► World of Tanks: WTF is going on?

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E-50 Gameplay. of Tanks T-54 Gameplay. World of Tanks Centurion Mk. Gameplay. Live Gameplay Series.

Wtf is going on guys? Can you tell me what is this game?

►Tanks in action:
– Germany/German E-50, Medium Tank
/Soviet T-54, Medium Tank
– UK/British Centurion Mk.


  1. dez i seriously like your vids hehe

  2. ROFL man…I know how you felt in that moment… 🙂 :D

  3. Iam out iam fucking out?

  4. Jeep that its WG Arty Shit Dmg, she must Look too AW there its the Arty Dmg
    real and Not Epic One Shot Fail. Best Regards Dez from Dagpuhoo510

  5. lol; one of ‘those’ days.

  6. (╯°. °)╯︵ ┻━┻

  7. Arty is one thing, GOLD /prem Round are bad as well and destroying the
    game. I stopped playing WoT… So fucking tired of these two things and if
    I have to chose what is the worse thing, then its gold/prem ammo !

    But so funny ending muhahahaah… I fell your pain I can scream like there
    is no tomorrow!

  8. I know it’s bad but …
    I’m feeling better to see even good players have these sort of game
    (because it’s the majority of mine …)

    thanks, dude ! ;)

  9. Damian “Samson” Borson

    And thats why spg faggots should rot in depths of hell.

  10. whats wrong with this? you were camping you know, arty prevent camping…

  11. Przemysław Gardyła

    that is why i do NOT play WOT anymore. It’s sick.

  12. That’s a normal games for me Arty magnet.

  13. Can some1 put a link on eu forum?

  14. Haha I had same reaction i last days. Yesterday T92 hit me for 1800 in
    centX loader commander dead gun tracks and engine

  15. i feel you bro , 2300 wn8, xvm arty problems…

  16. When will wargaming nerf artys to where they are not breaking the game.
    There is a reason the bert is a fun arty its NOT broken. it cant shoot 1k
    meters across the map. it doesnt do full hps of dmg. make artys more like
    that this bs where they sit in base or behind mountains or both and still
    rain 1 shot kills on us is beyond bull shit. i played arty its not hard to
    get 6+kills a game. they are op tanks that have no to little use on this

  17. Fuck arty. Roughly. With a splintery old axe handle.

  18. I know what you mean Dez coz this happends to me all the time. If there`s
    15 tanks for arty to choose from, who does he pick? yes ME all the time.
    Sometimes i hate this game so bad. Arty is way to OP i WOT.

  19. and they say arty isnt OP time for a nerf

  20. LoL…. You need to calm down a bit! Arty is there to prevent camping 😛

  21. DG what did you do mate, run over a nun or something? ;)

  22. now you know what happens to us non-youtubers on a daily basis. :/

  23. i know these rage moments too well. my thoughts with you dez!

  24. i know that feel bro…

  25. I know I hate it when I get focused by arty…especially since I’m not that
    strong of a player. But I do still laugh when you rage quit. I’ve been
    there buddy. GG

  26. It’s your fault.
    Should have stopped kemping busch!
    Artillery stops kemping!
    Thats what WG said!!

  27. reason I stopped playing my kanjpnz, that I was aceing each week. lately
    nothing but clicker spam.

  28. wot is no pay no win. my recent winrate is 15 percent full of tomatoes on
    my side because I didn’t pay anything for the game for half a year. now I
    brought a is3a I have never joined a game with more than half of the game
    with tomatoes. so you want to win, pay wg $$$$$$$$

  29. loved the ending, hit the desk and get some coffee 😀 love the vids

  30. lol, love the rage. I don’t blame you. That is why I barely play WoT
    anymore. I just don’t like how sky cancer is implemented.

  31. OMG dez you should have played more dynamically!!!! xD jk… arty be gay

  32. that’s why i quitted playing medium in the past 2 weeks, b/c mm treat me
    like shit :)

  33. 11:24 best ending yet.

  34. thats what you get for camping 😉 seriously though had half a dozen games
    like that yesterday. got killed by arty in half my games while right up the
    front fighting. the camping heavy tanks and tds at the back never got
    targeted. complete arse.

