► World of Tanks: WTF Was That, LoL? – RNGesus #38

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks LOL/RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF//Win Moments. World of Tanks Best Wins and Best ! World of Tanks RNG.

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

Are you ready for latest crazy moments? Would like to see what going on inside the tank? Check out the episode!



  1. Holy shit was there ever triple kill in rngesus?

  2. Ru251’s Drift was smooth! Specially in Slow-Mo. Great episode Dez!

  3. nice…love every rngesus episode! it’s great to watch your channel!

  4. Didnt expext a clip from Oneandonly to see in this series…

  5. Dez you must stop! Every time I start studying you upload and I don’t get
    first view :/

  6. the music fitted the ru 251 power slide perfectly

  7. jose Nuñez (Mayortroll01)

    Girls Und Panzer 9:50

  8. Dat drift…

  9. at 9:50 how to slide in 7th dms

  10. 9:49 I thought I was watching World of Tanks, not Girls und Panzer

  11. Dez why u no use my replay with 3 fires :/

  12. 9:52, slid into those dm’s like boi!!!

  13. lol those russian guys in car.like!

  14. Luís Augusto Panadés

    What was that drift?

  15. iam looking your videos every time when my wot day is really really bad…
    then iam here and i want to huge you, thanks for your work and thanks too,
    for the players they send the replays. thanks love you dez <3 hope you
    still get growing and have fun here on youtube.

  16. I saw that jpanther clip on the one and onlys channel

  17. At last “ameno”! :D

  18. Fagget M44… Other than that good episode, as always!

  19. 0:40-The exact same thing happened to a clan member and we lost a CW for

  20. Look at the damage log on the RU-251 clip. I want to see the rest of that

  21. Wait what? He never got ace tanker with 3 marks? or is that thing just
    messed up?

  22. now this is a great video!! XD

  23. oh baby a triple!

  24. Your RNGesus episodes are getting better every time! The editing is superb
    and the memes hilarious! Great work as always, Dez <3

  25. that was a epick drift and lol you 2 where holding barrals 10:07

  26. THANK YOU YOUR AWESOME!!! Really, you are ^.^

  27. THANK YOU YOUR AWESOME!!! Really, you are ^.^

  28. In that arty game with 8 kills, I don’t think in the last 100 games in arty
    have I had that many kills. I mean my arty never hits even fully aimed

  29. Redrusler Productions

    2:49, oh baby a triple

  30. The ones who are setting them on fire one after the other, obviously have
    mods installed so they can locate the gas tank. That’s not RNG at all lol

  31. That arty shot at 2:47 was god-damn beautiful. Nicely done.

  32. so why is 3:45 featured? i don’t see how any “RNG moments”. or am i missing

  33. What was that music around 5 50?

  34. That drift was epic.

  35. I loved the LTTB at the beginning, the four guys bouncing around

  36. 9:54 not sure if Girls und Panzer or Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

  37. arty with kolobanov and I don’t even have one with a normal tank yet…

  38. yesss im in it!!!! i was hellcatOP, killed the crusader sp :)

  39. lol @ the first clip with the guys riding in the the car!!:)

  40. 2:35

  41. Anyone else recognize the clip from 8:00 as the same one from the end of
    World of LoLs 18?

  42. 面白い!wwこれは最高ですよ!!^^

  43. LOL!! That turret slap happened to me.

  44. 0:38 is that a 2 litre of Twisted Tea?

  45. Just lol ??

  46. I thought it would be a standard shell tri kill (ammo rack, then 2x
    from-full-health kills with the blown off turret0.

  47. WTF that M44 replay! how the hell!?

  48. Bert the avenger, eat your heart out

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