► [World of Tanks] WT auf E-100 Epic Battle | 10,000 Damage – Waffenträger Auf E-100 Gameplay Review

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Waffenträger Auf E-100 Gameplay Review.
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Hello there!

Long time no see, dear Waffenträger Auf E-100. In today’s Epic Battle episode we are going to see one really, really interesting game by this beast in the hands of “Obiskinator”. He did all he could there, but it going to be enough?

Sit back and find out yourself!


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Oldskools modpack:


  1. Long time no see, WT Auf E-100! :)

  2. xxxyoloswag twerk420blazexxx

    whats the best tank for doing the last heavy tank mission for stug i have
    is as my only heavy tank and is is the highest tier tank i have

  3. HAX, im faster than you DG btw cool replay

  4. Nice editing, adds a little “something” on the video!

  5. Hate this noobtank :)

  6. 3:44 that was epic

  7. Christian Hostetler

    such fire, much luck, so deadeye

  8. Wargaming idiots wanna replace it with another tank. Stupid!

  9. haha nice replay ! whats ur best game dez?

  10. Tier 9 td vs tier 10 city map? 😛 Pretty sure waffle is tier 10 hehe 

  11. Op fantasy tank. Sooner its removed the better. 

  12. So close to getting this tank. The WT PzIV is LOTS of fun. ;)

  13. Rastislav Borojevic

    Hopefully I can grind to this thing before they replace it :(

  14. Meh, 10k, not that impressive with the WT E100. The tank is a damage
    machine. I have saw tons of these videos of WT E100 on YouTube with 10k +
    damage. :(

  15. I don’t have epic E25 games… I have one very mediocre game where I set 3
    tanks on fire though..

  16. Why is this tank even in the game

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