  35. World of Artillery Strikes

    I stopped playing WoT after Fall semester started. Was going to return and
    buy some premium tanks this week, but thank goodness there is Fallout 4,
    Star Wars BF3, and many other games I can look forward to for the holidays,
    because fuck artillery!

    I thought that by now WG would have fixed artillery like they said they
    would before I went on break.Looks like artillery is still the POS that it
    is before I left for Fall semester.

  36. Sorry but I had to say I loved this vid. I laughed so hard because we have
    all been there.

  37. We all have those days, I feel your pain.

  38. Fu wargaming and your fucking artillery. Seriously

  39. It was quite fun to watch the video anticipating when the arty shots would
    come in, especially the last one which was my fave xD

  40. happened to me 5 times in the last 2 days. And I do mean one-shot. Even
    playing fast tanks and relocating often, sometimes ur just unlucky for him
    to aim at you AND for the shot actually hit where he is aiming. Anyway at
    least it is preventing camping….

    “But u like it when I support you” – Random arty player

  41. Same thing on the na server lately, I guess all the scumbags used their
    xmas money to upgrade the useless crap

  42. stop kempin or u get balanced by clicker

  43. DAMN DEZ,i feel for you man…………………..arti isnt OP AT ALL

  44. Arty is so frustrating for everyone involved.

  45. How dare you play this game :D

  46. Very Nice Outro.. had to listen to it a view Times ^^
    iam Fucking Out… pretty Funny

  47. The GW. auf E 100 Platoon in the second game, was in the third game too. ^^

  48. That’s why i’m not playing WOT ever again

  49. Hilarious video man. Thank you very much. You poor bastard. I am so glad
    that a good player like you shows that you also get stuck with the crap
    teams as well as the rest of us. 3 arty in every game, WTH man? Thank you
    for posting this.

  50. Nice ending. “Artillery is necessary to prevent camping”. Riiight.

  51. the rage is real

  52. Hahaha Welcome to WOT!

  53. The reason I do not play world of tanks much anymore. Nothing like getting
    one shotted by your friendly tier IX or X arty, to make you want to play.

  54. Wait a minute, you’re from Estonia?

  55. i have seen some riding bikes too…

  56. Sorry, but this is funny, Dez. XD

  57. LOL Aaaand thats why I quit over a year ago. Saves me money on keyboards
    and computer mouse’s.

  58. This Ladies and Gentlemen is arty. Arty is a very balanced and a very
    important game mechanic. Why ?… Because it “prevents camping”. So let me
    tell you a little bit about arty players. To start off, you have to be a
    very skilled and experienced player to be able to play arty. Why you may
    ask now. Well, because arty players need to press shift, aim at a target,
    and click the left mouse button as soon at the target stops and then they
    just have to hope to get some RNG. That’s what arty players do at the begin
    and in the middle of a battle… So what do they do at the end ? At the
    end, if the team is loosing, arty places itself in a nice little spot at
    the water and when somebody is about to shoot it, it drowns itself. So
    Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a little explanation about arty and arty

  59. hi Dez.. I know the feeling.. haven’t played wot for a long time. but come
    on mate, jump in some AW tanks and have some fun :)

  60. I share your pain Dez, in last 4 days didn’t have game with just 2 arty’s.
    Had game where all 8 tier 10 were arty and I was Leo pt stock.

  61. nothing to see here, just skilled arty players punishing campers and
    keeping the gameplay dynamic…….this game is broken beyond repair.

  62. lol dez idk how you help your self from the rage of arty

  63. Boss, I hate it that you had a few games like this. However, allot of mine
    are like that LoL!! Please play some more meds???

  64. I love your videos… especially this one…

  65. artillery is piece of s***

  66. I’m Glad it isn’t only me who storms out like that, lol

  67. g fucking g

  68. arty…fair and balanced. stops camping….lolololololololol. fuck you

  69. i feel you dez, wot is “working as intended”
    honestly i would not play it at all if i had better PC and i am longtime
    wot player and in one of best clans in game. WG wants to make it noob
    friendly and i dont know how can you make pvp game noob friendly but thy
    try rely hard lol, just look at japan heavy line. no skill or thought
    needed to play those. RNG is just amazing and noobprotection is real.


    arty.. balanced as ever

  71. Has anyone else also wanted to see what Dez looks like irl?

  72. Take a break and play armored warfare. WOT is shit anyways

  73. m8, arty just rebalanced you into the next patch.
    error 404: e50 and centurion 7/1 not found
    critical error
    terminating programme


  74. the problems is the small maps,few points big damage, ,and ever game 3-4
    artys.it’s very difficult to avoid them especially with heavys.

