► World of Tanks: Wow, Those Shots… Rashaaaaa! – Soviet Derp Power!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks SU-100Y Review. World of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Let’s finish this week with some derp action from Rashaaaa! You are going see SU-100Y and KV-2 in some really crazy action… Some of those shots are just… Stalin.

Check it out!


  1. Best tenk snipper EU.

  2. This is why i left wot. Never again this idiot russian game…

  3. That last shot just made my morning.

  4. hey dez, are you still playing hearthstone?

  5. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Nice chip riffling :)

  6. …and again, an advertisement in the middle of the video, and crash.
    Sorry Dez…unsub

  7. i love box tenk :)

  8. LoL your right you shoud never aim :D

  9. it says you hit the jpanther 2 times aldo we only saw hit him ones, also
    with a crit. i think you actually hit the jp while shooting at the at8

  10. for the last time WOW

  11. How did you get wn8 on your game score? :0

  12. You are funny man. “Good job…. god damn…”
    You keep delivering such unique and funny WoT contents regularly, your
    subscriber number will soon surprise you.

  13. that was just too funny dez. wp man, wp. keep it up. ur on ur way to be a
    big timer. glad i was an early sub.

  14. Rashaaa comarade, no need to aim, you aim you miss :D

  15. Mokhtar Mohamed

    let’s see of we can take a shot on the JAAAGTAAAIGAAAAR! :D

  16. ONLY load gold in the SU-100Y. Box tank only tank you should be allowed to
    spam gold in.

  17. guided by the hand of stalin himself

  18. how can u see your wn8 after a game?

  19. Hahahahahah… Hllarious! RUSHAAAAAAA Derp…. :D

  20. Super awesome. Some of my epic fun games have been in the KV2 and SU100Y.
    Guide by the hand of Stalin himself!


  22. Funny as hell on the slow mo!! Nice Shot! m/…RNGesus was with you!

  23. Has anyone else got the impression from their experience with Russians that
    there’s some Russian cultural aspect which makes them act like spoilt
    children…? xD

  24. Hilarious i have a 3 skilled crew with brothers in arms in my su100y and
    you still have more accuracy then my su100y with a 0 skilled crew.

  25. LoL… Snipper

  26. You should scream RUSSIA for every shot in KV2

  27. You just barely dodged the return shot from that T-43 at the end and
    actually, it might have been better for your XP if he had killed you
    because then you would have gotten an Eye for an Eye medal.

  28. Of all the people that I follow and watching videos, yours are by far the
    funniest. Even people I work with that don’t play WoT laugh.

  29. so you mean by wow is world of warships

  30. I heard some cracking in the second battle…so we’re you holding a

  31. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    do 15 dicker max vs 15 su 100y for your next face off battle

  32. how many beers DEZ….tell the truth

  33. im here on this channel from maybe 1 week but already love all your vids :D

  34. Zoutsteen from Holland

    shouting “for Russia!!” is now probably a banneble offense to use for
    instant snapshot kills, just like any aimbot mods..

  35. epick

  36. RASSHA DA Very balanced much vodka

  37. Peter Frampton – I want you to show me the way.

  38. Benjamin Coltish

    Do you have world of tanks blitz on a mobile devise?

  39. This channel needs more slow-motion replay audio. All channels do.

  40. No camo net on cyka-100y? Pls

  41. that is the kv2 in a nutshell

  42. You should play the AMX40 after some Derp like that. To keep balanced.

  43. drugs are bad for you Dez

  44. wow, wow, wee wow

  45. 8:25 Jack come backLol titanic reference?

  46. You sir are absolutely hilarious!

  47. To be a box is to be too sexy for game!!

  48. Krasimir Vasilev


  49. Lol

  50. Yup. that last shot says it all about the Soviet line………RUSHAAAA!

    also 69K subs……………( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  51. That’s why you don’t aim shots with KV-2, Dez. The Holy Hand of Stalin will
    guide the shell to the target. You only need to sacrafice one of these
    capitalist scums. Remember this – The armor is Stalinium, the aim is Holy
    Hand of Stalin, The Stalin’s Tower, The KV-2

  52. Dez – keep up the great work, making me laugh and enjoying the replays
    immensely, we love you too

  53. Su-100Y, my 1st premium love :)

  54. You sounded pretty high in the beginning haha

  55. Box tank is back!

  56. That last shot was gross lol

  57. how the heck do you play a td without 6th sense, how are u not dead while
    you were taking the blind shots at at8, enemy team relly sucked .

  58. That’s what causes me to RQ when KV-s and OIs etc do that bullshit :P

  59. lol in warthunder this is a one shot beast.

  60. captainexplosivz

    Dez, when are you recording the next vs episode? Id like to help out
    (especially at the weekend)


  62. Matthew Johnson

    ‘tank snipper yay!’

  63. SU-100y good tank :), i love him when im in a game and there is a platon of
    o-is and u just kick there ass so bad haha

  64. I’m new, is DezGamez a related channel to BaronVonGamez? or totally not
    related channels?

  65. Soviet tree needs NERFd


    classic dez

  67. “clik,clik” 😀 hahahahaha

  68. you were lucky that the SU-14-1 didnt have the 203mm gun :P

  69. I am starting to dislike all of these videos cause of retarded acting

  70. Omg al that tanks

  71. *really

  72. reális nice match good game Deez

  73. ha ha ha and lols for borat wawawewauw :-)

  74. hi Dez
    im subbed to your channel for a while now and i really like your vids.
    but i just can’t figure out what accent you have..where are you from?

  75. gud jab me gud jab :)


  77. Oh wow I was in that first game, didn’t see you in there. I was platooned
    up with my tomato friend trying to get him to tier 6. I was the first KV1S
    you killed going down from the hill 😀 Would’ve said hi if I had seen you.
    Anyway, have a nice day everyone :)

  78. Best sneeper EU.

  79. Press 2 key while playing the box tank, isu152 in tier 6 :D

  80. Your fucking hilarious Dez!!!

  81. You have to shout RASHAAA!!! with every shot. Then it will hit.

  82. I died of laughter when it went into slowmotion lol

  83. What a crap team on that first game. Shit.


  85. you dont run a premium account??

  86. even with that naval gun there must be enough room for a couple of beds and
    a restroom in that thing

  87. KV2……. I thought War Gaming wouldn’t allow Laser Guided Weapons?? 😉

  88. who is the mod called which shows the vie range etc. at your radar? pls

  89. almost 70k sups gj DEZ

  90. stefan stanojevic


  91. 6th

  92. 2nd

  93. Lägendary xD

  94. Very Stronk!

  95. That last shot tho… RUSHAAAA! 😀
    Enjoy the video, matez!

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