► World of Tanks: WZ-120 – 10,700 Damage, Okay… – WZ-120 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Epic Battle Series. World of Tanks WZ- Epic Battle Gameplay. World of Tanks WZ-120 Gameplay Review.

In this episode you are going to see super awesome carry by “vzteklejfotr” in his 9 chinese medium tank “WZ-120”. We do not have that many epic games with this tanks, so it is more awesome thanks to that! 🙂

►Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2534718#stats



  1. yeah …. vzteklejfotr menas in czech language angry dad actually :)

  2. Oooooh that END! what teh … come on that was possible

  3. Christian Hostetler

    He played well but the north windows offer great hulldown to reset the cap.

  4. That was some talented ass hugging alright!

  5. Which server does he play in?

  6. Dont show wz 120 replays please. They will nerf it for fucks sake.

  7. Just glad to see my lovely Wz-120 getting some attention :)

  8. he should have gone to the 1 line tho. still nice game

  9. Wow what a heartbreak, enemy team didn’t even deserve to win.

  10. The background music sounds like it’s from Resident Evil 5 lol

  11. im not gona ever skip your ads m8. best wot videos and coments. fun and

  12. Ah, T 34-2 is a great tank.

  13. Dez, I loved this video sir. I wish you would go down this line and get the
    WZ121!!!!!! It’s a brute like the 120 but much better speed and load time.
    Great stuff as alway my friend this old man liked it very much sir.

    Take care, aka flea1951

  14. what does kappa mean?

  15. (No hate to you dez) I keep wondering what kind of shit auto aim can do man
    like I think that wot is one of the only games where you can get good games
    even if you are a shit player like no Fking skill every time auto aim and
    as killed player would take a hit from torti and than track him so he could
    fuck the td up. I mean bo unbalanced I just cant believe it what kind of
    results players can put out with only auto aim. Even if you are full trash
    like that guy

  16. Vzteklej fotr means angry dad in english you know,its just written

  17. Abbadon Despoiler

    Is it true that T-34-2 is a compleate garbage? Also, great game and love

  18. “420 Blaze It”
    Dez – 2016

  19. this is why I say world of tanks is not 15vs15 its 1vs29. Look how many
    tier 8s on his team that did absolutely fucking nothing. One hit and then
    died, even in a fail platoon. What a waste of a great game for this guy
    because of them. I bet they didn’t even care that they sucked either. Why
    does it matter, they’re having fun, right? This isn’t a team game afterall
    so it doesn’t matter if I suck shit as long as I have fun.

  20. What mod is that it looks good ,vg battle though .

  21. wow, what a match……

  22. Why does he say “we”?

  23. Man I love that sexy tank!

  24. hory shit!

  25. really bad play at the end unfortunately.. especially since he played so
    well until that point

  26. This video is so painful :D

  27. Nice video as always :-3
    Any AW video coming soon ? 😀 !

  28. “ass hugging, really nice ass hugging” DezGames 2016 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    imho the 120 is better with the gun of the 110 instead of the big ass gun
    also getting modules fucked over in your chinese tank does not involve the
    enemy being lucky 😛
    imho if i’m driving my chinese tanks i feel lucky if i get damaged without
    having to take a crit to the engine, gun or ammorack

  30. Graf Brot von WoT

    Would you like to feature the Kv-13 in one of your vids?

    Nice gameplay btw and I love the T-34-3, WZ-120 and the 121…

  31. What a sad ending, I really hate the ramming mechanics in the game, if
    youre a scout and have really low hp, just by simply touching an E 100 or
    those really heavie shit you die. That ruinned a lot of my games

  32. Thats my next tank ,almost finishing t-34-2 modules.

  33. Great game 😀 btw its a czech player and his name translated like this:
    raging dad. Pekna hra kamo :D

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