  75. Plz play amx 30 b

  76. And people say the Conqueror GC has terrible accuracy, but is the arty with
    more one shots I’ve ever seen.

  77. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Fuck arty and everyone who plays it

  78. I do love when u get mad and being human. Second time i believe and I feel
    U. Remember that U do great work. GG Magnus

  79. so much fun those wot arties *NOT*

  80. Rebalanced! Promoting dynamic game play! Take that, camper! ;)

  81. just another day in WoT! jebi ga,druze :-)

  82. when you have 2000+ wn8 your crew has a “secret skill” called arty
    magnet…I feel your pain.

  83. sorry commen [FU** ARTY i HATE WG is PARANOYA shi* working and srsly fear
    balanced -.- WG go as*] my teory

  84. he ballanced you

  85. Des. Seems you have the same luck I did last night. 3+ arty per game and
    godawful teammates. We lost every fucking game too. Got 1 shotted the first
    game, 2nd game we got steamrolled and killed by arty again. And 3 game.
    Dumbass arty got me again. Yesterday was a bad time to play WoT.

  86. LOL , if u can see you have the same platoon of artys in the both rounds


  88. Take a chill pill!

  89. Seems fair and balanced to me :^)

  90. This happend to me last week so I understand your reaction, it was also the
    reason why I stopped for a while with WoT and when I started to play this
    BS happend to me 4x in 6 games. Dez its good that you show also these kind
    of games, its not all peach and pies.

  91. Theres reason that i dont play WoT anymore, arty makes you rage so hard
    sometimes…AW is much better :D

  92. arty just have a good day, thats all.. if u ever play arty u will see how
    frustrating is to full-aimed a shot and the shell don’t even landed in the
    aiming circle..

  93. don’t worry arty happens

  94. we know your pain my friend arty sucks balls

  95. Higher the tier, more retarded the team!!!!

  96. lol you fought with the same arty platoon twice

  97. They only thing I still enjoy about WoT is watching DezGamez WoT videos. So
    over fail teams and arty. GG for great vids Dez. Love your channel !!!!!

  98. LOL Dez – manhugs :]

  99. and this is why I did quit wot

    btw, I love your channel dez, keep going :D

  100. this vid basically explained why i no longer play wot; bad maps, bad teams
    and the one time it might be a good game arty ruins it and waiting for that
    great game is just no longer worth it for me.

  101. Lmfao! That outro hahahaha

  102. conqueror Gay Club onshoted me today on my m48 patton i was SO MAD

  103. hahahahahhaah sorry I couldnt help laughing specially the third game…
    Welcome to my world, Arty loves me, whether I camp or run all around the
    map… I have become so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

  104. Julien Brouilhounat

    that’s why i simply stopped world of tank… tired of skycancer army…
    when you play tier 9/10 there’s always 3 or 4 arty. No more joy, no more
    money for wargaming. Im on armored warfare, pretty much more balanced and
    enjoyable, and i’ll return wot only when they take care of this shitty
    problem of arty. until then, no money.
    by the way, i can’t stop laughin’ at your “IM FUCKIN’ OUT……..”

  105. well Dez sorry to see this but it actually used to be worse. I know cuz I
    used to be an arty player.

  106. i stopped playing the e75, because of arty. i got shotted by arty while
    there was a maus next to me. i mean ‘WHY’ WG why did you put arty in the

  107. Why i don’t play Wot. GG Wargaming, gg

  108. STOP CAMPING!!! :P

  109. Pls disable advanced minimap, that double text doesnt look nice

  110. Sorry…but from 14 game 12 lost. I was with mediums. I was in the top 3 at
    all time. 1 time arty 1 shot….every game 3-4 player in tier 7-8-9-10
    grey…with max 280 wn8. i fckd up myself…..and in the enemy 3-4 blue or
    unicum….and…pf enough

  111. Arty in the game is shit, always has been and probably always will be. WG
    just don’t seem to get it, maybe they’ll copy arty from Modern Warfare but
    if they do they’ll no doubt screw it up, better if they just got rid of it
    all together and refunded all the credits, gold and xp people used to grind

  112. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    wait, this isn’t normal for you?

