► World of Tanks: WTF? HOW? WHY? :D – RNGesus #40

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Source: DezGamez

, RNG, Funny, Epic, WTF, Fail and Win Moments. Best Wins and Best Fails! lolz.

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

We are already at episode 40… Time flies like a MF, but I had epic amount of fun editing today’s episode. 😀 Hope you enjoy it as well! 🙂



  1. *takes a sip of tea
    “MAGIC” 😉

  2. 3:25 and 8:20 wow are those the old physics? The tanks didn’t flip :D


  4. thx for featuring me 😀 9:12

  5. Dez. Do you play world of warships, or just world of tanks.

  6. omg dez the last one made me laugh so hard i nearly fainted LOL 😀
    Nice job editing! (what do u use?)

  7. awesome man i love it esp this vid. epic editing btw

  8. O-I exp impossible RNG

  9. Deffs 2 days worth of editing mate, we’ll done, great vid as always!

  10. wooow GOOD JOB Dez!

  11. RainBow - Agar.io

    still waiting for my replay… :)

  12. i got sniped by arty first 10 secs of the start of the match by arty and i
    was at back of the map

  13. Théo “KartooniK” Pbx

    Dez, I’m sad that my clips aren’t in your episode, they are really nice :(

  14. Freshwater Spaceman

    That Lowe… Proof that humanity really is doomed.

  15. hate symbols in this video

  16. 4.09 kac vegas scene xd

  17. 9:36 and then bulldog knew – he fucked up XD

  18. what a sound mod are you using?

  19. Because of RNG World of Tanks is a broken game

  20. Ah, man, I sent you that awful tortoise game at the end ages ago. Thanks
    for using it, I laughed all over again.

  21. That conqueror and the jgpze100 is world of tanks in a nutshell

  22. vlog en aboneer en duimpje omhoog lol

    Enjoyed it a lot … sünnipäev stream soon???

  23. Ahahaha

  24. Jesus I needed this video Dez, got an operation tomorrow and I’m shitting

  25. Whats the song 8:10?

  26. +DezGamez wht is ur clan

  27. How do you switch views from artillery?

  28. Wow, RNG screws everyone over xD Nice video!
    PS. I am now working my way through the JPanther, and i cant wait to
    eventually get the Jagdtiger.

  29. Dez can you please start using 9.14 and above replays? Half of 9.13 and
    under replays aren’t even that RNGesus….

  30. rip all chat

  31. such a fun vid. well done!

  32. Why no French tanks do you not like French tanks????

  33. holy shit you are using some old clips

  34. Man. Some of the weird shit that happens in Wot just never get’s old ya

  35. Duy Khang Phạm Trần


  36. Dez can you do another arty vs?

  37. that first clip had me crying!!!! lol

  38. u have to start commentating on these and if its hard make em shorter but i
    would die to hear your commentary on these

  39. I put this video on thinking it would be something interesting to listen to
    while i was doing some work in the other room. But then it was a rock
    concert instead. lol Funny video though!

  40. a whole new meaning to “fuck me sideways”

  41. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    1:50 Clicker alert! 5:25 you’re da boss

  42. That O-I fire replay has to be warpack, it’s like when people come round
    and ammo-rack you, but you can never do it.

  43. Что такое RNGesus?

  44. Happy birthday, all the best.

  45. 4.03 cameo unveil Dez?

  46. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    9:12, its funny , tho, how only su122 44 has that reticle flicking
    “issue”…i think thats why those d25t ruskie guns hit impossible shots
    like that…just look how reticle goes from half of the map to 1cm in a
    second… i think we found a new “feature”

  47. Skjørestad Benjamin

    I have a man
    I have a little girl


    20 years in jail

  48. at 7 minutes it shows just how fucked the rear of the jagdpanzer is,it
    didnt even register as a hit

  49. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    So funny :)

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