks like as teleshopping :D

  2. jose Nuñez (Mayortroll01)

    Can you do it in the AMX 13 75?

  3. Xaneleon is The one and only true mountain goat

  4. they could make a lot of areas only accessible to fast tanks to give the
    lights a bit of an advantage. I feel like the whole class took a nerf with
    the last few patches.

  5. TheTiredBobcat6222

    I know how to get to the mountain on the middle of the map on Lakeville

  6. thank you, very good help

  7. Feel that your vids could be shorter and more to the point. Now just the
    “intro” took +40 sec and I’m almost 3 minutes in and only now the second
    climbspot is shown. Maybe it’s just me being impatient… but good work
    anyways 🙂 I guess you can check the vids stats/analytics and know if
    people are leaving or continuing to watch, so you know better ;)

  8. Where is our Halloween special ffs !?!

  9. I tried the lakeville J0 sniping position a few months ago and got
    slaughtered pretty quick!

  10. You actually can get up on that center ridge on Lakeville, I’ve seen it in
    a video. The entry point is in G6.

  11. More of these, please!! I found these really helpful.

  12. Do you have a solution for all the lemmings, campers, blockers and most of
    the purples with their ahole mentality?

  13. hacks ??? – reported :3

  14. there is a way from the north spawn and from middle. but they are so hard,
    you can do them once in 1000 tries.

  15. more such vidios pls!

  16. Artic region you can still go across the water where the heavys go….one
    of my clan mates did it

  17. LOL to think that in the one that discovered that sniping position in J0

  18. Freshwater Spaceman


  19. Théo “KartooniK” Pbx

    Dez I managed to get just next to the river Seine on Paris, if you’re
    interested you can actually drown on this map 😛 The position is useless
    but it is fun to go there :)

  20. As a Mountain Goat, I have to say that the position on 06:35 is still
    possible 😀
    Although it is way harder than before, you can still get to the island. I
    covered it in one of my videos.

    08:10 is still doable solo too.
    Interesting way how you covered the maps. I’ve taken climbing in this game
    to the next level, it was needed when I played in the Gold Series. Now I am
    taking the skills I learned on Mines/Steppes/Cliff and bringing it into
    CW/SH/Random battles and all the maps that come with those modes.

    It’s nice to see a big WoT youtuber covering climbing as well as people
    will realise this way of playing is actually really interesting indeed 😀
    If one has the time to learn some of these climbs and able to use them in a
    battle, they will see immediate improvement in their performances 🙂

    GG was close

  21. Dez there are two ways of getting up onto the hill in the middle. Me and my
    friend managed to do it.

  22. you missed the hills f3 and f9 on arctic region, you can get up both of
    them alone and also driving throu the river is possible with fully boosted
    RU. .

  23. Now WG will patch all this:(

  24. Great stuff dez

  25. Nick Karsten (NickName__)

    100k hype

  26. you can get to 100 000 sub. only 2000 left ??☺?

  27. I Have the feeling this is more of a commercial

  28. Luís Augusto Panadés

    At Artic, there are one another position near the south West, more to
    center of west edge… i saw guys over there, at that edge hill.

  29. It takes too long to climb up…and you are wasting two tanks to do it. Is
    it worth it? I would like to see replay from those positions…

  30. World of Tanks videos

    There are plenty of climbs on Artic Region. It is a map with many climbs

  31. Dez, thank you very much for your work, for progress in working of videos.
    The proof is yours subs. And that proof is fucking AWESOME!!! as u can u
    see 🙂 Keep doing what u are doing.
    But, if i can be honest – do more streams 🙂
    Bless u from Slovakia :)

  32. very cool episode. thank you for always trying to make your videos more

  33. I dare you to actually try to use one of these positions in an actual game.
    They all look like a waste of time unless you want to sit there and
    masturbate while the rest your team dies.

  34. pisses off that people do these vids WG just remove them from the game
    making maps increasingly shit…..!

    thanks for ruining 2 more maps!

  35. TDs climb better

  36. Snoop Dogg is spelled with two gs, not one. Nice vid though!

  37. it’s not a secret anymore btw

  38. watch in x1.5 :p

  39. helpful as always dez

  40. would have been helpful to have the mini map on so we could see exactly
    where u were on the map. yes i know most players would recognize the
    locations on these maps without it, but just saying, woulda been usefull

  41. What IS that music, sounds great and would like to download it! Anyone know
    what it is?

  42. Ultimate TimeTraveler

    I already knew all of these. thats why I have 2.9k wn8.

  43. Nice vid dez like always , u from poland?

  44. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    Can we have a DezGamez and Xane colab? 😀 That would be awesome if you 2
    get on ts and record climbing :D

  45. Картоха В Топе

    Посмотрите у меня на канале как Джова арта отправила в ангар )))

  46. Naydenov Ivanovich


  47. moar plz & ty!

  48. stupid wg. they changed the best positions to shoot from.

  49. This game would be more fun if they didn’t try and stop us using parts of
    the map.

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