  113. yh well thats Arty for you Fair and Balanced LOL i did notice that both the
    2nd/3rd game had the same Tier 10 arty Platoon on your side fucking
    Scumbags we should Team Kill them at the Beginning of the Match that will
    stop the Cunts Playing that Shit Arty……..

  114. Get gud Dez ! Arty just outplayed you gg easy :P

  115. wow….. i love the last shot from the arty !!!!! wow it was realy a hard
    one …… :)

  116. Hahaha Arty balanced as fuck we all have games like this Haha

  117. hmm, funny I was thinking exactly the same way today. I was trying to get
    my third mark of excellence on my St. Emil. I have been trying for a long
    time. In the weekend I got over 94%. Today I thought I would get it, but
    WTF. I get in game after game with the worst team ever, I was happy if I
    could get even one shot off. Raped again and again. Winrate dropped below
    90% again… indeed. WTF IS GOING ON TODAY?

  118. and this is why i don’t play tanks anymore after hundreds of dollars spent
    and around 15k games. the good games just aren’t worth all the frustration
    in between.

    i’ll still watch you get frustrated though!

  119. Artillery is indirect fire. If arty hits a tank in real life it is a fluke.
    I don’t mean modern anti tank arty rounds.

  120. I love such vids. Makes me not feel alone…

  121. click ,half hp, click full hp

  122. Yay I couldn’t get it that arty will fuck up this games, ok meaby I knew
    it… Because this shit is destroying the game!!

  123. lol…. go playing AW with me.

  124. Arty is fair and balance also stop doing tank thing that is not how the
    game works /s

  125. One of the reasons I no longer play World of Tanks :(

  126. arty man…. feel your pain.

  127. great vid – it shows what is wrong with wot (arty fair and balanced). And
    to be honest: It is also a bit comforting to see that even good players
    have shitty days and get one shotted by arty. Fun fact: i was about to buy
    the 360 days premium but decided to watch a few yt vids first. This one
    remembered me why i should rather invest the money in something enjoyable.
    GG WG

  128. Stop camping!

  129. thats why i stop play WOTI start WarThunder tanks but……. planes stop
    me play again :)

  130. Audio levels are much lower than your norm..

  131. Dez: we might be able to survive…
    10 seconds later

  132. I know that feeling exactly…. you are not even a super unicum, just
    imagine…. if you know what I mean…. :(

  133. Time for a beer methinks

  134. That is why i stopped playing WOT, prefers play AW !

  135. Remove cursed unhistorical artillery. They are nothing but troublemakers.

  136. I stopped playing after 25k battles bc of this shit… I considered trying
    out the upcoming new sounds in the game but after watching this I’ll just
    stay away until WG fixes this shit. I lived through the +-3 matchmaking
    days, the autoloader invasion, the type 59 invasion, the t10 powercreep and
    the toxic uncontrolled players, but not this. Now I enjoy the game by
    watching vids and streams so ty for the content DezGamez :)

  137. Damn Arty!!

  138. Arty fair and balanced kappa.

    I love as well how that CGC at the end is probably 10 seconds away from
    being rushed by several tanks but nah keep aiming at that tier 9 medium on
    a hill because reasons.

  139. Arty party? . I will see the perspective from artillerys point of view in
    these battles on jedis site lol

  140. I have the same today dez.

  141. Compared to me, I’d say you’re pretty cool headed when you vent…

  142. Thats Y i preffer Aw than Wot 😛 Arty…

  143. Live gameplay episode? why is there still a square on your mini map:-O?
    I thought it had been updated last patch.

  144. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    the only way to protest is stop giving them money, not worth it there are
    many multiplayer games out there ( it pains me to say it 🙁 but the love is
    gone )

  145. Yep. Seriously, arty is someday gonna kill this game.

  146. the thing is when playing armoured warfare you get to experience arty which
    is 100 times better in terms of how it is implemented in to the game than
    it is in wot so being used to the warnings when they are aimed at you and
    the fact that if they hit you they will not 1 hit you 90% of the time means
    that when you come back to wot you dont remember how shit their arty
    version is and got pissed off immediately and quit again.

