► World of Tanks: WZ-120-1G FT Review – The Most Aggressive Premium TD?

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay and Review, 8 Chinese Premium Tank Destroyer. Update – Chinese Tank Destroyers.

Today I am going make a little review episode about one of the most aggressive tank destroyers in World of Tanks – New, upcoming 8 premium Chinese tank destroyer “WZ-120-1G FT”. I have to say that I had a lot of fun playing with it, but not sure if I need yet another premium tank destroyer… Not for at least, maybe for Chinese and for fun value…

What do you think?



  1. I played the tier 8 French TD the same way, only difference is the HUGE commanders hatch on top of French td. which everyone and their mother shoots at.

  2. lol still shoot when the fire range circle is clearly not reaching the target… lolololol

  3. Dez, please test the tanks with maybe 1 crewskill. Normally you don’t buy a premium and have a 5 skill crew in it and it makes a big difference.

  4. This is OP

  5. wot is becouming pay to win game


  7. Kellerman follower says hi.       Hi.

  8. Perfect concern ethnic pvmka knock eager precisely cigarette.

  9. WG it’s time to stop making more OP tier 8 premium and making the tank(s) with the same tier, type and nation obsolete. For example I own the su-122-44 but this tank is much better in its tier (better accuracy, aim time, frontal armor and speed). It’s time to stop, like who agree…

  10. Yeah, the premium TD spam is real … *puke*

  11. fuuuq dat what you need. im buying it! 😛 maybe most intresting prem for a while after 13 57. hiding lowerplate, using full gun dep and defend flank whit that.. fuck off from my trailerpark+and going ham works aswell ^^

  12. Next Premium OP Tank?

  13. Weak point is the roof, it’s only 20mm thick. Don’t try to face-hug tall tanks and stay arty-safe as much as possible. Otherwise, it looks like a really good case mate TD.

  14. A guide to “Dez Speak”: At 07:38 when he says “funniest” he actually means “funnest”, not “hilarious”. And yes, “titties” is TDs! I love DezSpeak!

  15. your 30 minds guys, your 30 minds

  16. Wow I like it…..going to have to get that one….woots

  17. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    what aiming reticle u use dezgames i cant seeem to find it i want the same on mine…..

  18. World of pay tanks to win.

  19. Looks worth buying for the fun factor alone, but those credits…looks like a great earner too !

  20. @DezGamez what is the difference between regular titties and premium titties? I’m really curious

  21. Nice Tier 10 prem TD.

  22. WG have completely lost the plot. Or maybe never found it to start with…

  23. Oi Dez, pin me

  24. Tier 8 is DEAD,every time I play tier 8, I am in a tier 10 match up and out of 20 games maybe twice I am top tier-really not fun.

  25. overpowered… 🙁

  26. More pay to win bullshit

  27. What do you mean you had a ” couple of tier 10 battles “? All I ever get is tier 10 battles ! This gives me a hint that some people get better mm consistently than others.

  28. Who cares about not having a turret when your td turns faster than hull+turret turning in the same direction anyway ?

  29. Fucking chinese pieces of shit stealing russian tanks

  30. pay2win

  31. Christian Rautjärvi

    Who said TITTIES! 😀 Good one Dez!

  32. On premium tank it is too good 🙁

  33. yey 9.20 is out!!!!! now game wont launch… again… same shit every large update -.-‘

  34. OP yet balanced

  35. pls pls pls do a face reveal dez

  36. a really unrealistik video… such MM you’ll get maybe once every 30 games, else you’ll be only bottom tier.

  37. GJ completely ruining tier 8, wg. Well done.

  38. my 30 mind is always thinking about TDs 😉

  39. Show us in a tier X game like IRL …

  40. Premium TITS ??? humm i like it !

  41. Aggressive tity

  42. I too already have a shit – fuck tonne of premium tanks which literally make up almost 80% of my total garage roster but fuck, if they’re good; I say “the more, the merrier” if you can afford it.

  43. WG finally fixed broken MM, nerfed SPGs, now they are adding overpowered PREMIUM tanks. Good job. It reminds me why I rage quit this game.

  44. VerticalGamingStudio

    Will NA get this?..

  45. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Is -6 nothing? That shit Grille 15, in tier X, hier than empire stats, that can’t bounce nothing and that nobody ground, has -7!
    Are you kidding me?

    It has more dpm and infinitly more chassis traverse and mobility.

    This vehicle is infinitly better than the other shit… Borsig…

  46. Pwned by the Strv S1 at the end 🙂

  47. Good point drawn out from this games. Problem with that game style is that you will be top tier 5 times in 100 games. Otherwise, it is typical premium tank sold by WG in the last 18 months. After a month it will be rarely seen tank in games. Like Defender or Crysler. To much tanks like that in my garage. Just for credits and crew grinding.I do not expect to have much fun with tanks like that but I get suprised time to time 🙂

  48. Well anything that adds FUN to a game is good right? Now they just need to remove arty and we can all have a fucking BLAST!

  49. Thirty minds? How are my 30 minds tricking me? Lol jk

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