  147. fuck arty dirty scumbag dogs shits! brun in hell!

  148. Marko Podbrežnički

    When I see and artillery strikes , just my heart fluttered , now you know
    how I feel when I play 😀 stupid wn8 and xwm!

  149. DezNutz acting like practicing target for arty.
    So funny when you get angry man GG…….

  150. When I saw the title of this vid and in the first game I saw the tier 12
    arty, i knew what was going to happen

  151. I’m fucking out… 

  152. I’m so sorry Dez, I really am. I wish arty gets nerfed.

  153. wtf is going on? isnt it usual? try to go with a japanese heavy in a non
    city map.

    i get 1 shot by arty almost everyday when driving medium tanks…

  154. i hate camporovaka and its variant of the exact same map but the thing is
    people say dont change it because of the LT missions but people dont get
    that wg would have to rebalance the missions if they changed the map so
    there would be more than just one map they could be done on…

  155. but arty is so well balanced!
    no need to get mad, it works exactly as intended

  156. I feel for you bro. I’m assuming these games were from this weekend, so if
    it makes you feel any better my weekend WOTing did not go well either. 41%
    WR in 30 games.

  157. lol and you were complaining about the one sided games in AW? XD

  158. Lol. Oh dear.

  159. we have to start doing something about this. Lets start TKing arty

  160. This happened to me on Friday – almost every gane. On Saturday I took my
    T-54 light and deliberately went for the clickers, all night Nailed 104. of

  161. 74th like!

  162. This reminds me of a game i had in my M103 last night. It had 5 arties 3
    tier X one Tier 9 and One tier 8. That was not a fun game.

  163. Dan te jebo! Next time call me in platoon and u will be arty safe because
    the reasons ;)

  164. That mouse smash sound thoe :D

  165. We all have those days :)

  166. I have no idea what Is up with this pigs today… I joined a game on
    Malinovka with my IS-7 and there were 5 pigs… guess what happend? Got 1
    shoted by G.W Tiger P

  167. Very skilled shot by the GC, you made the mistake of trying to play the
    game. Damnit Dez!

  168. I am out…I am fucking out!!!! 😀 😀 :D

  169. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I know the feeling.. funny thing is that people say: if you get hit by arty
    it your own fault, just drive into cover, it’s easy. how the hell are you
    supposed to play on open maps or maps where you can’t stay in cover all the
    fucking time, I mean that only leads to camping..

  170. Dezgamez ugh you don’t get it do you? Arty is to prevent camping and you
    were definitely camping on the middle of the map. If you attacked more at
    the end of the map and move less, you will survive longer and don’t get

  171. Stop camping Dezz! :3

    *I admire how you kept your temper after the one shot in the E50!

  172. hello helloooo are you there… :O phew,,, its was just a bad dream damn
    it… 3:)

  173. This should be a series! haha

  174. Charlie “Bealzabub” Barber

    You can fix the thing with the weird map settings that give it 2 things on
    the map.

  175. a lot of people say hes unlucky but if were honest in happens more than it
    should. Arty in WOT is terribly designed. Look at AW for the right way to
    do it.

  176. Looks like nearly all my games.

  177. “I’m fucking out!!”

  178. usual WOT rage :)

  179. #Arty Party…
    I guess they loved their cup of coffee in the other hand.

  180. Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

    ahahah i feel the pain 😀
    great video , keep rocking!

  181. feel you Bro, fucking arty in every game you come -_- getting oneshitted by
    arty (-_-)

  182. thad ending is definitly going in a “best moments” montage! xD

  183. WTF? Is it EU arty party day or some shit?

    3x tier 10 arty per game – I have not seen that myself in ages! Well, maybe
    once every 50 or so games, but 3 times in a row? Holy hell that is bad

  184. Everybody has some bad days, don’t worry dude!

  185. Come on, arty is balanced and prevents people from camping xD

  186. Getting killed by your own arty is more worst than getting killed by the
    enemy arty. AIM PROPERLY YOU DUMB SOD!

  187. yay!!!! I’m 90th!!!!! “cries because I’ll never be 1st” xD

  188. unlucky mate, unlucky

  189. Going on WTF is ?

  190. Hehe just got notified on my phone :)

  191. 28th!

  192. Kresimir Jenjic (Panzergranadier)


  193. Hey Dez!

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